The difference between various types of cell phone screens

As we all know, the screen of a cell phone is very important, a good screen can not only be pleasing to the eye but also can protect your eyes. Cell phone screen material is roughly divided into the following types, respectively, LCD screen, OLED screen, AMOLED screen, and Super AMOLED screen. Which of these screens is good, and how to choose it?


The first thing to know is the relationship between these screens, LCD screen for a series, OLED screen for a series, OLED screen contains AMOLED and Super AMOLED. the latter two can be collectively referred to as OLED screens, which can be understood as an upgraded version of the OLED screen.



First, LCD screen The LCD screen is commonly known as a liquid crystal display. It works by controlling the light-emitting diodes in the semiconductor, this screen the display response speed is significantly faster. The LCD screen is a relatively mature product, and the advantages of this material have also basically reached the ultimate product. The majority of cell phone products on the market today use LCD screens. LCD needs backlight support when displaying, and the light has to pass through two layers of glass and substrate with a variety of optical film, distribution film, and color filters to produce polarized light, inevitably there will be losses in brightness and color. Therefore, this inevitably has light leakage, color unevenness, and other drawbacks, and then a good LCD screen can not solve this problem. So that the LCD screen is on the verge of being eliminated, and is now only used in low-end machines.


Second, the OLED screen OLED is called an organic light-emitting diode or organic laser display. OLED's biggest feature is the self-lighting characteristics, when the current is through, the organic material in the screen will be independent light. old screen black edge is small, large viewing angle, but also effective in saving electricity. OLED screen compared to other screens in the color drawing is significantly stronger than other materials, while OLED screen can display OLED screen material is more expensive, the screen is more brittle, under the influence of some physical effects easy to appear, for example: burn the screen, light or black spot (black spot also prone to liquid leakage), because of these drawbacks, now high-end cell phones are generally not OLED screen.


Three, AMOLED screen AMOLED screen refers to the AMOLED material-based screen, AMOLED (Active Matrix/Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an active matrix organic light-emitting diode panel. The AMOLED screen is divided into three layers: the display screen, the touch sensor panel, and the outermost layer of glass. Compared to other screen types, AMOLED has a faster response time, higher contrast ratio, wider viewing angles, and other characteristics, the most typical is the Samsung A screen.


The meaning of "AM" can be understood as intelligent control. What does this mean? For example, as long as the OLED is positive and negative plus the correct voltage, it will glow, but the lack of "AM" is the lack of intelligent control, so the screen will keep glowing until it burns out. This means that there is no intelligent embodiment, which is why we often say that OLED burn screens. Through this example, you can deeply understand the difference between AMOLED and OLED.


Fourth, Super AMOLED Super AMOLED and AMOLED are very similar, why do you want a Super in front of it? Super AMOLED screen can be seen as an upgraded version of AMOLED. The AMOLED screen is divided into three layers: a display screen, a touch-sensitive panel, and the outermost layer of glass, Super AMOLED is the elimination of the middle of the touch-sensitive panel, and the AMOLED induction layer is done on top of the screen. Therefore, the benefit is more sensitive control, coupled with Samsung's engine technology, making the Super AMOLED screen looks very gorgeous.


Super AMOLED screen integrated all the advantages of the AMOLED screen, removing all the disadvantages, Samsung based on this secondary development. super AMOLED is Samsung's screen technology, but Super AMOLED screen technology is not only used in Samsung's cell phones but also used in many domestic cell phones, because the screen unit price is more expensive, so basically Only the flagship series will choose to use.


Summary The screen is divided into grades, roughly ranked as follows, Super AMOLED>AMOLED>OLED>LCD, of course, this is only the same quality for comparison. For example, the high-grade screen LCD is certainly much better than the low-grade OLED. So the ranking is only theoretical, in practice or to see the effect of the use


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