How to Check the Waterproof Cellphones Get Wet

Smartphone’s waterproof function has become more and more popular and successful, which has drawn consumers’ attention. When people purchase a cellphone, they will take the waterproof performance into consideration. However, when a phone is equipped with waterproof function, it does not imply the cellphone can escape any conditions of being exposed to water. The waterproof function should carry on in certain circumstances. When people enjoy their waterproof phones underwater by improper usage, it is still possible to make the water-resistant mobile phone get wet. And the water-damaged cellphone will lead to malfunction.


Most waterproof cellphone users are curious about these problems: how to know their phone gets wet and what measures they can take to protect their phones? They also want to know if their phone can maintain the original waterproof ability after repaired.


There is no doubt that Sony Mobile occupies a large market share in the area of waterproof mobile phones. They released a series of waterproof handsets: Xperia V, Xperia Z, Xperia ZR, and the Xperia Z Ultra. Take advantage of Sony’s Taiwanese waterproof mobile phone repair center, several helpful tips provided for users to check if their waterproof phone is water-damaged or how to prevent their devices from water-damaged.


Check the damp paper to see whether it changes colors


Sony waterproof cellphones


Sony waterproof mobile phones are designed with damp sticker covered by waterproof test holes. This is the basic step to check if the smartphone gets wet. Different models’ waterproof test holes are different. Xperia Z and ZR waterproof test holes are hidden in the side part of the body, while the Xperia V includes the airtightness test hole near to the speaker. When you open the cover of the waterproof hole, you will see the damp paper. If the damp papers are discolored, your smartphone is water-damaged.


As usual, if the phone is slightly watered, it can be repaired with higher possibility after you take it to Sony official repair center within 72 hours, Li Ming-Fang said, the Sony Mobile’s customer service manager in Taiwan. Although the Sony smartphones are dismantled to repair, the water-resistant and dustproof performances can be maintained.


It is recommended to take the battery out as soon as possible if your cellphone suffered from moisture accidentally. If you are unable to remove the battery, you should turn the phone off and keep it in a dry environment. Never dry the phone with a hair dryer, or else it will increase the difficulty to rescue your wet phone.


In addition, cellphone buyers should pay particular attention to the allowable waterproof conditions. For example, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra conforms the IP55 and IP58 criteria of dustproof and waterproof functions. Only under the circumstance of the waterproof plug hole is closed completely, can the Xperia Z Ultra effectively perform waterproof capability - bearing the low-pressure water jet coming from different directions, or lasting up to 30 minutes underwater to a depth of 1.5 meters. According to Sony customer service department, the most common reason for the failures of waterproof capability is due to the neglect of covering the waterproof hole. So before the owners use their phones underwater, they should check whether the waterproof test hole is closed entirely.


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  1. BY jay costes

    same here!

  2. BY Andrea

    I took my Sony xperia z to the pool and double checked all the holes to be closed before taking it to the pool, i was taking pictures when it started to malfunction, I immediately turned it off and left it to dry for a while under the sun. when I got home like two hours later I tryied to take the battery out because it was making a weird sound but i couldnt, I just opened the back. I left it to dry for the night and half day and then I tried to turn it on, the red light that indicates the battery charger turns on indicating it has no battery and I tried to charge it but I see no result for it, what can I do?

  3. BY vanessa

    my sony xperia v accidentally got wet with pool-water. there’s a slight discoloration with the damp paper. it keeps on restarting and the camera lens is fogged. screen also isn’t working properly. is there still anything i could do about it? can my phone still be fixed? please help. thanks.


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