How do you deal with a phone’s splash screen?

People who use cell phones have discovered that the phone screen flashes back and forth, this failure is known as "splash screen," and the causes of the splash screen are numerous. To determine the causes of the phone splash screen, this article on the phone splash screen causes several reasons and solutions. This article will discuss numerous causes and treatments for mobile phone splash screens.


To begin, tidy up the induction hole. If the phone's screen was filmed before the phone flash screen failure, then the phone film almost probably caused the phone flash screen failure.


You should be aware that the phone is equipped with infrared sensor technology; when answering the phone, the phone screen will immediately turn off; this is the function of the infrared sensor. If the mobile phone film interferes with the sensor's function, the phone will display a flashing screen condition.


When you face this issue, the most straightforward solution is to remove the phone film, and the phone will function normally again.



Second, remove the software.


In addition to the infrared sensor hole issue, a more common occurrence is the flash screen caused by software conflicts. If the phone failed before such a failure, the installation of some unknown software, which may conflict with the phone's system, protection software, or both, will result in the phone flashing.


Android phones, for example, will regularly switch screens because the program opens more permissions, and certain software violations to access sensitive features will be discovered by the protection software or conflict with other software.


If you find yourself in this situation, simply turn your phone off and on again, uninstall the software you just installed, and your phone will return to normal.


Third, there is disassembly and repair.


If the phone was dropped or was in a state of high-frequency vibration before the flash screen problem, the source of the phone flash screen could be the front panel and rear panel platoon line difficulties.


If the phone's outside glass and touch screen are not cracked, the bottom two layers of the screen almost certainly have a problem, most typically a loose lining.


If the individual is unable to repair, the simplest solution is to seek after-sales assistance to detect and then dismantle the repair.



In addition to the aforementioned three failures, the phone's automatic recognition of brightness, voltage instability, and the presence of severe magnetic interference will cause the phone's screen to flash. However, this splash screen is just intermittent, and the environment's utilization can be restored to normal.


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