First 10 Things You Need to Do on Your iPhone SE 2020

The iPhone SE 2nd generation was pushed to the global mobile market in March this year. This new iPhone model features of small Retina HD display, A13 chipset, and sensitive touch ID inner sensor, which makes it popular in the market. Since the iPhone SE model is so much alike with iPhone 6s in some aspects, it is easy for us to handle most of the functional settings on iPhone SE. We are quite familiar with the most settings on iPhone SE, but there are 10 things we need to do first in all the settings. Let’s specify them below.


1. Quickly check your battery health on Settings

One of the most amazing features for iPhone SE 2020 is that we can check the battery health condition easily on Settings. Just go to Settings >> Battery >> Battery Health, here we can see the maximum of our iPhone SE battery capacity. Besides, you can see the percentage of your iPhone battery life on the battery icon if you turn on Battery Percentage on Settings. It’s quite convenient.


10 things you need to do on iPhone SE


2. Set screen Auto-lock to extend battery life

This setting would be a way to extend your iPhone battery life. Since your iPhone screen is always on for which your iPhone battery is running fast. The thing you need to do is set screen auto-lock time to your iPhone. Go to Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Auto-Lock, select the screen auto-lock time we like. Besides, we can set the text size and bold text to make our phone texts clearer to read.


3. Turn off Auto-brightness and take control

This is quite necessary for us to do to our iPhone SE because our iPhone battery will be running fast unconsciously when the auto-brightness is on. Since there are manual ways to control the screen brightness on settings or control center, turning off the auto-brightness is good for extending our iPhone battery life. Go to Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Auto-Brightness to switch it off.


10 things you need to do on iPhone SE


4. Hide private notifications when the phone is locked

Most of the time we receive the pop-up notification message on our locked screen, some of which may be our privacy or from someone we don’t want to show up. This setting is helpful to keep the security of our private notifications when our iPhone SE is locked. Go to Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode >> Enter passcode. Now we can scroll down to switch off all the items you don’t want to show the notifications on our phone screen when it is locked. It’s very easy.


5. Add two fingerprint touch IDs or more on Settings

The iPhone SE 2nd enables us to have two or more touch IDs setting on the device, which means, we can unlock our iPhone with two more fingerprints. Here is the access to set our touch ID fingerprint: Settings >> Enter passcodes to access to Touch ID & Passcode. Now we can see there are two fingerprint settings on the list. Tap on it and then we can set, rename or delete the touch ID fingerprints.


10 things you need to do on iPhone SE


6. Hide and disable apps from the screen

This has to be the most important functional setting for our iPhone SE. We can hide the apps we don’t want to show on our iPhone screen by setting. The setting steps are quite easy. Go to Settings >> Screen Time >> Tap continue and “This is My iPhone” >> Content & Privacy Restriction. Now we can turn off or disable the applications we want to hide from the screen by entering passcodes.


7. Raise to wake function on Settings

The Raise to Wake Up is a special function for iPhone SE. When we pick up the phone from the table, the screen will be automatically on, meanwhile, when we place the phone down on the table, it will automatically off. To enable this function, just go to Display & Brightness on Settings, and turn on Raise to Wake Up. You can also switch it off if you don’t want this function.


10 things you need to do on iPhone SE


8. Hide and disable the apps from others

This setting has the same meaning as the sixth function. As we all know that we can delete the applications on the screen by long pressing and tap on the cross icon. What if we can hide the secret app we don’t want to show it on screen and disable the delete function to the app if we don’t want anybody to access to our iPhone and delete your favorite app? That must be awesome. Steps are the same as the sixth setting.


9. Haptic and ring setting on Sounds & Haptics

This is one of the first 10 settings we need to do because we have to switch our phone ringing mode in different places. When we open Sound & Haptics on Settings, we can select to turn on two different vibrate mode. Vibrate on Ringing is effective for reminding you when someone is calling but it eats the battery power fast. Vibrate on Silent is used in places like meetings, class, or the libraries. This is a useful and important setting on your iPhone SE.


10 things you need to do on iPhone SE


10. Low power mode setting for battery life extension

Maybe most of us are complaining about our iPhone’s low battery capacity. We have to know about this setting so that we can extend our iPhone SE battery life. Go to Settings >> Control Center >> Customize Control. Here we can enable the controls on optional controls. The Low Battery Mode is one of the settings here we would like to enable.


These 10 settings we conclude here are the first 10 things you need to do on our iPhone SE. We hope these could be helpful to you and we wish you could try each of them. Furthermore, we may also learn something about iPhone maintenance and repair. Come to Etrade Supply online store for iPhone SE replacement parts if you are interested or contact our service center on if you need any help from us. We are glad to help.



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