2 Tips to Tell OEM LCD Screen from High Copy Screen

Many repair shop owners have told us that plenty of their customers have bought LCD screen replacements from eBay. Everything seemed perfect when they received their package, but after installation, some functions of the phone didn't work. One thing is for sure, they bought a defective part. In fact, there are many methods to tell OEM LCD screen from a high copy screen. The simplest way to judge high-quality parts is from the connectors.


OEM parts, namely, are original equipment manufactured. The parts are very strictly tested by professional QC team. In addition, they are made of standard-compliance materials. On the contrary, high copy parts are illegal copies. These parts are much cheaper than OEM ones for they are made from materials of inferior quality.



First, from the connectors, you can see that the OEM parts' connectors are shinier than the high copy ones. What's more, high copy connectors are easily oxidized, which results in the part being shorted out. This is one of the first things you can look for.



The next tell you can look for is whether weld points are built in line or not. OEM flex cables are made by machines while high copy parts are often produced by hand. So if you find a bridge in the connector or the weld points are not lined properly, the parts are probably high copy parts.


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