What are the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading the mobile phone system?

Do you feel that your mobile phone often encounters mobile phone system upgrade prompts or mobile phone software prompts? Many of them will be ignored directly, and some people will be entangled in whether to upgrade or not. There are still relatively few people who upgrade in the first place. They think that they are using it well now, but they may encounter problems or become unaccustomed to upgrading. So let’s talk about why the phone always prompts you to upgrade, and what is the purpose of the upgrade.      

Why do mobile phone systems and software need to be upgraded? What is the purpose of the upgrade?


1. Improve mobile phone performance and fix mobile phone bugs

  Every time a new system appears, it is to fix the bugs in the mobile phone system, whether it is Andriod, Apple iOS or other systems, it is to fix the loopholes in the previous mobile phone application process. Every upgrade of the mobile phone system and every improvement in performance is an improvement in the safety and operation of the mobile phone.    

2. Provide more functions and optimize the operation of mobile phones

  Behind every major system upgrade, people will have a feeling of using a new mobile phone. In terms of interface UI planning, functional operation, and system functions, we will have many surprises every time. The unchanging mobile phone system will inevitably make everyone lose the freshness, and the mobile phone system upgrade may make you feel good.    

What are the disadvantages after the mobile phone system and software upgrade?


1. There are more problems with stuck machines and black screens, and the response speed of mobile phones becomes slower

  Many people complain that various problems occur once the mobile phone is upgraded, such as freezing, black screen, slow freezing, and slow response speed. Obviously, the mobile phone can be used normally before, but the upgraded mobile phone basically becomes a brick. Some even crashed directly, and came to the door-to-door mobile phone repair master for repairs.    

2. The memory is getting smaller and smaller, and the system occupies a lot of memory

  Insufficient mobile phone memory is also the focus of most people's complaints. Every upgrade of the mobile phone system and software takes up a lot of memory space, and it is really annoying to discount a mobile phone that does not have much memory. Small-scale updates of the system are acceptable, but each update requires more than 1G, and the memory is simply not enough.    

Do mobile phone systems and software need to be upgraded?

  The reason why mobile phone manufacturers prompt system and software updates is to improve the security and fluency of mobile phones. With the rapid development of smart phones, the system update cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and mobile phone updates are not suitable for all mobile phones.   For mobile phone updates, the latest mobile phones on the market can of course be updated, because the system software is tested on the basis of new mobile phones, so there is no big problem after the update. But if your mobile phone has been used for more than 2 years and the memory is not large, then I would like to remind you that you should be cautious when upgrading the system, as there is a high possibility of incompatibility between the system and hardware.


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