How to Fix Slow Problem on Android Phone

Do your Android smartphones have slow problems? Do you lose patience when you have to wait more seconds to open apps on your phone? Do you have the moments when you feel frustrated when you take much time to download websites or videos on your old Android phones?

Apple has recently gained more reputation after it released its eagerly anticipated iOS 7.1, for the new iOS does not only add a number of new features and fix a few bugs, but also speed up iPhones and iPads. Many Apple users reflect that the phone speed is improved to be faster.

What about Android users holding Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 or Nexus 5 etc.? They also long for the fun coming from the better user experience on speed improvement.  Do worry. We teach you how to adjust your Android smartphone or tablet to become faster.

Taking advantage of the built-in features on the flexible Android system enabling open mobile software, savvy owners of Galaxy S4, Note 3, Nexus 5, HTC One or other Android can change their phone’s user experience. The feature allows Android users to boost the device when they open and close windows or apps in the phone are switched.

It is quite easy to access the transition animation feature by entering the “Developer options.” Follow these steps to give your Android phone a huge speed boost.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Android Develop Option Sectioin - Settings

Step 2: Tap Developer Options

Note: If you can’t find Developer Option on your phone, it might be hidden. You can search “how to enable developer options on Android phone” by Google to find the answer.

Android phone developer options

Step 3: Scroll until you find the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale sections.

Note: On some Android devices, the three sections may be found on an “Advanced” subsection.  Tapping each of the three aforementioned settings, you will find all of them are set to “1x” by default. To speed up your Android phones or tablets, you can change the “1x” to “.5x”.

Android transition animation

“1x” in Window animation scale, Transition animation scale  and Animator duration scale sections by default

Android animation setting

Tap “Animation scale.5x ” on the three settings

Android devices transitions

When Animation scale .5x appears, it is done.

After adjusting the settings, you will find the change on the Android user experience without affecting the battery life and freely enjoy the great speed improvement. This speed boosting will become extraordinary obvious if you owe an old phone with a slower hardware. Hurry up and take action to speed up your Android phone.

Have you adjusted the settings? Do you feel your phone’s speed faster? Let us know in the following comments.

  1. BY Sheen Alex

    great trick guys,worked perfectly for me…..thanks…

    • BY kaye

      Hi Sheen, we are so happy that can help you solve your problems, and we will do better in future, thank you.

  2. BY Nikunj Jain

    Hey, This trick is wprking for me. Thanks a lot..

  3. BY Rohit

    Yes it works.
    But is there any prolem associated with this trick.

  4. BY Kateniss

    Can i just turn off the Window, Transition Animation & Animator Duration Scale? If i do that will it be affect my android phone?

  5. BY android apk

    I am going to at once snatch a person’s rss once i are unable to to discover your own e-mail monthly subscription url and also e-newsletter services. Have you got almost any? Kindly allow my family know so that I really could signed up. Thanks a lot.

  6. BY Marie M

    Messaging was the worst program to start and the one I use the most, I have only tested for few second,
    it seems to run faster, would be able to leave a full review after about a week when I had the chance to test it long enough

  7. BY Jerry Gough

    Great improvement

  8. BY Midul Goswami

    Thank u so much Its really a great tips.


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