Solutions to Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems

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Nothing is perfect. So does the Samsung Galaxy S4. Although the Galaxy S4 has got into the public’s good graces since released, some common problems are also accompanied according to the complaints from the S4 owners. If you have encountered these listed software problems, hope the following solutions could give you answers. But if you have met the hardware issues on your Galaxy S4 and need to repair its broken parts, ETrade Supply is always your best place to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 replacement parts.

  Galaxy S4 Battery Drain Issue

Many new Galaxy S4 owners would complain the 2600mAh battery is not enough to keep the phone charged the entire day because of the rapid battery drain for the 5.0-inch display and many other smart features of the device. In fact, the default settings were to blame. Samsung enabled all the smart features to be available in order to make the device as attractive as possible when the users do the test for the first time. Therefore, the remedy to this problem is to choose the settings you need and disable the ones that you don’t use.


1. Disable Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. if you are not using.

2. Turn the Power Saving Model on.

3. Adjust screen brightness to a low level, and reduce your screen timeout duration.

 Wi-Fi Network Connection Problem

Lots of owners reported that their GS4 can’t connect to Wi-Fi, and found the connecting speed is very slow or the connection keeps dropping. All these issues could be caused by the hardware, the software, the setting, etc. which are complicate.


1. If you are using a D-Link router, you could solve this problem temporarily by reconnecting your Galaxy S4 and the router again.

2. If the hardwares are OK, then you can try the following steps.

1) Settings => Connections and tap Wi-Fi. Then tap Menu and make sure Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always.

2) Or turn off Wi-Fi power save mode on your S4. Type *#0011# on the phone dialer, then Menu => Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi power save mode to Off.

3) Or change your router settings to 802.11 model

•  Galaxy S4 Insufficient Storage

It’s normal that if you found the storage of your 16GB Galaxy S4 is only left 9.15GB after you got the device. The reason is that the operating system and the preloaded apps have taken up the rest of the storage.


1. Disable the apps that you don’t use. But be careful not to disable the native functions and features. You’d better follow these steps. Settings => More Tab => Applications Manager => All Tab => Find Apps to Disable => Tap Disable button.

2. Buy a microSD card. However, some apps can’t be installed to a microSD card. The good news is that Samsung has already rolled out an update that enables users to move apps to SD card, which should solve this lack of storage problem.

  Smart Features Problem

Galaxy S4 was advertised with the highlights of smart scroll, smart pause, smart stay, etc. However, many owners complain that these features don’t work for them. Does this mean the Galaxy S4 smart features don’t live up its reputation as advertised? Probably not.


1. Make sure you turn on in Setting => My Device => Smart Screen

2. Make sure the light is sufficiently bright for your S4 to see you.

  Galaxy S4 Lag Issue

You can’t accept the fact that Samsung’s flagship smartphone lags often without apparent reason. However, according to the developers, this is the new feature of Galaxy S4 -- S Lag, which was caused by bloatware that caused TouchWiz to freeze sometimes.


1. Settings => More => Application Manager => All => Tap Apps One by One => Disable

2. Settings => My Device => Lock Screen, then tap Unlock Effect and change it to None

3. If the home button lags, you have to double press the Home Button to launch S Voice, then press the Menu key and choose Settings to uncheck Open Via the Home Key.

If you have met other S4 problems rather than the above mentioned, leave your comments. We’ll do our utmost to help you.

  1. BY mhy

    I have a samsung galaxy s4 i have recently updated the software to the new lollipop but watsapp messages are showing a preview of it on my screen and i hate that especially when someone is using my phone thy are able to see part of the messages. I want the notifaction bit but dont want it to show part of the message on my screen please how do i turn it off?? I have tried to find ways but I coudn’t find it. It really annoys me. I would appreciate if somebody could help me with this matter.

