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  • Replacement Part for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly - Dark Red - With Samsung Logo Only - A Grade
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  • SKU: ESSAM10318620-211-277
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  • Replacement Part for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly - Dark Red - With Samsung Logo Only - A Grade

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    USD $132.00
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  • Compatible With: GT-I9500, GT-I9505, SGH-I337, SCH-I545, SPH-L720, SCH-R970, SGH-M919
  • Replacement Part for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly - Dark Red - With Samsung Logo Only - A Grade

    This item includes:

    1. LCD Screen;

    2. Digitizer Touch Screen

    Notice: Please test the functionality of this item before installation.

    When you first look at Samsung Galaxy S4 Digitizer and LCD screen assembly and Samsung Galaxy S3 Digitizer and LCD screen side by side, the most significant difference is that the outer edges of the S4 are apparently smaller than that on S3. The width between the edge and the main display area is only 1.5 mm, less than half of that of the S3 which makes more space to fit a larger screen. There is another hole on the upper left side of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which doesn’t appear on any other phones before it may be some sort of sensor or an LED notification.

    Samsung Galaxy S3,S4 LCD screen and digitizer front part compare

    Samsung Galaxy S3,S4 LCD screen and digitizer back part compare

    When we turn over the two LCD screen assemblies, we can easily see that the flex cable connectors on the two screens are in different positions, for S4, the flex cable is on top, but for S3, the flex cable is at the bottom.

    Samsung Galaxy S3,S4 LCD screen and digitizer assembly thickness comparison

    When we look at the screen assembly from this angle, we can see that both the glass lens and digitizer behind it are thinner when compared with the S3.

    Now let’s take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note II Digitizer and LCD screen compared with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Digitizer and LCD screen. The Note II is really a big phone, the edge around the screen of the Note II is 2.8mm, nearly double that of the S4 and the Note II has two flex cables on the back while S4 only has one. The thickness of Note II is much thicker than the S4, especially the glass lens.

    Samsung Galaxy S4, Note II digitizer and LCD screen front part comparison

    Samsung Galaxy S4, Note II digitizer and LCD screen back part comparison

    Samsung Galaxy S4, Note II digitizer and LCD screen thickness comparison

  • (593)
    4 out of 5 star
    Reviewed by Russell Roberts
    (Posted on 12/19/14)

    I didn't want to replace my screen, but it worked out a lot cheaper than replacing the phone. Etrade supplied the right parts, promptly and reasonably priced. Thanks.

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you, hope to serve you next time.

    Reviewed by GUSTAVO ARRESE
    (Posted on 12/18/14)

    great item, i will buy again, precise fit and functionallity

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you, hope to serve you more ::)

    Reviewed by Brice Johnson
    (Posted on 12/17/14)

    The HTC One M8 replacement housing is perfect, and from what I can tell, truly an OEM replacement. Fairly easy installation, and comes with replacement camera lens pre-attached. I will definitely be picking up another one to maintain the life of my HTC One M8.

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you ! Hope to serve you more:)

    Reviewed by james journey
    (Posted on 12/14/14)

    Quick delivery, shipping was expensive though I live in the Dallas area (where it shipped from).
    Build is nice, whole screen is responsive. Hopefully this one will last me another 2 years!

    Reviewed by Mikko Häkkinen
    (Posted on 12/13/14)

    Very good spare part. Judged by the quality it is indeed an original Nexus 5 part and works as intended. Giving four stars to quality only because it has a very small area (literally lesser than 2mm) at the very top of the screen where the screen is not as bright as elsewhere. I guess the screen has failed quality control and has ended up to this store somehow. I am very pleased to the screen but still have to figure out why the phone doesn't get connected to the mobile network.

    [ ETS Answer ] Hi Mikko Häkkinen, thanks for your comments, about the issue"why the phone doesn't get connected to the mobile network", I have consulted with our products manager, he advised you check the signal line if it is damaged or change the signal line. Any other thing need support, please contact service@etradesupply.com

    Reviewed by Andreas Kapsalis
    (Posted on 12/10/14)


    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you

    Reviewed by adamp@wp.pl Piórecki
    (Posted on 12/9/14)

    very good qality of product :) (jesli czyta to ktos z polski mozna brac smiało folia niczym nie rozni sie od oryginału sklep godny zaufania).

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you, If you have any question with the order, please contact with us.

    Reviewed by hendra h
    (Posted on 12/8/14)

    Really satisfied with the purchase, etradesupply fast reply and shipping!
    good product with

    [ ETS Answer ] Thanks

    Reviewed by David Sorč
    (Posted on 12/7/14)

    This screen is really great quality, It works great, please see attached photo with new screen assembled. Delivery was also very quick, package was great protected. I ordered some other screens and I hope they will as good quality as this screen for HTC One M8. Thank you ETrade :)

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you, hope to serve you more :)

    Reviewed by Richard Levesque
    (Posted on 12/5/14)

    part arrived and worked perfectly Devlivered as described and was brand new OEM

    [ ETS Answer ] Thank you for your nice communication.

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