Blackberry R10 leaks, Cheaper Q10?

                        For the first time, pictures and specs regarding the Blackberry R10 is leaked to the media. From what we can see is that the Blackberry R10 is a device aiming at a market lower than the Q10. Though the R10 is a “low-end” device, the key features remain almost the same. It is reported that the R10 will have a 3.1 inches screen, 2GB RAM and a QWERTY keyboard like the Q10. However, with a 5-megapixel camera and 8GB internal storage, you can see that the phone’s features have been downgraded compared to the Q10. For the moment, we are not able to confirm this information, but we are waiting in excitement for next week’s Blackberry Live Conference to see if the rumors are right. Source: DGtle, Engadget


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