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  • OEM HTC EVO Shift 4G Digitizer Touch Screen without Adhesive
  • SKU: ESHTC10092520
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    • Condition: OEM
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  • Product Description
  • HTC EVO Shift 4G Digitizer touch panel without adhesive


    Size: 3.6"

    Type of Digitizer: Capacitive    

    Color: Black

    Origin: Taiwan

    Type of Connector: Plug-in


    Product Features and ETS Advantages:

    Product features:

    Although the HTC EVO 4G Digitizer sports a larger touch screen (4.3") than the EVO Shift 4G ( 3.6"), only the Shift model comes manufactured with an integrated circuit (IC).

    ETS Advantage:

    All of the HTC EVO Shift 4G Touch Screens supplied by Etradesupply are directly ordered from the OEM manufacturer.  In addition, we employ a strict Quality Control assessment to guarantee full unit functionality, proper appearance, and consumer satisfaction


    Purchasing and Installation Notes:

    Purchasing notes:

    We supply two versions of the HTC EVO Shift 4G Digitizer: (1) OEM Brand New, and (2) OEM Reclaimed. The OEM Brand New digitizers are of excellent quality; a result of ETS's and the OEM’s strict Quality Control process. However, while being more economical, the lifespan of the OEM Reclaimed EVO Shift 4G Digitizer touch screen units is significantly shorter than OEM Brand New.

    Installation Notes:

    During installation, handle the flex cable ribbon as gently as possible to avoid damaging or breaking the unit.

    Protect the integrated circuit (IC) on the touch screen with static tape during storage and transportation to avoid damage or short-circuiting


  • Purchasing & Installation Notes
  • This is a video about how to take apart / tear down HTC EVO Shift  4G.

    Please get the tools ready before taking apart HTC EVO Shift 4G: Tweezers, Safe Open Pry Tool, Small Phillips Screwdriver and Plum Flower Screwdriver.

    Step One: Put off the battery door and battery, and then remove 4 screws and the D side housing.

    Step Two: Remove 2 screws and open the connector in motherboard. Remove the motherboard, and then Remove 8 screws with Small Phillips Screwdriver and the keypad.

    Step Three: Remove 2 screws, the upper and lower side rail. Use Small Phillips Screwdriver to remove 2 screws, and then open and pull off the slide rail.

    Step Four: Open the yellow adhesive tape, the connector and remove the mother board flex cable ribbon. And then use the Safe Open Pry Tool to remove the LCD screen.

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