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1. Celebration time: 2015/5/18 ~ 2015/5/25 (UTC+8).

2. / our website.

3. Get 200 ETS points for sharing your experience with us.

4. You'll also get 10 extra ETS points each time your story is commented on, liked, or shared.


Rewards will be announced and issued on 2015/5/26, decision will be made according to the total number of ETS Points you've earned during the celebration.
(100 ETS Points = USD $1, FAQ about ETS Points.)

Winner List


Listed below are the winners, let’s give them some congratulations! For the winners, please check your email to get your gift now.

Grand Prize (3 customers): An iPad Mini 3.
AuthorExperience TitleResults
Renaat S*Customer service to the maximum <3 ;)490
brent v*A few DIY tips for repairing iPhones like a professional.360
Hammoud G*I Helped Him, He Helps Me350