Apple’s New Patent Will Save Your iPhone Display

Credit: AppleInsider

LCD screen assembly replacements are the most commonly needed service in repair shops. However, the coming news will not be good for the cell phone repair industry. It is reported that Apple has invented a retractable motorized iPhone screen protector, which will prevent costly display damage due to accidental drops. The report claims that with a new system inside the iPhone, retractable tabs will come out automatically so that a gap will be created to prevent the display dropping on the ground directly.



Apple has registered the new patent with the title “Active screen protection for electronic device”. This file was published on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office‘s website this past Thursday.


Insiders said, the system would extend the device’s screen protectors and absorb the fall. Meanwhile, the tabs will return to their previous position once the system has judged that the phone is no longer falling.  

From the patent file, we can find the inventors of the new system are Tyson B. Manullang, Stephen B. and Emery A. Sanford. Undoubtedly, this new patent will save millions of iPhone display if it becomes real. However, cellphone repair shops may lose a lot of money due to this feature. 


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