BlackBerry Z30 Disassembly/Tear Down/Tear Apart

Tools needed:

            1. T4 Philip screwdriver

            2. Tweezers

            3.  Case opening tool

tools needed

1.  Pry up the battery door cover.

remove the cover

2.Undo the 10 screws that securing the rear housing.

undo screws

3.Pry up the screen with the case opening tool. (Notice: handle carefully as there’s a flex cable connecting to the logic board.)

pry up screen

4.Pry up the clip, remove the flex cable carefully for its fragility.

disconnect flex cable

5.Pry up the connectors that securing the logic board, then take out the motherboard.

pry up flex cables and remove logic board

6.Remove the volume button and power button retaining bracket.

remove volume retaining bracket

7.Pry up the flashlight flex cable.

pry up flashlight flex cable

8.Remove the rear facing camera.

take out rear camera

9.Remove the flashlight flex cable from the rear housing slot.

remove flashlight flex cable

10.Take out the battery.

take out battery

11.Then, the BlackBerry Z30 has been disassembled.

the disassembly finished

We show you how to reassemble BlackBerry Z30 step by step. we hope it  is helpful by watching  our tutorial to fix your broken cellphone.
  1. BY Hendrik Delport

    Where can I purchase a battery for my Blackberry Z30


  2. BY stephanopoulos

    thanks, very clear but could you make a reassemble video, i’m afraid of not being able to reassemble after ?

  3. BY bernard

    thanks.. very helpful for my plan to replace the Battery


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