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  • iPhone 6 Plus Rear Facing Camera Replacement

    2015-09-01 02:42:22 | Views:115

    Show you how to replace iPhone 6 Plus rear facing camera. You can buy the iPhone 6 Plus rear camera replacement here:

  • Tips to install an iPad 3 Digitizer

    2015-08-20 02:45:09 | Views:65

    We show you some tips to install iPad 3 digitizer in case it may be damaged by mistake. More details, visit our website:

  • Tips to install an iPad 2 Digitizer Touch Screen

    2015-08-20 02:42:36 | Views:58

    We show you how to install your iPad 2 digitizer touch screen in case it may be damaged by mistake. More details, visit:

  • Reasons Behind & Solutions for iPhone 6 Frame and LCD Separation Issues

    2015-06-26 08:32:02 | Views:212

    In this video, we show you our analysis of the iPhone 6 frame and LCD separation issue Any questions , just comment below and don't forget to subscribe! Thanks =)

  • iPhone 6 Front Assembly Small Component Installation

    2015-06-17 03:52:55 | Views:158

    In this video we make sure you don't miss any components when getting your iPhone 6 front assembly ready. Check out our site for more:

  • 5 Tips to Tell An OEM iPhone 6 LCD

    2015-06-17 04:07:32 | Views:189

    We show you 5 Tips to figure out the difference between an OEM iPhone 6 LCD Screen Assembly and a copy. Check out our blog for more: iPhone 6 LCD Screen Assembly:

  • Strange rainbow effects on iPad Mini and Mini 2 digitizers

    2015-04-09 08:21:55 | Views:219

    The community brought to our attention a common problem many people in the industry are experiencing. Find out more information on our blog:

  • iPad mini digitizer malfunctions

    2015-04-09 08:22:05 | Views:203

    In the second part of our iPad Mini digitizer review we go over some common causes of digitizer malfunctions that many users have been reporting as of late.

  • How to reassemble the iPad mini 3

    2015-01-07 10:28:17 | Views:494

    Watch and learn how to reassemble the iPad mini 3; Find the iPad mini 3 replacement parts at:

  • iPad air 2 reassembly

    2015-01-07 10:18:18 | Views:433

    Watch and learn how to reassemble your iPad air 2; Find the iPad air 2 replacement parts at

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