Android L: A More Unified Design

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Google at I/O developer conference released Android L on June 25, held in San Francisco. It is learned that in Android L, Google has made the biggest change in the android development history.

The new design style is called "materials design", which is the important initiatives of Google in order to solve the problem of fragmentation, including the unified phone, tablet, laptop and web-side design. From the pictures below, we can see clearly the difference (left: Android L; right: Android 4.4). [gallery ids="7301,7300,7299"] Now, we cannot live without Android, if you want to use the services of Google and enjoy the convenience that brought. Whether we get in touch with our friends by the smartphone, dismissing notifications on our smartwatch, using voice search to find a movie on Android TV or searching for a cafe on our in-car display, Android will follow us everywhere. As Android L take the unified design style across phone, tablet, laptop and web, it means that we can be easier to live in a Google world, which even don’t need to disconnect.


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