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  • ETrade Supply Introduction Video

    2015-08-27 06:31:51 | Views:186

    With operations in the United States, China and Hong Kong, ETrade Supply International Ltd is a global, vertically integrated, phone parts retailer, specializing in post sales consumer electronics solutions and services with a commitment to growth and innovation.

  • Share Your Experience to Make Repair Easier

    2015-06-17 04:00:38 | Views:213

    Hey Folks! We invite you to share your repair experience in ‪#‎ETradeSupply‬ repair community. Join us! Win an iPad Mini 3! Your stories may cheer, inspire, encourage and help those in the other part of the world! http://www.etradesupply.com/activity/index/anniversary/

  • iPhone 6 Plus Rear Facing Camera Replacement

    2015-09-01 02:42:22 | Views:119

    Show you how to replace iPhone 6 Plus rear facing camera. You can buy the iPhone 6 Plus rear camera replacement here: http://www.etradesupply.com/apple-iphone-6-plus-rear-facing-camera.html

  • ETrade Supply Battery Test

    2015-09-01 02:44:24 | Views:106

    We show you how we test battery quality in ETrade Supply more details, visit :http://www.etradesupply.com

  • How To Setup and Use An Adhesive Dispenser Robot

    2015-08-20 02:47:06 | Views:102

    In this video we teach you how to set up and use a dispenser robot. You can find more info on our website: http://www.etradesupply.com Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!

  • Tips to install an iPad 3 Digitizer

    2015-08-20 02:45:09 | Views:68

    We show you some tips to install iPad 3 digitizer in case it may be damaged by mistake. More details, visit our website:http://www.etradesupply.com

  • Tips to install an iPad 2 Digitizer Touch Screen

    2015-08-20 02:42:36 | Views:65

    We show you how to install your iPad 2 digitizer touch screen in case it may be damaged by mistake. More details, visit: http://www.etradesupply.com

  • Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Reassembly/ Put Back

    2015-08-20 02:38:57 | Views:72

    We've shown you how to take it apart, and now we put it back together. For more details, visit our website: http://www.etradeuspply.com Don't forget to like, comment and describe.

  • Tips to Install an iPad Air Digitizer Touch Screen

    2015-08-20 02:36:51 | Views:64

    We show you how to install your iPad Air's digitizer touch screen correctly without damaging it. For more details, Check our website: http://www.etradesupply.com Check our blog: http://www.etradesupply.com/blog Our Blog about the ghost touch issue analysis: http://www.etradesupply.com/blog/reason-and-solution-behind-ghost-touch-issues-on-ipad-air-digitizer/

  • Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Tear Down/Take Apart/ Disassembly

    2015-08-20 02:34:32 | Views:94

    We show you what's inside of Sony Xperia Z3 Plus. If you want, you can follow the tutorial to repair your Sony Xperia Z3+. How to Tear down single Sony Xperia Z3+ parts: Battery door: 15:00 Battery: 2:00 Motherboard: 2:38 http://www.etradesupply.com/sony/all-models/sony-xperia-z4.html How to remove small parts inside: 4:25 http://www.etradesupply.com/sony/all-models/sony-xperia-z4.html How to remove Sony Xperia Z3+ LCD Assembly: 11:21 http://www.etradesupply.com/sony-xperia-z4-lcd-screen-and-digitizer-assembly-black.html More details, visit our website: Http://www.etradesupply.com

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