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    • OEM Symbol MC3100, MC3190, MC3000, MC3090 2740mAh Battery (82-127912-01, Rotating Head)
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    • OEM Symbol MC3100, MC3190, MC3000, MC3090 2740mAh Battery (82-127912-01, Rotating Head)



      Material: Li-ion Battery

      Voltage: 3.7V

      Capacity: 2740mAh

      Place of origin: China

      Type of connection: contact

      OEM battery code: 82-127912-01


      Product Features & ETS Advantages


      Product Features:

      1. Symbol MC3100 battery is upgraded from the Symbol MC3000 battery, so these two models are compatible. Apart from this thin battery, we also supply other two thick batteries--MC3190G battery and MC3190Z battery with 4800mAh.

      2. The Symbol MC3100 battery features stretchable connector with an eye-catching blue green battery release tab, which is easy to control.

      3. The battery chip, which is an A class chip, has a good performance of charging and discharging. What’s more, there is protective circuit inside the battery, which prevents the excessive charging, excessive discharging and short circuit, which ensure longer stand-by time.

      4. A Symbol MC3100 battery is well packed before shipping.

      5. The tag on the OEM Symbol MC3100 Battery is different from that of the aftermarket version.

      6. There is a recess on the side of the aftermarket battery while the OEM Symbol MC3100 Battery does not.

      7. The contact chip of aftermarket version is a little bit shorter than the OEM Symbol MC3100 Battery. And the OEM Symbol MC3100 Battery has a stretchable spring connector while the aftermarket battery does not.

      8. The OEM Symbol MC3100 Battery we provide is firmly and 100% fit when installing into the Symbol MC3100 Barcode Scanner

      Here is the comparison video of OEM & Aftermarket battery of MC3000


      ETS Advantages:

      1. ETrade Supply exclusively provides the OEM Symbol MC3100 Battery with the fastest speed.

      2. We conduct strict inspection and selection for each item before package and transportation. Therefore, our product is quality assured with six months warranty.

      3. As the first enterprise of the electronics parts service industry to get the ISO9001 certificated QC of quality system, ETS applies strict visual inspection and functionality test for each product, which ensures no scratches and traces in appearance. In addition, ETS also supplies other related replacement parts, such as Symbol MC3100 LCD Screeen.


      Purchasing & Installation Notes


      1. Please make sure that this is the rotating head version and the code is 82-127912-01 before purchasing, because there are several other versions.

      2. Must activate the new battery with the method of full charging-use up-recharging, which will prolong the battery use life.

      3. After activation, you can charge the battery at any time, even it doesn’t use up, because excessive discharging will damage the battery. However, please do not charge over 24 hours.

      4. Choose the right charger for Li-ion battery. Do not throw it in the fire or heat it.

      5. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of storage environment. The temperature should be -20~45℃ for one month storage, while it should be -20~35℃ for six months. It should be kept in the dark and dry environment and packed with hermetic bag for fear of the wafer gets rusty.

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