How to Solve the Common HTC One Problems

With a 4.7-inch 1080×1920 pixels display, a sleek aluminum body, dual frontal stereo speakers and many other highlights, HTC One sold 1.2 million units in May, doubled up compared to April. Although the sale’s numbers are still high, many HTC One owners have reported some common problems, some of which are similar to the issues seen on the Galaxy S4. We have collected the most common HTC One problems from different forums, and listed relevant solutions here.

solutions to the HTC One problems

•  HTC One Home or Back Buttons Response Issue

An owner reported in the Sprint Community that the home or back button of his new HTC One sometimes stop responding. From the owner’s point of view, this should not happen to a $500 device, but everybody knows that every smartphone has its flaws.  What you can do is to check the calibration on your phone and see if this would work. You can follow these steps:

1. Settings => Language & Keyboard => HTC Sense Input => Advanced => Calibration Tool, use a very light touch to calibrate. You might find the home and back button responding better this way.

2. Another way is to tap lock and unlock, or tap on the screen, then try the keys again. The buttons might be more responsive.

3. You can also go to Setting => Sound to turn on Vibrate Feedback to make sure you touch the buttons correctly and precisely.

•  Longer Charging Time Problem

Although HTC One has a 2,300mAh battery, some owners complains about the long charging time which can last up to four hours or longer. If this happens to your phone, then you can check out these tips.

1. If you are charging your HTC One via USB ports, then it will take longer, because USB ports are designed for file transferring and not charging.

2. Try with another HTC One charger to check if there is something wrong with your old charger.

3. Disable apps when you are charging, because the less applications that are running, the faster the phone will charge.

4. Turn the screen brightness to 0%, then it will charge faster.

•  HTC One Fast Battery Drain Issue

Besides the charging time issues, HTC One owners have also reported that HTC One batteries drains really fast. Someone posted in the Androidcentral forum that his HTC One battery drained from 10% to 2% in 30 seconds. He solved the issue by disabling the fast boot on his phone. If this does not help, then you can try the following settings.

1. Disable apps you don’t need, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc.

2. Adjust the screen brightness to a low level, and reduce the screen timeout duration.

•  HTC One Lag or Freeze Issue

If there are many apps running in the background, the HTC One might start lagging. This is a very common issue, especially to those who don’t reboot their phones daily. The solution to this might be to close the apps running in the background to optimize the device’s performance. However, if there is an unstable application, HTC One may keep freezing. Many owners reported they experienced this freezing issue after installing a new application. So the easiest way to solve this issue is to uninstall that app.

•  Low Internal Memory Problem

HTC One suffers a low internal memory, just like the Galaxy S4’s, which makes you unable to install new apps. Considering HTC One as the flagship handset, you might be disappointed with this problem. However, this is easily solvable with a proper management of files and apps.

1. Uninstall the apps that you are not using.

2. Clear the cache of large apps on your HTC One.

3. If you’re on Sprint, the carrier offers a tool to determine the amount of storage memory left in your device using the Sprint Zone application.

There are still many other HTC One issues but it is hard to list them all. So, if you have encountered any other issues that are not mentioned above, then please leave your comments below. We will do everything we can to find the best solutions for you. If you have found any other or better solutions, then please share your experiences with us.

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  1. As of 2 days ago, my HTC One doesn’t include my voice on phone calls. The mic is OK (tested with Google voice), and the speaker works as does bluetooth.

  2. Chris Maskilone| October 1, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    I just bought a brand new HTC One 801s. Everything works fine except when I am charging it I noticed the phone became very very hot. I am worried that it might explode because it is just so heated up. Now I have to switch off the phone before charging.

    Okay it may take longer to charge when there are apps running in the background but will it also cause the phone to heat up?
    Anybody experiencing the same problem? Or maybe I should take it back to the shop and ask for a refund?

    • Not necessary to take it back, it does get hot when charging and during extreme gaming… Because its made of a full metal body, it acts as heatsync for the phone.

      Its obe thing ive also noticed from my Htc one.

