If you receive defective parts or wrong parts in your order from ETradeSupply.com, don't worry because we have a complete WEA solution that will only take a few minutes. Please read our Warranty Policy first.The WEA process is as follows:


Step One: Fill in WEA Form

Download the WEA form, fill in it accordingly and send it to wea@etradesupply.com. Please also take some high definition photos explaining the claim. The photos should include the following:


 A. Make sure the photo clearly shows our ETS stamp. (See photo bellow)


B. For defective or broken parts, also make sure the photo shows the defective area. If it’s a functional problem please send a short video showing the issue, as this may save time. 

C.For wrong parts,also make sure the photo shows differences from the orded one(s).


Step Two: Evaluation

After receiving the form, we will hand it to our QC team. They will conduct a basic and elementary evaluation to the problem based on the form and photos:

A. If we confirm the claim is our responsibility, depending on the parts and circumstance we will either ask you to return the parts or send you a replacement immediately.

B. If we find we are not responsible for the claim, we may refuse replacement or refund.


Please ignore the following steps if you are offered immediate replacement.

Step Three: Return

After getting our confirmation, please return the defective or wrong parts to Etrade Supply (If you need the part urgently, we suggest you re-order a new part. You will be refunded for the returned part after we receive it and approve your WEA claim.)

Please send us an email to confirm the package is being delivered along with the name of the shipping company and tracking number.


Note: If you just return parts without going through Step One and Two, we may not be able to deal with your WEA promptly.  

Step Four: Replacement or Refund

After we receive the returned parts, our QC team will do a primary inspection and test. If the part does not have man-made damage caused by improper handling during installation, then we will arrange a replacement asap. If you have already re-ordered the part, we will issue a refund. 


After this process is complete we would appreciate any feedback as to your experience with our WEA process. This way we can ensure our WEA process is smooth and make any necessary improvements.