BlackBerry’s Next Flagship: BlackBerry A10 Coming This Fall

BlackBerry has already released two devices of the BlackBerry 10 series, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, in the first half of this year. However, as claimed by BlackBerry when releasing the BlackBerry 10 system, that there will be five models using this system, which means there are still three more models coming later. When it comes the second half, rumors about BlackBerry’s next flagship again starts to go. It is said that the third model of BlackBerry 10 is coming this fall, with the name BlackBerry A10 (Aristo). It is estimated that this flagship will feature a 5 inches Super AMOLED with 1280 * 720 resolution on its display, which will be the largest smartphone in terms of screen size that BlackBerry has ever made. Unfortunately, it is likely that the BlackBerry A10 will still run a dual-core processor. The reasonwhy BlackBerry doesn’t planto use a quad-core chip is possibly due to the battery life and its BlackBerry 10 software.


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