How to Fix the iPhone 5S/5 Wifi Problems

Given what Apple iPhone lineups have done to represent innovation and advancement, you probably assume that the Apple's newest flagship iPhone 5S with iOS 7 would be perfect without any problems. But you'd be wrong. The iPhone 5S inevitably encounters the Wifi problem as its predecessor - the iPhone 5. Many iPhone users reported they experienced some Wi-Fi issues for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 or 4S: the greyed out Wi-Fi switch, inability to locate or connect to WiFi network, the Wi-Fi signal dropped suddenly or difficulty to access the Internet after connecting to the network. If you come across these Wifi issues, you can learn from the following troubleshootings to fix the iPhone 5S/5 Wi-Fi problems.


How to Fix the Greyed Out Wi-Fi Switch Problem

The problem that Wi-Fi button is greyed out or dim is the most common for iPhone 4S. But some iPhone 5 owners have experienced this issue too. When iPhone 5 suffers a grayed out Wi-Fi switch, it is very hard for users to find the "Wi-Fi Address" under Settings General > About. The disabled iPhone Wi-Fi switch issue may be caused by the iOS or the firmware version.


You can update the iOS to the latest version to fix the disabled iPhone 5 Wi-Fi switch issue. But if you don't want to upgrade the iOS, you can try the following solution first.

Go to Settings > Disable Airplane Mode > Go to General > Rest > Tap "Rest Network Settings" (Please kindly note all saved Wifi passwords, Bluetooth pairing records, VPN as well as the APN settings will be removed after this setting) > Press and hold the Sleep and Home Buttons together to restart the iPhone

If you have an iPhone 4S, and also encounter the greyed out Wifi issue on the iOS 7, you can check this article How to Fix the iPhone 4S Wifi Problems After iOS 7 Update for further information.

Solutions to the Inability to Locate or Connect WiFi on iPhone 5S/5

If your iPhone Wi-Fi button is available but you find it difficult to locate the Wifi network or connect Wifi on iPhone 5S/5, you can try the solutions below.


Locating Wifi Network: Go to Setting > Wi-Fi to choose available network, if you can't find any network, you can get close to the wireless router to try again. Or reset the network setting by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. (Please kindly note all saved Wifi passwords, Bluetooth pairing records, VPN as well as the APN settings will be removed after this setting)

Connecting to Wifi Network: Make sure the Wifi network you want to connect is available and verify the Wifi password is correct, for the passwords can be case sensitive or with special characters. If everything is fine, but you are still not able to connect the Wifi for iPhone 5S/5, you can try to fix the Wifi problem by tapping General > Rest > Reset Network Settings

How to Fix the iPhone 5S/5 Wifi Issue of Difficulty to Access the Internet

Some people complained they come across the difficulty to access the Internet even though they have already connected to the Wifi network. What can you do to resolve the Wi-Fi accessing the Internet issue?


If you want to use the public or commercial WiFi network which needs authority to access the network, you may need to log in or do the subscription.

If you are connecting the Wifi network at home, you can try other device, like computer to check if it has Internet access, if the computer does, you can reset the network settings on your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. If the computer fails to do the Internet access too, you can try to turn off the WiFi router and keep it off for several minutes, then turn on the router to try again the Wifi connection. If the wifi issue is still unresolved, you can consult with your network manufacturer to report the problem.

How to Solve the iPhone 5S/5 Signal Drops Suddenly Issue

If your iPhone drops the Wifi network, you can check if the Wifi signal strength is enough at first. The Wifi signal problem is related to the WiFi router and the ISP (Internet Service Provider), so if the signal is not strong enough, you can move close to the WiFi router to try it again. But if the Wifi signal works well, your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 still drops the Internet connection, you can try the following troubleshooting.


Go to Settings > WiFi > Tap on the arrow nearby the troubled WiFi network > Tap "Renew Lease" to check if the Wifi connection problem is solved.

If it does not work, you can tap on the "Forget this Network" instead of "Renew Lease" to fix the issue, but if you do this setting, you should reconfigure the WiFi network on your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 by setting the WiFi password.