      • my htc one s just went off and can’t come on, when I plug it to the charger the red light comes on but when I try to turn it on using the power and volume up key it still can’t come on. Pliz help me

  3. My screen becomes unresponsive when touching some areas of the screen. I’ve tried re-calibrating the screen many time without success.

  4. Me and my sister have the htc one but her speakers including the boom sound is clear and loud, mine doesn’t sound anything like hers. Why is that and what can I do to solve the problem?

  5. Yeah well I have emailed them they haven’t got back to me as yet if you could contact them and put yourself in my shoes by saying that you and your brother or sister have the htc one and say everything else I wrote on here and then whatever they guide you through just write it on here for me that would be absolutely brilliant please.

  6. While charging my HTC ONE 801e is getting hot,not only the handset even the charger is getting hot.Is this due to the power problem as my device and charger is from USA and i am using it in INDIA.please help me to find it out.

  7. I’ve had multiple issues with my phone not ringing (though it will vibrate) and not being able to change to different ringtones for notifications. The notification tone is so loud, I would like to switch it, but no matter what I do, (stock or downloaded) it won’t change. I’ve been to Verizon multiple times for the phone not ringing, only vibrating, and they have been unable to fix the issue. It does get very hot if I’m playing a game.
    If I could count on it to ring for an incoming call, I would like the phone a lot, but this has definitely been disappointing.

    • Benjamin Okoroafor| August 12, 2014 at 6:21 am

      Hello Sally. Simply go to Settings > Power > and unselect Fast boot, then shut down or power off, wait for a few seconds and power up again. Problemo solved!

  8. my htc automatically restart

  9. I keep getting notice gmail is not sending I do receive email. It says to authenticate name and password but it won’t let me change anything.

  10. My apps close when I try and open them?

  11. I have had my HTC ONE for less than a year and the sound is rubish, as it was after about 3 months. also the charger lead falls out too easily. Not very impressed with the build qulity. The phone is very good on performance, emails, vids, photos, web etc. It is very anoying regarding my contacts list although I think Google might also be a problem there, I have multiple entries for the same contact and it doesn’t display the names the way I typed them. If I ever have the time to spare I will be going back to the shop to see what they can do.

  12. After upgrading to Kitkat, my HTC one seems to be laggy when viewing video.
    This often occur every 1 minutes or sooner. Any idea how to deal with this issue?Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Phone quit working will charge but not go pass htc screen when try to turn off turns back on

    • I am having the same problem you had with the htc one did you ever figure out the problem or did you have to go back to the store?

  14. My Htc one 802d is not even 2weeks old and it freezes and does not boot pass the htc logo what’s the matter. It’s a miracle if it goes through and it does not last the whole day until it throws it’s tantrums again

  15. I can’t install any purchased application on my htc one and i got always this message: couldn’t install on usb storage or sd card

  16. my HTC one v three home buttoms has stop working, I have tried several means but its still the same..I can not enter profile..can’t do anything only the screen is working..please help..

  17. Can anyone help me how to get my speaker phone working on my htc one mini?

  18. Omkar Kalgude| May 8, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    I’m using HTC one v ! Slowly slowly everyday I’m facing some or the other issue with my phone! First it started with the Bluetooth and WiFi button freezing at ‘Turning On’. Because of that every once in a week I had to do the Factory reset ! I took it to the service centre unlike other companies For a software update They are charging like shit! Everything they are including in that Bill Servicing too! When I’m not asking also for the servicing! 2nd problem I don’t know I just notice all of a sudden The media files don’t get read into my Music player and Gallery! And when I try setting a ringtone through some other app It shows some kind of error! After facing ALL THIS ! Finally now I’m facing the battery problem! After trying Each and everything Still my phone takes 3 hours to get fully charged and Hardly 2 hours to get drained ! I regret for buying This shit phone! :/

  19. my htc one gold home and back button light not working .
    how i can turn it on please guide me.

