Apple’s iPad 5 Rear Mic Design Leaked

Apple has always become the spotlight when it comes to the new generation of iPhone or iPad. Previous related leaks of Apple’s fifth-generation iPad 5 unveiled that the next-gen iPad will come with thinner and lighter features, compared with its predecessor, iPad 4. According to a new source from Japanese blog Macotakara, the device will be released around the same September period just after the iPhone 5S launch. The source also claimed the iPad 5 will gain a rear microphone located near the camera. [caption id="attachment_2699" align="alignnone" width="443"]Apple's iPad 5 Rear Mic Design Leaked Apple's iPad 5 Rear Mic Design Leaked. Picture from BGR[/caption] The back-facing microphone design is similar to the iPhone 5, which went on sale in September, 2012. Appleinsider noted that prototypes of the iPad mini also included rear microphones, but were not included in the final product. Aside from the camera, we also anticipate that Apple will spend more energy concentrating on the next 9.7-inch Tablet’s energy consumption. The iPad 4 consumes lot of power, which results in rapid battery drain and overheating. If Apple can find a way to improve battery life, iPad users will be very happy and more likely to upgrade to the new version. Source: Macotakara


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