If the dropping Wifi connection problem still exists, you can try to reset the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 network by navigating to Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Did you experience any Wifi issues on iPhone 5S or iPhone 5? Did the above-mentioned Wifi solutions help you? Let us know your comments below.

  1. BY puskar

    i have an iphone 5 my phone works well but i do have some sorts of crazy problem. My phone has extremely low wifi strength and range then other phones .What should i do ? please help me to solve this problem.

  2. BY Nageswara Rao

    I am using Apple Iphone 5 S. It is connecting wifi but only whats app and facebook applications are working, but the browser is not working. kindly suggest me settings to be made to resolve the issue

  3. BY mnj

    Nope. Didn’t fix the problem.

  4. BY priya

    hi I’m able to access the network but the same network cannot be accessible in my iphone5s what should i do now

  5. BY khaled najjar

    non of suggested solution work all over the net.
    i get very low signal if i get 10 feet away from modem
    also 3g gets disconnected when i start web
    sudden shut down when i punch on wifi tap
    no auto switching from wifi to 3g
    ifone 5

  6. BY Vellala

    Thank you very much . Your approach to our problem was bang on. My issue (WiFi) resolved.

  7. BY Donna Lucas

    After 18 months with no problems, my 5s stopped connecting to home wifi. Went to genius bar. Wifi CONNECTED just fine at Apple Store. Returned home and disconnected. Two desktops, two iPads and a laptop all connected to Wifi at home. Tried many recommendations from various websites, including power off phone, reset phone, forget this network, renew lease. Then talked to Apple care. Apple Care said it was an internet connection problem. Contact provider. Contacted provider, after diagnostics, internet provider said it was iphone issue. Contacted Extended warranty, they concluded it was an iphone problem and were sending a replacement (refurbished phone). Then stopped by next door neighbor and iphone connected to their wifi. Baffled, called applecare again and talked to wireless area rather than iphone area. Problem solved. After changing one setting on my time capsule router, wifi connected successfully with my iphone. No one knows why it stopped working one day. After 5 days without wifi, I am back connected. Spent nearly 6 hours on phone today with Extended warranty, ATT and Applecare.

  8. BY Kingersnr

    My5s keeps dropping out but I’ve just tried going to my wifi then onto renew lease and its seems to be holding at present

  9. BY Bamdad

    Thank you… but that was not helpful
    it still drops the connection :(

  10. BY Diane

    I have tried all of the above suggestions & my iPhone5 still either won’t connect to the Wifi or hold the connection when I finally connect. In fact, it won’t accept the Wifi password unless I am in the same room & facing the router. No other person in my home has this problem so can rule out router problem. Have same issue trying to get & hold a Wifi connection in our vacation home as well (different Wifi provider). Apple store employee unable to diagnose problem even after upgrading system. What else can I do?

  11. BY naresh kumar


  12. BY Malcolm Kemsley

    Having suffered wifi connections problems for some time I tried all of the usual fixes but none worked.
    When I could eventually connect facebook and imessages would not work.
    I solved my issue be going into the router settings and changing the default WLAN 11N Bandwidth settings from 20/40 to 20.Saved the changes.Turned imessages off and on to reactivate and now everything is working as it should.
    I hope this helps someone because I have spent hours sorting mine out.

  13. BY roshan

    wi-fi not connect in iphone 5s assembled

  14. BY Steve

    My WiFi Connection has been working fine for almost a year then suddenly not able to connect to my home network so followed this and now its working again just used my wifi password, Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Thanks very much for the info.

  15. BY john robinson

    Spent 1 hr. with Verizon and even they could not connect my I phone 5 to any of their 3 in their store WiFis and I can not connect on my home WiFi!!! Been having this problem at home for months, and tried at a Verizon store today for help, to no avail.
    Also been having trouble connecting and staying connected to blue tooth in my 2015 Buick Encore!!
    Needless to say I am not a happy camper!!!!!

    • BY john robinson

      What does your “Reply” “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean??????

      • BY john robinson

        AGAIN THE SAME “REPLY”???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. BY Linda

    Doing renew lease seems to be working.

