Canadian Retailer said that Blackberry Z10 outselling iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII

Following a string of analyst downgrades — and a note from MKM Partners suggesting there’s a 90% chance BlackBerry 10 flops — BlackBerry  got a boost Monday on news that its new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is outselling Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III at a major Canadian retailer. Glentel on Monday said in a statement that since the BlackBerry Z10 launched on February 5th, it has been “the leading smartphone” sold through retailer’s stores, The Globe and Mail reports. The company owns 330 retail outlets across Canada. Recent reports suggested that the BlackBerry Z10 sold out at a number of retailers around Canada and the U.K., however several industry watchers claimed the stock-outs were the result of limited supply. While Glentel declined to share actual sales figures in its statement, the fact that the Z10 has outsold the two most popular smartphones in the world over the past three weeks suggests solid performance for BlackBerry’s first BB10 smartphone.

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