  20. Sherry Powell| May 18, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    My htc was charging and it froze up and just started vibrating non stop and it will not shut down.please HELP PLEASE…

  21. کالیبراسیون| May 18, 2014 at 6:07 pm

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  22. Iv had the HTC one mini for a few months now and everythings been fine with it until a couple of days ago, I took a photo using the main camera and it was fine, but when I went to take another my phone began to vibrate. Now every time I open my camera it vibrates to the extent that my camera can’t focus and all my images are blurred! If i try to focus my camera myself the vibrations become more intense and the phone sounds like its going to blow up! The front cameras fine, nothing’s happened to that it’s just the main camera! Iv restarted and reset my phone and alter all my settings and what not but nothing seems to work! Does anyone know what’s going on or what I can do to fix it? Iv got this phone for two years and need to take photos!!

    • I’m having exact same problem, do you know how to fix it yet?! I’m in need of help desperately

    • My main camera keeps vibrating every time i try to use it and i cant take photos, ive had it for only 2 days and its really beginning to annoy me because the front one is really good but i want to use the main one

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  24. Had my HTC one mini since February this year and recently has started buzzing whoever I try to use my main camera.. it’s exactly the same problem as sharnie described… Any solutions??

    • Call the company and tell them what’s wrong I have the same problem with my mini m4 I was given the option of getting it fixed or getting a new or refurbished one

  25. after recent update on my m7 htc one i am not been able to unlock my home screen because when i swipe it does not put up the keyboard to enter my password instead iam getting some kind of speak option

  26. I I have an HTC one PNO7120& cannot get it to power on. I see everything about factory resetting but how can I with it not powering up

  27. I just turned off my HTC one phone then charged it.. then, suddenly, when I want to turn it on, It just didn’t work.. What should I do? Can someone help me? :(

  28. after recent update on my m7 htc one i am not been able to unlock my home screen because when i swipe it does not put up the keyboard to enter my password instead iam getting some kind of speak option plz help me….

  29. I am using HTC ONE V since 2012. Recently i tried the software update, after all the downloads when the phone restarted it only showed a “LOADING” caption on the home screen. Please suggest what should i do inorder to access the applications to the phone. I have tried the complete software update, factory default and restarting, however the only message i recieve is google play has stopped working and HTC sense is not responding.

  30. My keyboard do not respond. What is the issue?

  31. I have had two of these sorry htc phones.the speaker failed on both of them then att the worst phone co . in the world would not make good
    on the last one they said it was out of warranty. They sold me a two year contract for my phone service but a phone with a one year warranty ,I had the first phone for 10 or 11 months then they replaced it after a 100 mile drive three times and 4 or 5 hrs of my time to get a second phone. It seems to me that second phone should also have a one year warranty but att don’t see it my way I think both phones should have the same one year warranty not over lapping warrants and they owe me a new phone and not this crappy H T C 1 that don’t work. What do you thank ? Henry Ault

  32. First, I love my HTC One(m7), this is not a rant, just sharing my issue with other HTC One users.
    One big issue that I have found is that if my phone has less than 2GB of internal storage, the phone becomes really slow, and unresponsive.
    So If your phone becomes unresponsive and sluggish, make sure you have more than 2GB of Internal storage, delete some of those movies/tv shows/music/apps and your phone will be back to its full glory.

  33. My HTC one v will not allow me to receive videos through text message MMS

  34. my htc one v iz vibrating randomly since last 12hrs….everything is working bt …vibration iz not stopping..plzz suggest me,,,..if u hv solutions for this issue..

  35. My htc one (m7) was turning off and on to the starter screen repeatedly so I hard factory reset it. Now my phone turnes on but when I swipe to unlock it, it takes me back to the htc white starter screen, then back to my homes lock screen; repeating every time I try to unlock it. Can anyone help me reslove this problem?

  36. Can someone help me out,I bought a new g c one m7 recently but as soon as I update my phone there is a problem

  37. Guys when i’m playing a game the touchscreen gets unresponsive at some points in the game in different areas of the screen , any fix for this kind of problem?

  38. I have an htc one m8 and my keyboard is so VERY sensitive that it will at times send the text before I am ready plus it also adds words and letters to my texts. Can someone anyone PLEASE help me?? I feel like throwing my phone against the wall at times but that’s not an option LOL Thanks :)

  39. My HTC s313 when switching on just show the icon for Android on the screen and remains like that,would be the problem.

