How to Check If Your Samsung Phone is Original or Fake

1.From the appearance of the distinction, the European version of the IMEI code is relatively long, the American version is directly printed with the IMEI code, the Korean version is based on the American version of the IMEI code in front of a string of numbers. At the same time, the American version has a millimeter wave.



2.Enter the dial key *#0*# to enter Samsung's own engineering testing machine mode, which has many functions to detect mobile phones。We mainly test three features


(1)First of all, the detection of the screen, click red, green, blue, to see if there is any burning screen aging phenomenon. Focus on white to see if the screen has black spots, leaks or color dots.


(2)By holding down the volume key, you can switch his different brightness, and see that the screen has aging, crushing, leakage, and color dots; When we return, we press and hold the volume up key


The screen is generally the original machine



(3)Test the touch of the screen, click TOUCH, if you can slide the small square of the screen, it means that there is no problem with the touch, if we cannot fill it in the process of sliding, it is said that there is a problem with the touch. Touch without problems will automatically exit the touch operation interface. Next, press and hold an APP to move casually on the mobile phone desktop, hand speed should be fast, and confirm again whether there is a problem with the touch. Sensitive to touch is generally the original machine.



3.Test the airtightness of the mobile phone, we see this value 994, if I do not hold it value or 994, when pressing the screen hard with both hands, his value will jump, about between 990-1001, if the airtightness is plus or minus 3-10 or so, indicating that the airtightness of the mobile phone is still good, then you can basically judge that the mobile phone is the original.



4.Query the factory date, enter*#12580*369#, query the factory date, and enter 319712358 at the same time in the dial key, and the time of the first call will appear. See if it matches the time of your first call. The time matches the original machine.




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