China Telecom has successfully developed a 100% domestically produced 5G pRRU

According to China Telecom's official statement, the research institute successfully created a localized pRRU for 5G extended small base stations on January 29. 100% of chips and devices have been localized, marking the first milestone in the creation of localized small base station products and promoting the use of domestic chips for small base station equipment.


A pico base station, also known as a pRRU, is a miniature, low-power, low-power consumption micro, and small cellular base station. It is primarily intended to address specific indoor wireless coverage issues. For instance, inside a specific building (office building, shopping center, railway station, stock exchange, etc.). The technology has also been used in aircraft cabins in recent years.


According to the China Telecom Research Institute, the core components of the localized pRRU were selected from Beijing Litong Telecom's RF transceiver chips and Nanjing Chuangxin Huilian's DFE chips, based on the current development status and evaluation results of domestic chips, by leveraging the experience and advantages of self-researched extended small base stations that have been commercially used on a large scale.


Beijing Lithophone's 5G RF transceiver chip B20 supports 2T2R, has two independent DPD observation channels and supports the JESD204B interface. Nanjing Transcend's DFE chip ICT7900, with built-in DPD function, supports the OTIC standard CPRI protocol.


The project team is demand-driven and has worked hard to complete the hardware development work such as product technical plan, chip selection, schematic, and PCB design independently. The project team has developed the DFE-embedded software code, and successfully implemented the integration of the pRRU's entire localized chip device.


At present, the project team has successfully opened up the end-to-end service of BBU, HUB, and localized pRRU, and completed the laboratory test. Typical RF indicators such as EVM, ACLR, receiver sensitivity, etc. meet the line and enterprise standards.


China Telecom's project team will launch the pilot and application of the small base station system based on the localized pRRU in 2023.


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