Android IS Starting to Lose Ground to Apple

The latest comScore numbers were published in this week and suggested that Android has begun to lose ground to Apple in the United States. In a three months ending in February, The operating system share of Google fell two percentage reaches up to 51.7% while iOS got 3.9 points for a 38.9% share. BlackBerry’s market share continues to fall and now accounts for 5.4% of the market, however, as currently the BlackBerry Z10 hits the market, the BlackBerry is expected to gain some round.   Apple’s advantage in vendor share with 38.9% of the U.S. smartphone market while Samsung increase from 20.3% 21.3% share in November, an. The market shares of other Android vendors have continued to drop, however. HTC win 9.3 share as fell 1.7 points, while Motorola dropped about 1% to 8.4% and LG drop to a 6.8% share, down from 7% late last year. There are about 133 million people in the U.S. who own smartphones, standing for 57% of the mobile market. News from comScore


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