Cell phone repair master commonly used seven methods you will how many?

The importance of cell phones nowadays should not need to be said, for young people are now basically like relatives. There is a wide variety of brands of cell phones, not to mention the types of cell phones. And our cell phones from time to time will present a variety of problems, although each cell phone structure is different, but in fact the basic repair method or roughly the same.     Next, to introduce us to some general overhaul methods to beginners to refer to learn the following:  

01.Asking method

  We usually get a cell phone, is not aware of the basic situation of the phone. For example: under what circumstances the problem, the customer has not adopted any remedial measures after the problem, the phone has not been repaired, etc., according to the way we ask questions to identify the causes and parts of the problem.   For example: suppose the phone was dropped we should consider is the phone chip soldering, broken points, components fall, circuit board fracture; into the water machine to consider is the battery damage, copper foil and pin rust, corrosion, broken line; and was repaired by the phone is to pay attention to whether the chip has been swapped, or whether the components are installed wrong.  

02.Intuitive method

  Inquiry after the visual inspection, can find some problems. Such as dropped cell phone shell will have cracks, the main point to check the corresponding place on the circuit board was dropped components, see no fall, broken line; into the water machine on the main board with water stains no; screen and keys are not normal, the Home button has no oxidation reaction caused by poor contact.  

03.resistance method

  Cell phone repair often pay attention to understand the resistance value of some parts of the phone to ground. Such as SIM card holder, chip pads, integrated circuit pins and other resistance values to the ground. In the view of the phone, according to the size of the resistance value to discern the fault. Assume that a point of resistance to ground is much greater than the normal resistance value, which clarifies that this point is now a short circuit. In addition, it can also be used to identify the line between there is no broken wire or component damage.  

04.voltage method

  The same reason as above, the normal cell phone is a fixed value, assuming that the phone is damaged, then the voltage value will certainly produce changes, can detect the voltage value is normal, you can quickly find the defective parts, assuming that the voltage at a certain place is zero, clarify the power supply circuit has a short circuit; assume that the voltage is lower than normal, as long as the power supply is normal, clarify the load has problems.  

05.Comparison method

  There is a comparison to be able to identify what is different. Check the phone, the type of certain components, location, voltage value, current value, etc. thought abnormal, can use the same type of normal machine board for the corresponding comparison. This will be able to see if some parts of the components are wrongly installed, whether a certain two points are connected properly, etc.. This will be able to find out the fault relatively quickly.  

06.Replacement method

  When we get the phone, suspect that a component has a problem, can be replaced from the phone on the normal same components for installation experiments, so that the effect can be said to be immediate. Assuming that the problem is eliminated after replacement, you can know that the component is now damaged, assuming that there is still a problem after replacement, it can clarify that the problem is not here, you can find another component for screening.  

07.Pressing method

  This is generally used for components of poor contact or false welding caused by a variety of problems, assuming that the phone does not turn on when the phone is turned on, it may be CPU false welding, you can use your thumb and forefinger in the corresponding chip double-sided appropriate pressure, if you press a chip when you can turn on, it is a false solder, you just need to fill the solder.


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