How to Identify the Original and Fake Cellphone Battery

Smartphones with special features have attracted plenty of customers. However, those features usually render the fast battery drains, which results in abundant complaints about the bad battery performances among cellphone owners. This battery problem can be solved by preparing a new backup battery if you have a handset with a removable battery. What's worse, the reports about cellphone exploding have risen recently. These exploding issues have become the main concern among the smartphone users. The exploding may be caused by a faulty battery. It is essential to adopt an Original cellphone battery to better guarantee the safety. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire the knowledge of identifying an original battery when you need to replace the old battery or prepare a spare battery.

Taking the Galaxy S3 battery as an example, we are here to teach users how to identify the original and fake battery.

It is easy to tell the original and fake batteries following the tutorial below.

Step 1

Check the battery box.

The packing box of an original battery is in good quality and can better protect the battery. Colors as well as letters on the box appear natural.

Samsung cellphone battery boxOriginal Samsung Galaxy S3 Box Front Side

Step 2

Check the date of manufacture.

Compare the date of manufacture between battery box and battery body. For original battery, the date of manufacture printed on the battery body is the same as the date on the box.

 galaxy battery date of manufature

 Step 3

Inspect the NFC connector

You can see the internal NFC connector after tearing down the battery paper.

 Galaxy S3 battery with NFC connector

After ripping down the paper, you can find the NFC chip of a genuine battery is wrapped well. The battery surface feels plain.
The NFC chip of a faulty battery is uncovered with glue print. The battery surface feels protruded rather than plain. Also, the fake battery does not include NFC chip and with much glue prints.

 Galaxy battery


Step 4

Check carefully the battery body and the cardboard gap

The fake battery packing looks inauthentic with rough, irregular and protruded cardboard edge, while the genuine battery packing surface appears trim and smooth.

 Galaxy S3 battery

Compare Galaxy OEM and fake battery

The gap of the original battery cardboard is very small and it appears to be plain and trim with exquisite workmanship.

The fake battery cardboard gap looks large with rough and irregular sticking workmanship.

Galaxy S3 OEm battery comparision

Step 5

Look at the battery fonts.

The OEM battery fonts are printed well with black and bold letters.

Galaxy S3 original battery

The fake battery letters look indistinct with light and thin printing.

Fake battery

Step 6

Inspect the battery foot angle.

The foot angle of an original battery features exquisite craftship with smaller edge.

The foot angle of a fake battery seems to be larger with rough workmanship.

Galaxy battery comparision

These above-mentioned tips of identifying the Galaxy S3 battery are also helpful for other smartphone users. Although many smartphone models are available in the market, like the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S4 or the HTC one, the methods of distinguishing their genuine batteries are similar.



  1. Very well shared! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the info.

  3. Also the OEM battery weighs 39 grams, the fakes usually less!

  4. Thank U for info.
    The “manufacturing date” point helped me to detect the duplicate battery and get my money back from dat cheap shop

  5. I love about all these kinds of smartphones. Its just that, in terms of
    battery, I am more cautious. I want a phone where the battery is next to
    its priority. Just this recent, I bought new battery (from Amazon which
    is the Replacement Battery For Samsung Galaxy S3, 2100mAh Li-ion
    Battery by Procizion (No NFC) for my S3 and due to weird battery
    problems I’ve encounter. But as a whole, phones like these are the ones
    that needs to be given a fair review.

  6. Pls, I need original samsung battry and charger for my phone. Samsung Model S3 mini. Model GT-19190. Fcc ID:A3LGT19190. SNN:19190GSMH. Rated:3,8v~1300mAh. I send the enquire from Nigeria, tell me how much is it and how to get them, thanks.

  7. Weight
    OEM 39g
    Fake 32g

  8. how can i check the original and fake iphone5 bettary

  9. plzz tell me fast sir

  10. anybody tell me plzz

  11. because i need 100% original iphone5 bettary brand new

  12. thank u for telling the tips for identifying the original battery and also useful and i also done it

  13. Please be advised that the information on this page is NOT correct and has been reported to Samsung UK. I complained after receiving a battery that did not have matching barcode/production dates after following this information. I then received a refund but the seller swore blindly it was original. I then purchased directly from Samsung UK, and the battery I received did NOT have matching dates. They were two weeks apart. Most likely production date on the battery and packing date on the barcode which was several weeks later! STOP MISINFORMING BUYERS!!!!

  14. Add a comment…I lake it excelent

  15. This is a wonderful piece.

  16. Another clue that a battery may not be the real deal is the price. I have a Galaxy S4 and Samsung sells the battery direct to consumer for $39.99. Retailers on eBay and Amazon are selling supposed OEM batteries “without retail packaging” for less than $10. If the price is way too cheap compared to Samsung’s price, something is wrong. I wouldn’t buy any battery not sold in original Samsung package. “Non-retail package” usually means it is a fake, mass-produced in CHINA and does not come in the original Samsung retail box. These fakes have all kinds of issues. Limited number of charge cycles and very rapid discharge. Many provide less than the mAH stated on label and don’t meet Samsung’s specs. One fake I bought for $7.95 didn’t have the NFC chip even though the label on the battery claimed to have “Near Field Communication.” And seller only offered 90-day warranty. You get what you pay for. Want a battery that works just like the original in your new phone, buy it directly from Samsung. You may be very disappointed if you have to buy a new replacement every 3 months.

  17. i have seen that in the oem battery there is a black layer chip can i know the purpose of this thing.what does it do actually.

  18. As i have seen that in the oem battery there is a black layer chip stick with battery I would like to know the purpose of this layer chip thing.
    what does it do actually.

  19. It’s good info. Thank you

  20. Really helpful knowledge.. :)

  21. Nice information. I bought a cheapie Samsung battery on the web, it would not hold a charge. I used your info and determined it’s a fake. It stands to reason than a $50 battery sold for seven bucks on the ‘net would be suspect. Hey, there’s a sucker born every minute. Thanks for the education.

  22. it is helpful i like it

  23. it is helpful i like it
    dose it have effect if we tear it to see

  24. I am planning to buy a samsung cellphone or whatever that has very long battery life and can be downloaded minecraft and clash of clans without crashing etc. Please make a page where how to know when a cellphone is original and can lasts longer battery life. But thanks for the info.

  25. Where can I get a true OEM battery for my Samsung S3 galaxy cell phone?
    Thank you,

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