  2. BY sophie

    i am having trouble with my s4 mini its got text speak on so i can type and when i go to turn it of in the settings its restarts it self ..this is happening evey time i have tryed resetting the phone and still no luck is there any advise u can give me on what else to try befor i throw the thing at a wall

  3. BY Jason P

    I lately have been having lag issues with sending text messages. I have cleared all texts on the device and I have even cleared the cache partition. Still the same issue persists. Please help… it takes over 30 minutes and up to 8+ hours for text messages to send/receive

  4. BY Taslimah

    I have an s4 I am having problem with the home button and the other button, return button and setting button. These three button are not working.i can’t understand what is going on with my phone. Please I need some help.
    Thank you

  5. BY Greg

    I sometimes have to use my phone as a hotspot for VPN connections. It works amazingly well and is very stable…until I get a phone call. it breaks my VPN connection and is very disruptive. Is there some what to prevent this?
    Appreciate any comments

    • BY Wesley

      The only way to prevent this is to be connected to a WiFi connection. If your surfing over 3g with a vpn for example both the 3g and your cell signal are one in the same, and it is like those old dial up connections. If your surfing the web on a dial up connection and someone answers the phone or makes a call you lose connection because both signals are going through the one cable; exactly the same as with your phone.

  6. BY Narayana Rao

    My S4 goes back to Home screen or reboots suddenly when I am viewing e-mails/internet/other applications like facebook/whatsup etc. This is happening for last one month only and before that I have not downloaded any new applications nor updations of software. May advise how to resolve this issue. Thanks in anticipation.

  7. BY Roy:)

    Thanks for your solutions But Nothing worked here. My Samsung GT-1905 has been shutting off frequently. I tried to replace another battery and try. But still can’t. When I put the battery on my phone, the Samsung galaxy S4 logo is there for a few seconds and just went blank!

  8. BY deo lubega

    Add a comment…nice it worked

  9. BY Khalil

    Hi everyone;
    I’ve Samsung galaxy S4 i9505 with android 4.4.2;
    Having problem with wifi, every time i restart or turn off wifi my all wifi connections saved are lost and i’ve to connect and save them again.
    i’ve tried mostly solutions given on different sites but in-vain. Also wifi working is too slow and it drops the connection as 2-signals are remaining whereas on same distant other phones are working.

  10. BY bijay kc

    mobile tower doesn’t work when it is locked

  11. BY Carol Wiliams

    I keep losing my google account and I have to log back in. My phone is 1 month old and the google account has dropped out at least 6 time in that short time.
    Also occasionally I get a flashing blue light. Don’t know what that means either.
    Please can you help. I have a Samsung Galaxt S4 i9500.


    Carol Williams

  12. BY sharron

    My samsung s4 keeps moving to sound when i put it on vibrate i never had this problem with the s3

  13. BY rose

    my texts are no longer staggered….all incoming are together and all outgoing are together….this is very annoying..when I get an incoming text I have to search for it…can someone help me out. I tried to get help from Samsung online chat but I keep getting cut off befpre I get a solution

  14. BY MAK

    upon activating Smart Network Switch, I am unable to de-select the same and I am unable to switch on fully WIFI application with gree tab brightly on.

  15. BY timbit

    ive had my s4 for about 6 months now and it started doing this yesterday where my screen would go black but I could use my phone like nothing else was wrong it turned back on after work two days ago so I thought it was ok then it did it again last night but this time my screen didn’t come back I need my phone anyone help???

  16. BY howdi4

    when I press the phone button in my Chrysler and say “call anyone”, it rings that persons phone once, then says “call complete” and disconnects. I am using a Galaxy S4 on Verizon’s network.

  17. BY robilee

    My problem is with the WiFi. I want to turn it off to save battery. I swipe the screen down, long press the WiFi icon, move the switch to OFF. Then a few minutes later it has turned itself on. Is an app doing this? I have downloaded several. Once it stayed OFF but was not really off. It was doing that not grey but not green thing with a message that it was turning on for days. I had to reboot to get it to stop but now I again can’t get it to stay OFF. Any suggestions?

  18. BY Zee


    I’ve Samsun g S4 mini for over a 6 months but there are few problems I’m facing.

    1)How I can save photos from a browser, for example If I search any photos through google how I can save into my phone, I tried left menu button but its just gives me option of sharing etc but no option to save.

    2)I’ve email account in my s4 mini the other issue I cant see my older emails like emails from couple of days , its always shows me couple of latest emails and that’s it I cant even search old emails If I try it doesn’t come up with anything?

    Please help !!!!