How to Fix the iPhone 4S Wifi Problems After iOS 7 Update

A number of iPhone 4S owners these days posted their Wifi problems to Apple discussion forums or Apple’s support forums, mentioning that they encountered the grayed out Wi-Fi button or "unable to connect" message many times after they upgraded the iPhone 4S to iOS7. They complained the grey-out or dim Wi-Fi button issues only happen after the iOS 7 update. If this occurs, the Wifi option in the iPhone 4S is unavailable, so when 4S owners tap the Settings > Wi-Fi, trying to turn on the Wi-Fi, the iPhone 4S fails to respond. According to some reports, the annoying Wi-Fi problem for the iPhone 4S may be caused by the iOS 7. There are some useful solutions to fix the iPhone 4S Wi-Fi connection problem below.

solve iphone 4s wifi issues on iOS 7

Troubleshooting 1:

Turn off the airplane mode by tapping Settings > Airplane Mode, then do the network resetting by tapping Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings, and finally restart the iPhone 4S.

Note: If you reset the network setting, all recorded data will be removed, such as the Bluetooth pairing records, Wi-Fi passwords, VPN as well as the APN settings.

Troubleshooting 2:

You also can try this Wifi solution for iPhone 4S: Setting > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Note: This troubleshooting may fix the Wifi problem, but it will remove all of your preferences.

Troubleshooting 3:

If you have tried the above solutions, but still face the iPhone 4S Wifi issue, you can check if your 4S is upgraded to the newest available software. You can restore the iPhone 4S after checking the software updates in Apple iTunes.

Note: Restoring the iPhone 4S as a new phone is a slow process and it will reset your 4S to the factory setting. But you need to reload all your contacts or media information to the iPhone 4S after connecting your device to the computer.

Troubleshooting 4:

Some forums threads suggest another solution to fix the "gray out" iPhone 4S Wifi issue: placing the iPhone 4S in a refrigerator or freezer for several minutes, for they considered the 4S WiFi issue after iOS 7 update is caused by the heating issues.

Note: The lower temperature in the refrigerator or freezer may cool down the heating WiFi radio chip and will temporarily solve the WiFi problem for iPhone 4S, but the warm and cool temperature shift between the refrigerator or freezer and the room may cause the potential damage to your iPhone 4S.

Troubleshooting 5:

If the Wi-Fi switch is greyed out or dim on the iPhone 4S after you do the iOS 7 update, it may be related to the software problem rather than hardware problem. Therefore, in order to get your 4S WiFi working again, you can downgrade the previous iOS to resolve the problem for your handset.

Troubleshooting 6:

If the iPhone 4S Wifi connectivity trouble is still unable to be worked out, you can contact Apple Customer Service for the service options or visit the Apple Store for the direct solution.

If you have iPhone 5S or iPhone 5, you can check How to Fix the iPhone 5S/5 Wifi Problems. Or if you have any other Wi-Fi issues on your smartphone, let us know in the comments below.



  1. WIFI Greyed out in iOS7 iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s is a hardware issue and you need professional help. podmod de fixes the issue for 69 Euros in 20 Minutes. check the website and get it repaired.

    See podmod de for more info if issue needs to be solved.

    • ok, I have done it ALL but heat up the phone !!!!! iPhone 4S still with out wifi !! So, I said what the heck , I need my wifi or I need to get a new one and I hate contract, and more so since I waiting for the phone 6 or 6S or iPhone Air, what ever they want to call it. I go nothing to loose, so I took out the blow dryer, waved it mostly on the top back and some at the top and front top, did this for about 5 min , checking for the hot indicator scree to come on, it did, shut the phone off, placed it cool place ( room with AC ) and waited about 20, truned the phone back on, and would you know it, the wifi was WORKING, I know its not working for everyone who has don this as well, but it did for me, how long will it last , who know , will keep you posted

      • The hairdryer idea worked for me too.
        Thank you, thank you, thank you

        • Hair dryer to bring on overheating warning, turning unit off and into the refrigerator freezer for 10 minutes worked for me. Apple store said I had a hardware problem sand basically told me my option was to upgrade to a new phone. I have my wifi back AWESOME, shame on Apple.

          • yahooooooo :) thanks guys freezer works me too !!!

          • freezer worked only for a few minutes but it was very hard to connect to a network i dont know what to do with my phone

          • This week I have experienced the greyed out Wifi button for the first time. My 4S Iphone was my first iPhone that I had purchased and may be my last. The response from Apple was totally unacceptable!!!! Buy a new Iphone because they are producing bad products….REALLY??!!! I cannot believe that is the solution to an issue that they knew existed and did nothing about it. They expect us to keep purchasing a new phone every time they send out an upgrade that jams up our existing ones. What type of company does that?

            I have not tried the hair dryer solution yet but I know that I have 3 other family members who have the 4S as well and we may all soon be with another company.

          • I put mine in the freezer for 10 minutes and it worked for me. Believe it or not I don’t have a hair dryer so I couldn’t do that step but turned out I didn’t need it. Without wifi it was draining my battery and my data charges were exceeded. I only noticed this 3 days ago so don’t know how long it wasn’t working.

          • Worked perfectly

      • The hairdryer trick worked for me. My iPhone 4S has been without wifi for 3 months. Was going to upgrade to a new iPhone. Not anymore. :-)

      • Worked for me. Thanks alot!

      • yeah IKR!!!!

      • After updating my 4S to the latest OS, the wifi still didn’t work. I don’t want to get another iPhone right now because I’m waiting for the iPhone 6. So … out of desperation I tried the hairdryer/freezer approach … and it worked! It took about 6 minutes for the hairdryer to trigger the heated Temperature message. I immediately shut the iPhone off, then put it in the freezer for exactly 10 minutes. Took it out, turned it on, and I could then connect to my home wifi!

