Apple Bumps 5.5-Inch New IPhone Battery Capacity To 2915mAh

upcoming-iPhone-6   Taiwan media once reported that the 5.5-inch new iPhone will be named as iPhone 6L. The letter “L” means “large”. Not only the display will grow larger, but also the 4.7-inch new iPhone battery capacity will be bumped from iPhone 5s’s 1500mAh to 1800mAh. What’s more, the 5.5-inch new iPhone battery capacity may be up to 2915mAh. Finally, Apple starts to solve this always-complained problem. iPhone users were called Wall Huggers in a Samsung Galaxy S5 ad video. However, Samsung Galaxy S5 users may not laugh at iPhone 6 users any more, because GS5 is just with a 2800mAh battery. 1865mAh-Batterie-iPhone-6 2915mAh-Batterie-iPhone-6-l   At present, the next generation iPhone models have been confirmed as A1586 and A1524, but they are still not ready enough to be released. According to the supply chain insiders’ news, yesterday Apple changed the iPhone 6 screen design to keep the handset slim body. Whether that change will influence the release date or not, it is still not clear.


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