Apple iOS 6.1.3 Users Complain about Battery Drain Problems and Wi-Fi Issues

Apple iOS 6.1.3 issues Just after Apple released the iOS 6.1.3 to fix a security problem that let someone access the iPhone by sneaking past the lock screen, new problems of the update also seem to have plagued some users, who are complaining that the battery inside their devices isn’t lasting as long as before. Several Apple iPhone and iPad users posted on Apple Support Communities that the battery drains faster after installing the new update even when the device is not in use. It seems that users are losing battery power at a rate of 1% every 7 minutes. Furthermore, some users have posted that their battery went from full to dead in just 3 hours. Another iOS 6.1.3 issue is the Wi-Fi connectivity. Several users in the Apple forum show their Wi-Fi connections are grayed out or inoperative. This particular issue has been around since iOS 6.0. Some say the problem was fixed with iOS 6.1.2 but came back with 6.1.3, while some say it was resolved with 6.1.3. Apple has acknowledged the problem and offers a support page with suggestions on resolving it. But if the issue cannot be resolved after these steps, you need to contact Apple and your wireless carrier. Now that Apple is aware of these problems, we hope Apple will push out anther update to fix these problems. Source: CNET
  1. BY Angel Alfaro

    I too, have had difficties with the WIFI auto join. It seems that I have to put in the password whenever I want to rejoin the wifi connection. Please fix because this ia a hassle. I was at 6.0.1 i had this problem, and I updated to 6.1.3 and has the same problem

  2. BY Sean

    My wifi cant auto connect back my network after i press the forget network button. But after that i connect back whenever my wifi disconnect… My device didnt recognize the network again and i need to manually connect back everytime. Tho i feel this update make my wifi disconnect more often.its become so annoying.. Pls fix it thanks.


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