Curved-display LG ‘G Flex’ Smartphone to Launch in November

[caption id="attachment_5143" align="alignnone" width="300"]Curved-display LG ‘G Flex’ Smartphone to Launch in November Curved-display LG ‘G Flex’ Smartphone to Launch in November[/caption] Lots of information previously was chattered on a possible flexible display smartphone called the ‘LG Z’ which would be announced this month, but latest news revealed a November release date and another name -“G Flex”, and it confirmed that LG was planning on the plastic OLED screen technology. According to The Wall Street Journal, the “G Flex” is LG’s curved-screen device. It will be equipped with a 6 inches plastic OLED screen which allows LG to “experiment with different shapes,” such as the prototype design sketches revealing the concave design. Many people guess that the smartphone’s price will likely be high, and few people are going to purchase the phone. It's really a busy time for LG as the company just launched the G2 in August. Google prepares to announce an LG-designed Nexus 5 in this month, according to a staff from LG. The Nexus 4 helps LG expand the market, and the G2 features a better speedy processor. The company could be looking to win more users with the curved display G Flex. News from Wall Street Journal


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