5 Reasons Why People Choose Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Over iPhone 12 Pro

We are all expecting to have iPhone 12 series this time, but some people turn to the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series because it is better for reasons. The Samsung Note20 Ultra has a larger display screen and useful functions, which makes it welcomed by many mobile phone users. Here we would like to analyze five reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is favorable to users more than iPhone 12 today.  


1. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a better considerate display design

The Samsung Note 20 Ultra display size is 6.9 inches, which is visibly larger than the iPhone 12 display screen size of 6.1 inches. Moreover, the Samsung Note 20 Ultra display screen’s design is futuristic for users because the visible screen coverage tends to be larger than the iPhone 12’s. The frame bezel is thinner and the front-facing camera is smaller on the screen. Besides, users can switch to 120 Hz refresh rate on settings on Samsung Note20 Ultra, which makes the screen smoother animation when scrolling on the screen. This makes a better experience for users especially when watching movies or playing games. That’s why some people choose Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra over iPhone 12.



2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a functional S Pen

The second reason why people think Samsung Note20 Ultra is better because it has a super functional S pen. We all know that the Samsung Note S pen has the foremost functionality to control the screen. With this pen tool, we can sketch beautiful images on the screen when we open the application. This is so helpful to designers because the S pen can make sure the accuracy of the details of the picture. We cannot do this with our finger if we use iPhone 12 Pro. Besides, the S pen enables us to do a lot by remote control on the Samsung Note20 Ultra. That’s why people like it more than iPhone.   


Samsung Note 20 Ultra S Pen


3. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can work as a desktop computer

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can wirelessly connect to TV, which makes it a desktop-like for work. Just go to the control center of Samsung Note 20 Ultra, swipe over, and tape on Dex. Here we can project a desk-like environment on TV by wireless connection. The desktop-like environment will be better if you have a smart TV, because you can wireless control the mouse on the TV screen by swiping finger on the phone. In this desktop-like environment, we can check emails, write texts, type words, and process spreadsheets, etc. This is also a reason people prefer Samsung Note20 Ultra to iPhone 12 Pro.


Samsung Note 20 Ultra desktop-like environment on tv


4. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can expand storage by installing SD card

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has the optional storage models of 128G and 512G. The iPhone 12 Pro has three optional storage models of 128G, 256G, and 512G. The iPhone 12 Pro has more optional storage type but people prefer Samsung Note 20 Ultra because its storage can be expanded by installing a micro SD card. When you have too many photos and videos stored on your phone, you will need enough storage space. The iPhone 12 Pro will be stuck on certain storage but Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra enables you to add storage expanded on an SD card. That’s why people choose Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra over iPhone 12 Pro.  


Samsung Note 20 Ultra storage expand with Micro SD card


5. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has wireless power charging sharing function

Both Samsung Note 20 Ultra and iPhone 12 have the feature of wireless charging. There is one thing that Samsung Note 20 Ultra’s wireless charger functions better than iPhone 12 Pro. The Samsung Note 20 Ultra can wireless charge another device by power-sharing. Most mobile devices can be charged by placing on Samsung Note 20 wireless charger chip, such as Bluetooth earbuds or another smartphone as long as we turn on the wireless power-sharing on Samsung Note 20 Ultra. The iPhone 12 Pro can only be charged on the magnet charger. That’s why Samsung Note 20 Ultra meets people’s favor for reasons.


Samsung Note 20 Ultra wireless charging other device


These are the five reasons we assumed about why more people choose Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra over iPhone 12 Pro. We have to say our analysis is based on parts of the comments of Samsung users. The iPhone 12 series are functionally powerful in some way for its high technology CUP core and A14 chip, anyway. Anyway, you may leave your comments to us if you have opinions about our comparison above, or go to Etrade Supply for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra parts and iPhone parts if you have interests.



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