Common causes of cell phone failure

Our daily lives are now completely dependent on our mobile devices. Cell phones are one of the technical items we use, but unlike other home appliances that have high voltage and high current, they are not easily harmed under typical conditions. However, it turns out that there were a significant number of cell phones sent in for repair. What, then, is the precise cause of cell phone damage formation? In conclusion, there are six main factors.



  1. The phone's appearance welding skills of the special nature


The appearance mount skill is selected by the cell phone component device method. The cell phone circuit board selects the high-density synthesis board, the front, and back sides have the component, and the element equipment is all mounted on both sides of the circuit board. The line board generates the pull force and the fixed through the solder and the component, and the mount component integrated chip pin many, very dense, and the solder is very little. If the cell phone is accidentally dropped or moistened, it is easy for components to create false solder or components and circuit board contact to be bad, causing the cell phone to display a variety of problems.



  1. The cell phone mobility


The cell phone is a personal consumer good that must adapt to the user's changing location. This necessitates the phone adapting to various environments. Even though planners have made special plans for the phone's adaptability, users cannot avoid using it for too long due to improper environmental temperature and the formation of a variety of cell phone problems. Its main performance is in the water moisture, causing the meta-device to corrode, the degree of insulation to decline, and the control circuit to be out of control, resulting in logic system work disorder, software programs not working properly, and the phone not turning on. The second is the role of external forces, manifested by the elementary equipment desoldering, falling off, poor contact, etc.



  1. The user does not operate properly


Improper user operation and the formation of cell phone lock and the function of the incorrect phenomenon is very common. For example, the cell phone menu operates indiscriminately, preventing some functions from being used normally. The input of the incorrect password results in the phone and SIM card is locked; a blind test will create a lock and lock SIM card. Furthermore, incorrect menu settings can cause some "inexplicable" issues. If the caller does not respond, the call forwarding function may have been activated by the owner. You may have set the outbound restraint function if you are unable to make a call. This requires maintenance personnel must be familiar with the various functions of the GSM cell phone and the operation of the phone to be repaired method of use.



  1. Repairer maintenance is not appropriate


Some cell phone problems are caused by improper repairer operation, haphazard disassembly, indiscriminate blowing, and welding. For example, a carelessly blowing welding integrated circuit will blow around the small components run, and the operation of excessive force will cause cell phone equipment to crack, deform, and so on.


  Furthermore, some cell phone repairers only look at the phone model and not the phone version when repairing cell phone software issues, resulting in incorrect software and the formation of a more chaotic fault. Siemens 2588 cell phones, for example, are more likely to lock up. However, there are numerous variants of the same 2588 cell phone. Different versions, software, and methods of unlocking vary. If the maintenance personnel does not check the version before unlocking, the result will be "catastrophic".



  1. Improper use of maintenance


Using the phone's keyboard with nail tips to touch the keys will form the keyboard bald or even fall off. In addition, charging with a defective charger will damage the internal charging circuit of the phone. The cell phone is a very fine high-tech electronic product, that should be used in dry, temperature-appropriate environment use and storage. Otherwise, it is very easy to produce problems.



  1. The phone itself problems


Some cell phones are assembled, modified, and made of low quality. Some phones are also digital, but they do not meet the GSM standard, so they very easy to present problems.


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