Bad Idea, Bad Sales. HTC and Facebook Fail Together. AT&T Clearly Regretful.

HTC First The HTC First, or “Facebook phone”as many people called it, was released on Apr. 4th.Last week, however, AT&T has dropped the sales price from $99 to $0.99, which is a huge slash for a new device just about one month after its debut. It is said that AT&T has confirmed that the HTC First will be discontinued soon and the unsold inventory will be returned to HTC. What happened? Rumor has it that the sales representatives at AT&T do not like the Facebook phone at all and they are not making much effort to promote the device to customers. Maybe they feel guilty helping Facebook infringe on others privacy. But this cannot be the only reason HTC First has had such a bad sales. Fewer than 15,000 units of HTC First were sold throughout the US even after the price went down to $0.99. So seems people just do not like this phone. Some people have complained about the design, but it’s most likely the other implications of having a phone that’s stomping on your privacy every second you’re using it. Because HTC has already paid for the display space, it’s likely to keep the phone there until its contract is up, meaning AT&T will have to keep pushing it, but with a very low price tag. So HTC and Facebook seemed to have failed miserably. Facebook however won’t have to take the fall alone this time. Source: BGR


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