How to choose the iPhone 15 series

iphone15 the main change is to replace the main camera with the 48 million on the iPhone14Pro, on the Dynamic Island, the charging interface has been replaced with type c, the interface rate is still Apple's ancestral USB2.0, and the memory is still the ancestral 6GB storage. The charging power is also the same as the previous generation iPhone 14, and of course the price is the same as the previous generation.


iPhone15 Pro processor becomes A17 Pro, Taiwan electromechanical 3nm process. As the process density increases, the chip area may shrink further, and heat build-up may become more severe than before. The camera has not changed particularly much, only the main camera of the Pro version has changed, and the 48 million pixel sensor has been replaced


Before the press conference, it was rumored that it was an advanced sensor with a double-layer transistor, but the conference never mentioned it, so I finally had to disassemble it and take a look. The Pro's ultra-wide angle and telephoto are old friends. But the 15Pro is not without its attractiveness, that is, the size and weight, the weight is lighter than the Xiaomi 13, and the width of the body is less than 71mm.


iphone15ProMax is more funny, the ultra-wide angle is the same as the iPhone14Pro, and the main camera is the same as the iPhone15Pro. the telephoto is even more funny, as apple finally used the same periscope telephoto as the huawei p30pro after four years. But Apple's design this time is a more advanced version, almost all Android versions put the lens group part behind the prism, which is why the vast majority of periscope telephoto mobile phone lens openings are square, while iPhone15Pro's periscope telephoto openings are round.


ProMax's telephoto lens is an ordinary lens group plus a four-group emission prism, the sensor is arranged in parallel to the screen, and ProMax, the telephoto has the same structure, and the current only Huawei P60 and the midsole large aperture periscope on the Art. At the same time, they all chose to achieve image stabilization through sensor displacement. To be precise, these two telephotos do not belong to OIS, but IBIS, and Apple is still more powerful in image stabilization. Apple has always been far ahead of the video function, and this time Apple has added a LOG curve to its mobile phone, and it has also added an external recording function.


1.If you have a relatively low demand for storage space and a limited budget, then the 128G iphone15Pro is a good choice


2.I believe that many people are not entangled in the budget,But want to buy a mobile phone that is more suitable for them,In terms of screen size,iphone15ProMaxThe screen display area is 20% larger than that of 15pro,If you like to watch TV on your mobile phone every day、Play games,The frequency of mobile phone use is also relatively high,Then the large screen iphone15ProMax is still a lot better


3.iphone15ProMax has a larger screen and a heavier weight, which is not as good as the iphone15Pro with a small screen in terms of carrying convenience and feel, but this year's PRO series uses a titanium bezel, and the weight of both phones has been reduced. It may not be so friendly for friends with small hands



4.Regarding battery life, the advantage of the iphone15 Pro Max experience is not only a larger screen, but also a longer battery life. For people who do not use mobile phones frequently, it is very inconvenient to use iphone15Pro to carry a power bank when going out


5.Finally, the iphone15ProMax uses a 5x telephoto lens, if you are a mobile photography enthusiast or video creator, you need to prioritize the difference between the two phones in the telephoto lens



If it were you, which model would you choose to buy?



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