Corning Gorilla Glass is still the Best Panel Choice

Corning, this company is maybe not familiar to the crowd, but when we talk about the Gorilla Glass, it’s believed that many people have heard about. In fact, there has been 33 brands, more than 2450 products and 2.7 billion devices using Corning Gorilla Glass as their devices’ panel.

Corning achieves the remarkable success, because Steve Jobs first took the gorilla glass as the iPhone’s panel. Then because of iPhones and iPads’ great achievement, the Gorilla Glass was more and more talked about and treated as a standard part of a smartphone or a tablet.

However, with rumors said that the new iPhone would sport sapphire panel, Apple seems to get rid of its old friend. If that is true, Corning will face a big challenge, which comes from not only the sapphire panel, but also the environment that Apple would create, just like they had done before.

James Hollis, Corning global technology director, claims that glass is still the best solution for the smart devices at present. Even though the sapphire panel can avoid almost all scratches, but it is too expensive for an ordinary user. It takes 3 dollars to produce a Gorilla Glass panel, but 30 dollars for a Sapphire one. As for the weight, light transmission and flexibility, Gorilla Glass has done quite well all the time. Taking all the factors into consideration, Gorilla Glass still has advantages.


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