BBM for Android Could be Announced by the End of September

BlackBerry Message

BlackBerry previously confirmed that the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for Android will come sometime this summer, but no people know the specific time when it will come. Earlier speculations such as T-Mobile UK said that the service will come on June 27th, this date was very hot but then deleted from the site. Still, most people believe that the Blackberry has maintained that summer launch. Sunil Lalvani, managing director for BlackBerry India, clearly claimed in an interview with IBN Live that the service will be announced on Android within two months. The executive reiterated previous statements made by BlackBerry that the BlackBerry Messenger will be released this summer. However, he soon added that in North America summer doesn’t end until September. When asked to explain his words and if BBM would come by the end of the September, IBN Live noted that Lalvani’s “response was in the affirmative.” By the way, these days, a fake BBM app was posted on Google Play and hinted that there is a surprising amount of need for the service. The clone app attracted more than 100,000 downloads within two hours.


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