OEM Apple iPhone 4 Metal Middle Plate with Some Small Parts (AT&T) ,Black

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  • OEM Apple iPhone 4 Metal Middle Plate with Some Small Parts (AT&T) ,Black
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  • Product Description
  • OEM Apple iPhone 4 Metal Middle Plate with Some Small Parts (AT&T)



    Size: 3.5 inch

    Material: IPS

    Resolution: 960 * 640

    Color: 16M Colors

    Display Type: LCD capacitive touchscreen

    Connector: Clip


    Product Features & ETS Advantage


    Product Features:

    The item OEM Apple iPhone 4 Metal Middle Plate with Some Small Parts (AT&T) has the following features or includes the following component(s):

    Rear Housing, Sim Card Tray, Power Button, Volume Key, Mute Button, Charging Port Screw.

    Compared with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 Middle Plate Assembly has three black lines while iPhone 4S middle plate owns four black lines on both sides. The position of iPhone 4 mute button and volume button is higher than that of iPhone 4S. Both iPhone 4S Middle Plate's right side of camera hole and left side of earphone jack hole have the plastic gasket. What else, compared with iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4 Middle Plate body has one more bigger round hole, and you can see a square rear camera hole on the top position of iPhone 4 Middle Plate.


    ETS Advantage:

    ETS maintains the most comprehensive inventoried product line in the Global Wireless repair parts marketplace. We have close contact to OEM manufacturer agents so as to guarantee a competitive price and the best quality.

    ETrade Supply has established the ISO9001 certified QC procedure. For each iPhone 4 Middle Plate with Some Small Parts(AT&T), we apply strict cosmetic inspection and functionality test process before packaging and transportation. We also invent our own super-protective packaging method to give the maximum protection to the iPhone 4 Middle Plate. Apart from this part, ETrade Supply also supply other iPhone 4 replacement parts such as iPhone 4 LCD and Digitizer Assembly.


    Purchasing & Installation Notes

    The iPhone 4 Middle Plate with Some Small Parts(AT&T) is a fragile electronic component and can be easily damaged if improperly handled during the process of repair or replacement. ETrade Supply cannot be responsible for any possible damage caused by incorrect installation. When putting a lot of iPhone 4 Middle Plate together, please try not to pile them up because too much pressure may cause damage to the Middle Plate. Also, please try to handle the repair or replacement work in dry environment without direct sunlight (the temperature should be kept between -20 ℃- to +70 ℃). Also, please keep the iPhone 4 Middle Plate away from acid, alkali or other corrosive materials.

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