Why is it so difficult to popularize the glass body?

The majority of users have preferred the glass body since the iPhone 4 series, but its adoption has been sluggish. There are two reasons for this.


When compared to metal and plastic bodies, the glass body manufacturing process is longer and the raw materials are more expensive. As a result, the mass production rate of the glass body is lower than that of the plastic and metal bodies, but its production cost is higher.


The glass body is formed of glass, which has the property of fragility. If the phone is dropped on the ground by mistake, the body gets cracked, changing its appearance. In comparison, the plastic body and metal body are more resistant to falls.



Based on these two points, the glass body can not be popular for quite a long time, which is the reason why the plastic body and metal body are so popular.


Although the high cost of the glass body, is fragile, it also has many advantages. With the continuous improvement of the production process of the glass body, its cost has been reduced a lot, the mass production rate has also been improved, and the glass body is slowly popularized.


What are the advantages of the glass body?


What is the advantage of having a glass body as a smartphone development trend?


First, the glass body appears high-quality and provides a superior visual impression. Users can achieve the experience without using the phone by using the glass body as a mirror, which is a metal body, and the plastic body is impossible to achieve.


  Second, there are numerous production procedures for glass bodies, and manufacturers can produce glass bodies in a variety of colors and textures based on demand. We can witness a variety of glass body processes at the time of the new machine launch, such as the AG glass process, crystal diamond glass process, and so on.


  Third, the glass body has a more round and velvety feel to it. Compared to the metal body, the plastic body of a grainy feeling, and the glass body has a stronger sense of touch.


  Fourth, compared to the plastic body, and metal body, the glass body on the phone signal interference is almost zero. Therefore, the signal of the phone with a glass body is slightly stronger than the phone with a plastic body and a metal body.


  Objectively speaking, if not for the higher production costs of the glass body, then the plastic body and metal body has long been out of the smartphone stage.



Plastic body and metal body have their advantages and disadvantages, users choose the body process according to their needs



With the continuous improvement of the glass body production process, many thousand yuan machines also began to use glass body material, such as red rice, glory, Meizu, and other models made of glass.


  In the 100 yuan machine market, smartphones generally use plastic body material. The reason for this is that the plastic body production process is perfect and can be produced in large quantities, and the plastic body raw materials are cheap, which also makes the cost of the plastic body very low. The cost is low, the hundred-dollar phone can also earn a meager profit, this is the way to operate the hundred-dollar machine.


  With the rapid development of full-screen phones, the non-full-screen phones on the market have disappeared into obscurity. The metal body has some interference with the signal of the full-screen phone, to ensure signal stability, cell phone manufacturers can only give up the metal body program, and choose both the plastic body and glass body.


  Of course, the metal body also has its advantages, that is, the cost is lower than the glass body, and the grade is higher than the plastic body. If the metal body has no impact on the phone signal, it is estimated that the glass body will be eliminated, after all, cell phone manufacturers are to make money, to ensure product quality, and product grade, so that the production costs are reduced to a minimum, I think cell phone manufacturers are still happy to do so.


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