Android 12 Beta 1: Top new features!

Google held the Google I/O Developer Conference on May 19th. At Google I/O 2021, Google announced that the latest generation of Android system Android 12 has started beta testing, including Google Pixel, Xiaomi, OnePlus and other devices, all of which can pass The corresponding channels are the first to experience.


Android 12 is a hugely improved version from the outside to the inside, so what new features does it have? Android Authority has brought a detailed analysis of the new features of Android 12. Let's take a look!


1. Major changes to visual elements


This is the most noticeable new feature of Android 12. In Android 12, the system will use a color extraction mechanism to extract design elements from the set ratio. The visual effect is the main color of the entire system, which will change with the change of the desktop wallpaper.



2 .Brand new operation center


In Android 12, the prototype operation icon in the drop-down notification bar no longer exists, and replaced by large tiles with rounded rectangles.


The operation method of these tile buttons is similar to the previous shortcut buttons. Tap to switch the corresponding function, and long press to enter the setting interface. The color of these buttons can also be changed by the new automatic color theme, and the visual effect is very harmonious.



3 . Improving privacy and security


Google announced the new privacy features of Android 12. The process of collecting information by App will become more transparent. The new system tool allows users to more finely manage App permissions, which allows users to better manage what information the App can access.



4. Redesign the notification system


The notification system of Android 12 will be redesigned, with improvements in aesthetics, usability and functionality. Google is currently adjusting the notification drawer and control buttons, and speeding up the switching response speed and animation.



5. More convenient WiFi sharing


In Android 11, if you want to share WiFi hotspots with others, you can easily do it through a QR code. However, in Android 12, the method has been further improved. Click the QR code to see the "Nearby" button, and you can directly share the WiFi credentials with others, eliminating the need to scan the code.


​6. One-handed mode


This feature appeared as a hidden feature in the first developer preview version of Android 12. It was not officially announced until the second developer preview version. The operation of this function is very similar to the one-handed mode in iOS. After the corresponding function is activated in the Android settings, you can slide down anywhere on the bottom of the screen, which will drive the displayed content to move down, allowing users to better touch the buttons , Icons or other functions.



​7. Vibration feedback sound effect


Google allows developers to use a tactile feedback mode that generates vibrations based on audio in Android 12. In this mode, the intensity and duration of vibration are determined by audio, which can increase the immersion when playing media or generating warnings.



8. ​Upgrade ART via Google Play


The Android Runtime (ART) will be added to the Project Mainline in Android 12. This means that it can be updated through the Google Play Store without a complete system upgrade. Google also pointed out that Project Mainline will promote independent updates of more system key components.



9. New widgets


At present, Google has confirmed that at least one new widget will be installed, and that is the weather widget seen in the picture above. However, there may be more new widgets.



10. App sleep


Are you tired of taking up extra space with an infrequently used app? In Android 12, App dormancy or "unused apps" functions can be managed by specific rules to manage the occupation of these apps. At present, this function has entered the Android open source project AOSP, and Google has also confirmed the existence of this function.


This feature can delete the permissions of unused apps and clean up temporary files and caches generated by the app.



​​11. Other features of Android 12


This time Android 12 has other features, such as support for AVIF image format, screenshot tagging, hidden selfie camera, universal media transcoding, and so on.


The above are some of the main new features of Android 12. The improvements of this new generation of Android system are not limited to this, and are not listed here due to space limitations. As usual, Android 12 will be released in September this year.


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