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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Teardown/Disassembly/Take Apart

    2015-05-18 11:28:16 | Views:856

    We finally got a hold of Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge. Not an easy disassembly job this time around. Don't for get to like, comment and subscribe for more. Also get all the parts you need from our site:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Disassembly/Tear Down/ Take Apart

    2015-04-23 02:14:45 | Views:1718

    We got our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and what did we do right away with it? We took it apart of course. Check out our Blog for a more info: Tools we used: -Repair Tools BST-8921 (38 pcs/set): -Heat Gun/Hair Dryer -Spudger Tool-

  • Saumsung Galaxy S6 Reassembly

    2015-04-23 02:15:16 | Views:323

    We took apart the Samsung Galaxy S6, and now we put it back together. Check out our Blog for a more info: Tools we used: -Repair Tools BST-8921 (38 pcs/set):

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Reassembly

    2015-03-09 09:28:27 | Views:594

    Watch and learn how to put back together the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Disassembly

    2015-03-09 09:25:29 | Views:530

    Watch us completely take apart the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Reassemble

    2015-01-22 08:47:04 | Views:628

    Watch and learn how to reassemble the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge disassembly/tear down/take apart

    2015-01-16 12:56:11 | Views:1465

    Watch and Learn how to disassemble the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Find Samsung Galaxy Note Edge replacement parts at

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Scratch and Hammer Test with Powerful Screen Protector

    2014-05-19 04:16:44 | Views:2151

    The best and cheap Galaxy S5 tempered glass screen protector can Protect Your Galaxy S5 from the Every Day Drops, Scratches and Impacts!

  • How to Install Galaxy S5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector without BUBBLES

    2014-05-19 04:17:41 | Views:1166

    This fast and easy install guide teaches you how to step-by-step apply a Galaxy S5 tempered glass screen protector without bubbles.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 reassembly video

    2014-06-07 09:34:42 | Views:1050

    Follow this video to reassemble your Samsung Galaxy S5

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