  40. I am facing a problem of abnormal restart with my Htc one S

  41. After my HTC One was updated I lost 60% of my contacts, including all recent ones from my new location, job etc. It sucks! What happened? More important are they still on the phone and how to get in cntacts list. I love this phone for years now, but this hurts. Help! Thanks, Charles

  42. My htc one s went off automatically after battery got to 80%. The hardware buttom factory reset performed but still not booting and LED light also blinks when ever i place the phone on charge. Please help me out

  43. hi…i downloaded an official update 4.2.2 on my htc one x, i had no idea of battery requirements for updating as i was charging the phone on a low battery, and now the phone only comes on while charging and keeps rebooting when it gets to the white htc pleaseee

  44. i have a problem on my htc one, it can boot any longer. when i try to put on it just display htc and goes back off. help i don’t know what to do

  45. my htc automatically restart

  46. HTC One s on off switch problems

  47. my htc phone use to hang every time.
    need suggestion

  48. sir, mere pass htc desire310 duel sim sereel numer cc43kwp02265, hi jiski screen per [ UNFORTUNATELY SYSTEM UI HAS STOPPED ] OK LIKHA AA RAHA HI JO KI KISI BHI TARAH NAHI HAT RAHA HI , PLEASE AAP MUJHE SAMJHANE KI KRAPA KARE. nitin chauhan bara bazar shikohabad, mob. 9997650875,9358551948

  49. i think the phone stopped workin it charges and everything but it always stays frozen on the HTC one screen

  50. Hi, I have a HTC one V phone. I opened snapchat, but when i wanted to close the app I couldn’t. I have tried pressing the on/off button but nothing happens . I opened my phone and took out the simcard but still nothing changed. So even without a simcard in my phone, I still see the screen from snapchat (only it doens’t work). Does anyone know how to solve this problem? thanks

  51. I replaced my USB charging port/headphone jack on my HTC one m8. Now my top speaker doesn’t work.. Can’t hear a voice on the other end of the call, I have to use the speaker phone. Help!!!!

  52. i have a HTC802D mobile set
    i have a problem with its a long time ihv not use the phone he is shut down or battery drain fast immidiate
    send me its cure this problem

  53. I am getting the issue by installing new apps automatically in my HTC ONE S. And the screen is hanged for few seconds and it is working agoin automatically after resetting the phone also. When ever I turn of the Data, the problem is getting to me. If any body is having the same problem. Please let me know. I am irritating so much time while using data. I would like to through the phone in dustbin.!!!!

  54. just to say thank you too Benjamin Okoroafor i had the same problem with my htc 1 mini where no sound came out,did what you said by doing unselect Fast boot and it worked
    all the best and thanks again

  55. htc one mini i brought one year before now it stopped adobe air &measure apps unexpectdly stopped always……..and hanging always..plz make a solution

  56. my HTC calibration always hot if am operating it

  57. ssesazi Brian wyclef| October 23, 2015 at 11:08 am

    my HTC 1x heats up a few minutes as soon as I switch on my camera for a snap shot. what causes this and how can I prevent it.

  58. daryoush aghebati| November 11, 2015 at 7:23 am

    hi.please resolve my phone in online.divice don”t run

  59. my Htc One is always full internal storage?? what was happen? can any one help me to fix my phone?

  60. My htc my torch always hang if I want on it

  61. some time my phone touch doesn’t work…. so help me

  62. Sometimes when I charge my HTC one Mini it seems to shut down and the light comes on and I have to reboot ??? can you help

  63. my sprint htc one mobile while using any applications it getting over heat and any phone call came then it suddenly poweroff and automatically restart.
    how to resolve this problem plzz tell me

  64. I am facing internet browsing on my htc one m7. kindly let me know the slution that what i do. while i have also purchase enough mobile data.

  65. barb march 31 2061 time 3;00 pm| March 31, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    my htc never stays charge i charge it and it goes back down again whats wrong with it i have to charge it all the time my phone is not even a month old

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