How to clean the phone handset when it is clogged with dust?

This article mainly introduces you to five ways to clean the phone handset dust. 1. Clean up with an SLR lens brush


Cell phone handsets, speakers, and other parts are easy to get into the dust, and over time, the handset will be clogged. Once this happens, many people will choose to shake hard or blow with their mouths. These two methods have a certain cleaning effect, but the actual effect is minimal. Maybe shake for half an hour, you just shake less than 10% of the dust. Such a practice looks convenient but does not play any role in cleaning dust.


Here, it is recommended that you use some smaller brushes to clean it and gently stir it around the top edge of the earpiece. The phone handset's internal parts are fragile, so the material of the brush should be soft enough. Here, I recommend that you use the SLR lens brush to clean up, Bi SLR lens brush is a professional-level dust cleaning tool, and the internal parts of the phone are extremely small harm.


However, the SLR lens brush also has a relatively rare disadvantage, you must have an SLR camera to match the use. So you can buy a similar brush tool online. Of course, to clean the handset dust, deliberately buy a brush, I guess many people feel superfluous.


2. Use a hair dryer to clean up If the phone handset has ash, most people will choose to use the blowing machine to clean up the dust. Because the hair dryer is almost a handful, you do not need to deliberately buy it, but also do not need to deliberately look for it.


If the dust in the earpiece is reduced, then directly use the hair dryer to blow the earpiece head-on. Keep in mind that the wind speed should not be too high, as that will damage the internal parts of the phone. If there is more dust in the earpiece, forming a powder block, then you use the back of the blowing power to absorb the powder block against the wind.


Of course, this method is not as fast as the DSLR lens brush. If the dust is more stubborn, then the operation will take longer. And hair dryer cleaning has a drawback, that is, the wind speed is not good control, sometimes you think this wind speed is more reasonable this wind speed will cause harm to the internal parts of the phone, and this is where many people are easy to ignore.


3. Wrap the handset with tape, through the adhesion of the tape to clean up the dust


Some people are too busy to find a hair dryer or brush, they will directly wrap the handset with tape. Some people wrap several layers, after wrapping a tug, so that the dust inside the earpiece can be attached. Some people will wrap a layer, rip, wrap a layer, and then rip. So repeatedly, eventually the dust adsorbed out.


This method may not clean all the dust. Because some dust is already inside the earpiece, through the adsorption force of the tape, you can only clean the surface of the dust. Of course, using tape to clean up the dust is more convenient, and fast, but also can play a role, than blowing with the mouth, or shaking the phone to be more brilliant.


4. Wipe the surface dust with a cotton ball


Each phone's earpiece design is different, like some flagship phones, its earpiece design is more high-end. Dust is very difficult to enter the phone's interior, with only a small portion of dust attached to the earpiece surface. This time, you wipe with a cotton ball, through the role of electrostatic, this dust will be adsorbed out.


Of course, you can also add some alcohol to the cotton ball, so that the wipe can absorb some dust dissolved, to achieve the effect of half the effort. Remember, do not pour too much alcohol, which will cause harm to the internal parts of the phone handset.


5. Dismantle the machine to clean up the dust


If the meal when the earpiece infiltration of oil stains, then the above aspects can not do, because the combination of dust and oil stains, then you want to clean can only be dismantled.


The watch case with the ultrasonic cleaning machine, this cleaning machine through the ultrasonic audio generated kinetic energy, to clean the watch case dust in all directions. For the same reason, when the phone handset has an oil, and dust mixture, then the phone is disassembled, and the handset the ultrasonic cleaned.


In my opinion, the most thorough method of cleaning is with an ultrasonic cleaning machine, but this method is more troublesome, need to find professionals to dismantle the machine, and requires no small cost. This method is the method of choice only when the dust inside the handset can not be cleaned, so I do not recommend that you do so.


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