Can iPhone 8 copy LCD screen work well with iOS11.3?

Recently, there is customer's feedback that the iPhone 8 China made LCD screen can’t work with iOS 11.3. The present situation is that if the device with a copy screen upgrades to iOS 11.3, it will be stuck at “enter passcode to complete upgrade” screen. As the screen touch doesn’t work that you can’t enter the passcode to complete the system upgrade. Someone would think it was caused by the defective screen. After testing other China made iPhone 8 LCD screens, they have the same result. While putting back the original iPhone 8 broken screen, the phone works fine. So we guess the iPhone 8 copy LCD screen is not compatible with iOS 11.3.

iPhone 8 OEM LCD screen replacement

iPhone 8 China made copy LCD screen

To make sure this issue was caused by the system upgrade, we downgrade the device system from iOS 11.3 to 11.2.6, the result is that the copy screen works fine with the device and there is no screen touch issue. When the phone was upgraded to iOS 11.3 again, the screen touch did not work again. Therefore, it can be determined that iOS11.3 causes the copy LCD screen to be untouchable.

Why does this happen?

It is suspected that the China-made screen IC doesn’t match to the device after upgrading to iOS 11.3. We all know that the iPhone 7/8 will lose Touch ID function after replacing the Home button, the iPhone X ambient sensor will not work after replacing a new screen. All of these are caused by the replacement parts can’t match to the device.

How to fix iPhone 8 copy LCD screen doesn’t work with iOS 11.3 issue?

1. Wait for the iPhone system upgrade.

It has happened that the iPhone 7 aftermarket LCD screen can't work on the iOS 11.0.1, after waiting several days, the Apple updated the iOS 11.0.3 to fix the issue. So we expect Apple can update the iOS 11.3.1 to fix this issue.

2. Replace a new OEM screen.

As the original iPhone 8 LCD screen can work with the iOS 11.3, we can replace a new OEM iPhone 8 screen or OEM refurbished screen to fix the issue.

3. Downgrade the iOS 11.3 to 11.2.6.

According to the test result, downgrade the system to 11.2.6 is the best way to solve the issue, but you can’t do it now. Apple has stopped signing iOS 11.2.6 since April 6th, there is no way to downgrade the iOS 11.3.

We ETrade Supply will continue to test and update about this issue.

If you know other ways about how to fix this issue, welcome to comment below.

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  1. BY Oro plata

    guyz i have an working iphone8 unit with broken glass.

    1. display was ok

    2. touch digitizer was ok

    but : after i test the iphone7 original lcd screen ( i connect only the display connector didnt connect the touch id connector )

    result : iphone8 was stuck on apple logo

    next step i put back its original iphone8 lcd screen both connectors are connected

    result : iphone8 touch digitizer not work 🙁

    Any ideas who encounter this issue?

    which on mother board got fault after test an original lcd screen from iphone7

    please help

  2. BY Evandro Assis


    Is it possible to replace the glass + oca ….. ? It should work fine with iOS 11.3, isn’t it ?

    Evandro Assis

    • BY kaye

      Hi Evandro, we don’t test what you said. The reason that iPhone 8 copy screen can’t work with iOS 11.3 is that the LCD screen IC can’t match to the motherboard. You can replace an OEM or OEM refurbished screen to fix it.


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