3 Common Causes For Ear Speaker Malfunctions

Ear speakers often malfunction after a phone teardown. The most common malfunctions are small murmurs or noises emanating from the ear speaker. Generally speaking, there are 3 main causes that lead to these issues. Here we tell you what some possible causes are, and some fixes to go with them.


1.      The ear speaker was not properly reinstalled with the motherboard, or the touch point got damaged.


If the ear speaker is not installed properly you will need to uninstall the ear speaker, then reconnect it making sure the right points are in the right corners. You should also check to make sure that the touch points aren't dirty, and if they are, alcohol or 530 cleaner can clean them. 



2.      Small iron scraps impede the signal.

The ear speaker has a magnet inside that is integral to the operation of the speaker. Usually, it's wrapped with a layer of plastic protector or net, but sometimes tiny iron pieces will fall through the small openings in the plastic cover. If you find any tiny iron pieces in the ear speaker, you can use a big magnet to remove them.



3.      The ear speaker is old and worn out.


When you can't figure out what's wrong with your ear speaker from the appearance, then you need to test the part on another device. If the ear speaker still won't work, then you probably need to get a new one.


If you have any other questions about ear speaker issues, or if you are experiencing other phone issues, just comment below to let us know. We'll reply ASAP. You can also contact us by email: service@etradesupply.com. 



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