  17. BY Ikiboyno

    Well as fact iphone is a piece of crap. True fact. After update to 8.2 cell signal is very weak , and wifi drop . I have 5c. Price is too much . U cant go back to revert to an old so like 8.0 , or so , only for a limited period of time. The OS seems to be not free, dont know what apple do , but iphone it let me a sore taste. Is worst phone i had ever . Camera only 4:3, ram only 1Gb, lack of settings in camera. I dont know what people see that much awsome to this phone.. And all i see as a solvage for problems is reset , reset this , reset that etc. Delay when u take the calls and a lot of problems using it . And most shity problem is battery. I didnt see any other phone to last that less time battery. . IF u ask help from apple the only answer u get is reset . I am done with apple. I have buyed thinkin maybe i am wrong about apple, but i was right= piece of crap . Real price = 150 dol. Nothing much.

  18. BY Anne

    Yea!!!! Thank you so much. It worked!!

  19. BY bill quigley

    well cant switch iphone 5 at all coz I don’t no the wifi password or network password 2 hours waiting for optus forget apple I give up 100 bux poorer

  20. BY Davinder

    i m a iphone 5 user
    my iphone is not connecting to the wifi which it was connected previously
    that wifi is easiely connected to other devices but in my iphone it is not connecting.
    pls tell me wt to do?

  21. BY Ria

    I have an iPhone 5. My phone had got wet in the rain. i have a wifi problem. It connects from near but not from far at all. The connection goes when I move far of the place. All the names of the wifi does not come at all.

  22. BY Amy

    I have an iPhone 5 and the wifi slider and emblem are both grayed out and I am unable to turn them on. I can not connect to wifi at all but I can still receive calls and texts. I have tried every trouble shoot option out there and the software is up to date. The at&t store doesn’t know what to do and I can’t even speak to an apple tech without paying $30 and then an additional $200 if it needs to be serviced.

    Can anyone help?

  23. BY Sonny

    On my iPhone 5s running on 8.1, My General–> About shows Wifi as NA,

    I tried everything below multiple times
    Reset network settings
    Turned on/off location services wifi, LTE etc.,
    Restored my phone to factory original settings
    even used the 15 mins freezer method
    Heated the phone with a heat gun slightly

    The wifi says NA and is greyed out to to turn on…

    Can anyone please, please tell me if its a hardware problem and/or point me to something to correct it myself..obviously, I don’t want to go spend 200 with Apple’s “so called” genius personnel.

    Thank you

  24. BY TidalWave

    Hi. I use iphone 5s with ios 8.1.0. Wifi works for everything but not for instagram. I cannot use instagram while i use wifi. Instagram works only on cellular data. How to fix it???

  25. BY bobby

    this did not help, i am not able to access this site afer, please email me anymore help

  26. BY Cathleen

    I fixed the problem with this advice ! I am extremely happy to find this site. Was quick and easy. Thank you!

  27. BY Anwar

    I use iphone 5s.. I got a problem with my wifi.. What i figure out was my iphone cant be far away from the with modem.. I tested my laptop, my friend’s galaxy s3 with the same distance with my iphone and it seems that they have no problem with connecting to the wifi.. I am very dissapointed because i am a big fan of apple product.. This is really annoyed because i invested my money but such problem occur to my iphone.. Other than that, i love the smooth screen and fast responding of iphone.. I really hope apple would improve more on such problem so that apple user will never change their mind to use other product after this..

  28. BY Peter Roekehof

    I have a iPhone 5s. I’ve tried all the above solutions. It happened after the update. You would think a big company (apple) would come up with a fix. If it was my company some heads would roll. Thanks a lot LOL

  29. BY Colleen

    I have the IPhone 5S. We have Wifi at work, and I have the password, however, my phone is telling me it’s not good. How do I get around that? Please!!

  30. BY Rahul


  31. BY Anonymous

    I too have been having issue with iphone 5s of recent.Even though I have reset the network settings and the modem my iphone will continually drop the wifi connection even though im sitting right next to it. Never had an issue until the latest update.

  32. BY houssem

    i have an iphone 5s the wifi works and receives data for about 1 minut than it stops receving data even thow am connected to the wifi network i have to turn it off and on again am going crazy i tride the reset didnt work am thinging of restoring hope its helps me
    does anyone have an answer to this prblm

  33. BY Amy

    I solve my problem, thank you!

  34. BY Ashwani