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  • OEM Google Nexus One Digitizer Touch Screen
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  • OEM Google Nexus One Digitizer Touch Screen


    Size: 3.7 inches    

    Type: capacitive

    Product Features & ETS Advantage

    Product Features:

    The Google Nexus One digitizer touch screen(also called the Google G5)shares the same technology with the HTC Droid Eris digitizer and HTC Evo 4G digitizer. For all the three touch screens the digitizer and glass lens are factory adhered together as a unit that can not be separated manually.

    The Google nexus one digitizer touch screen feels a little thick and solid in hand. Still it is quite necessary to make it “thicker” by putting a protective film on the glass lens in order to prevent scratches.

    The Google nexus one digitizer touch screen comes with four navigation icons corresponding to four touch keys. With the four icons, the touch screen seems to be enlarged.

    ETS Advantage:

    ETrade Supply has established the ISO9001 certified QC procedure. For each Google Nexus One digitizer touch screen, we apply strict cosmetic inspection and functionality test process before packaging and transportation.  We also invent our own Super-protective Packaging method to give the maximum protection to the Nexus One Digitizer Touch Screen.


    Purchasing & Installation Notes:

    The Google Nexus One digitizer does not come with the adhesive thus it is quite easy to install the digitizer. However, note that when installing the nexus one touch screen to the front cover, try to press evenly and slightly when one needs to press the touch screen to fasten it with the front cover. The touch screen may be easily damaged if over-pressed.

    For the Google nexus one touch screen and almost every other capacitive touch screen, their flex cable ribbons all feature a piece of IC that can be easily damaged by static. So try not to touch the IC during installation.

    Note that during installation the Google Nexus One Flex Cable Ribbon is to be bent twice. When one adhere the LCD and the touch screen to the front cover, the ribbon has to be bent from the bottom. And when one installs the LCD to the motherboard, the digitizer ribbon has to be bent so as to be fastened to the port on the motherboard. Handle carefully when bending the ribbon. 

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