Apple iPhone 6 Concept Features Transparent Display, 10MP Camera and A7 Processor

The next-gen iPhone

Rumors about the next-gen iPhone are having been overwhelming the web since the Apple iPhone 5 released. Right now, a German designer, Eric Huismann, has developed a concept model of the Apple iPhone 6 with a transparent 4-inch display, 17% thinner than the current iPhone 5, 10MP camera with 1080p recording and an A7 processor.

The next-gen iPhone price

The see-through display might seem cool, and have some practical uses, particularly in the field of navigation, exploration and augmented reality in general, which could enhance the overall elegance of the device. While the entire span of the display is completely transparent, the top and bottom areas remain opaque.

The next-gen iPhone

It might be unlikely that Apple will bring anything like this. But we cannot deny that this concept idea isn’t encouraging. So, what do you think of the ideas presented by Huismann?

Source: phonearena

  1. BY Woodrow Yezek

    *This really answered my problem, thank you!

  2. BY Shaikh Osim Akhtar

    Hi How are you
    i need mobile phone

  3. BY ashwin

    Add a comment…transperent iPhone really exist if yes what is the price and if I pay online what is the security prof that I will get my product

  4. BY rizwan

    i like iphone 6 and watch very

  5. BY hassan

    Can somebody help me?

  6. BY hassan

    I’m in Djibouti how can I delivered the money?

  7. BY hassan

    And how does it cost?

  8. BY hassan

    Hey what’s up i need help how do I get iPhone 6 transparent can I pay cash or what?

  9. BY Happy

    very good tanspernent

  10. BY Belal Ahmad

    hope your will be fine
    and i have a request for I phone 5s
    if your sent me in Afghanistan how can I receive that phone and how much is price I phone 5s
    and I live in Kabul, Afghanistan
    Please kindly informed me …

  11. BY Thedude

    It amuses me how someone can just grab the current faceplate of one of these pieces of cr+p and makes an “awesome” concept using the power of Photoshop. iPhone is just the same ol’ thing revised over and over and over…. and they just add stuff you could find on earlier Android phones, such as the fingerprint scanner (found on a Motorola a couple of years ago), now the iOS is going to add Widgets to the home screen (something available since earlier versions of Android), and a whole bunch of such other things. Still you can do a whole lot more things on an Android phone, from playing your good ol’ classic NES games, stopping by your favorite N64 or PSOne game, to some of the PSP games available. And that’s not all, just visit Google Play Store and you can find almost anything.

    Dozens of free apps doesn’t mean Android is for cheap people, Android is for the people who know what phone they want to buy, not some phone that has had the same basic design over and over with some minor things added every 6 months, rendering your 1000 dollar phone outdated, making you wish and spend your hard earned money for the latest one just for it to be outdated in the next 6 months and so on… Apple sure is a brainwasher….

  12. BY jay

    i have facing one and big problem battery problem how can we increase its timing can not pas whole day with charge one time
    please do some soluation

  13. BY skander ben saad

    this is a message a the Apple’s society now a days Androiid is trying hard to bit you all her applications is free or we could say the most of them however for apple , what i mean is try to work and offert more free applications because i see that there is no difference beetween Iphone 5 and Iphone 6 just the camera … a7 for the processor

  14. BY Jamie

    I would say it is anything as high tech as military technology. It is simply the camera being used as you background therefore creating the concept of the phone being see through. Nothing great you can do this now by simply downloading an app on any android or apple phone to create this transparent concept. However yes this will eat away at the battery, so better battery life will be needed

  15. BY Theosco

    How can I get one in Malaysia here and what is the total cost both delivery and all

  16. BY Raven

    Awesome concept! All problem will be is the battery life cuz of the mirror image. I still think military technology shouldn’t be available for all. Just saying

  17. BY javic

    They will really make something BIG when they make a folding phone… Imagine being able to fold your phone so you can put it in your jean’s coin pocket!!!

  18. BY ishu

    plz realies big screen

  19. BY Ivs

    Cool concept but still stuck in the era of 4 inch display??? Those days have past, and i hope Apple realises that too. Bringing out the 5C makes me believe they have lost touch with the consumer.

  20. BY Deo

    how can I get it here in Tanzania

  21. BY jon dede bali

    great idea
    but u must improve the power off battery

  22. BY N.vinoth kumar

    very Nice Model All But Cost Very High

  23. BY inyourdream

    the battery life will be 1 sec only..or you have to tag the charger along..

  24. BY Jack

    cool idea about the transparent, but will it be worth it for Apple to put out such technology. To answer John’s question about the hardware/cabling/antennas goes above, they are all still there behind the screen, what you see is not see through glass, what you see is merely the exact mirror image of the background projected on the screen.

    This technology is used in military application to hide aircraft flying above the sky, it project the background image onto the belly of the aircraft and makes you think that it is invisible, but it is not, it is there, you just not seeing it because of projected image. hope this explains it.

  25. BY dimple

    how can i order here in the philippines? is this cash on delivery? thanks.

    • BY arjun yadav

      hy i want to be ur frnd. so plz add me on facebook my email id is plz add me

    • BY alina

      You can choose the item you want and place the order. Sorry, we don’t accept cash on delivery. You need to pay online. Thanks for understanding.

  26. BY nappygamer

    your soul

  27. BY John

    Nice idea – but where do the hardware/cabling/antennas go?

    • BY hiko

      I admit that the iphone 6 and very well but tros flat but well done

      • BY singam


  28. BY Muneem L.

    what will be the price ?


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