        THANK YOU!!!

      • It worked for a while for me and then went back to being grayed out. I tried to reset the wifi and that worked for a day. Now I am back to no wifi.

      • It worked for me as well! Thank you!!

    • i have also face such problem please can you help me how is. Iphone its being bad for me nowadays please if you can solve please write or reply me i am from Nepal

      • Keep ur iphone in freezer for 20 mint after shut down it ll b ok when u ll On it

        • i did 3 times hair dryer and freezer that like a playing few days and again not working so always dryer and freezer fuck apple.i know if many time like that hit and cold then will damage totally iphone 4s.really i hate

    • i have also face such problem please can you help me how is. Iphone its being bad for me nowadays please if you can solve please write or reply me i am from Nepal .

  2. had issues with iPhone 4s after upgrading to iOS 7. Consulted Apple Boards (Re: wifi greyed out after update to ios7) and found out, that 1) this is a hardware issue and 2) that a company called fixes this worldwide. Send my iPhone in and got it fixed for 29 Euro. So, there is a repair that needs to be done, it is not a mainboard issue and it costs less than all of this time consuming non fundamental suggestions we read around the net. some things just need to be repaired properly, but applestore wants to sell me a new iphone. this solution with a cheap repair is a better one. worked for me.

    • If it’s a hardware issue, then why did all of these things happen simultaneously as the iPhone 4S users upgraded to iOS 7? Why did all of them break at once with the update?

  3. I tried resetting network settings, resetting all settings, etc but nothing worked. I finally tried the blow dryer trick, then reset the network settings and IT WORKS! I’ve had wifi back for a week so far. VERY HAPPY.

  4. can someone explain what is the Dryer Trick .

    thanks in advance

    • Hi Tony,

      I had the same problem for a few months now, tried the freezer and fridge, the wifi came on for a few minutes and then greyed out .There is a website showing you the hairdryer trick, and in you tube. I tried the hairdryer trick 11 days ago, pointing the hairdryer all over the phone. Apparently a temperature warning sign should appear on the phone when it gets overheated,however the warning sign didn’t appear after 5 minutes, went ahead and put it in the freezer for 15 mins. As soon as I had the wifi working, I quickly updated the latest software, and the wifi is back, working normally. I must admit I was very nervous about using the hairdryer and it work. The important thing is to update the latest software as soon as the wifi is back on. Good Luck

    • Turn on the hair dryer and point it at the top end of your iphone or the underside of it …. for several minutes. Check the screen for a message saying its over heated and shut it down as normal …. press top button … use slide to turn it off. Let the phone cool off completely then turn it back on.

    • the hairdryer trick is; you take a hairdryer over heat your iphone 4s then you put it in the refrigerator for about 10 min then you reboot your phone and the wifi should work

  5. i have iphone 4s with 7.0.4. i have the same wifi grey out issue. how do i downgrade it?

  6. Go for Android.

  7. its 100%%%% hardware

  8. im trying to reset my iphone ,but i forget the password/////what could i do?

    • Try a hard reset by pressing the power+Home button at the same time until your phone turn off. Then let it restart back on.
      This will put your phone in DUF mode then connect it to iTunes to restore. Thanks & hope this helps. If phone doesn’t restart after turning off, just plug it to the computer & iTunes will ask you to restore. Thanks again. Hacker184nyc…

    • reset ur phone as new but you will loose all ur stuff or you could go on youtube an learn how to hack ur passcode

  9. it is NOT hardware problem. DON’T listen to people who said this because they are trying to make some money from this situation. If your wifi was working before, and stoped working after updating to IOS7, then you know where the problem is.

  10. i have iphone 4s. location accuracy is improved when wi-fi is turned on what is this problem can u give advice

    • Apple had bad coding on iOS 7, which caused the WiFi to basically die for many iPhone 4S users. It works for some users, but not many. If it hasn’t happened to you, it will soon.

  11. My wifi keeps dropping off,i use the hairdryer technique and it works for a few days then I have to do it again.Any ideas???

  12. Hi!
    I know this sound strange, but i had the same problem with my wife`s iPhone 4s. I got a tips that worked well, and that is to heat up the phone so you got a message that says that you have to turn off your phone and cool it down. When it was at normal i turned this on and both bluetooth and wifi is working again. I have not have any problems after…

  13. I have a solution. iPhone get it refregretor 10 mints and restart iPhone wifi working. NOTE. After working of wifi not off wifi 72 hors. After this u r wifi 100% working permanently.

  14. Wifi not connecting while I have a passcode on iPhone while turning off then on again while I found a temp fix is to turn off passcode lock the turn iphone back off then in and it will show up in lock screen sounds like a iOS 7 software bug

  15. anther solution of not working of wifi. 1. OFF Auto brightness and brightness full. Never auto lock.

    • Strange !
      I did the hair dryer trick, but that lasted 2 days. Now wifi was gone again. Set the brightness lower and diabled the auto adjust function…now it works again !!

      Love the apple stuff, but this is definatly a flaw on apple side.

    • Thank you so much, I was very worried about it and after reading your instruction… My phone WiFi is working awesome…. :-)

    • Susan your fix worked for me tried all the others but simply changing auto brightness and putting phone at full brightness did the trick try before you shell out money for no reasons thanks once again susan

    • My wifi stopped working and this little trick worked for me !! Turn auto brightness off. SIMPLE !! Thanks so much. I have the new 8.02. Upgrade.

  16. It’s definitely worth taking your phone into an Apple store to get it checked out. I took mine in and they gave me a replacement then and there even though it wasn’t in warranty.

    • Can you 100% prove that? Did you buy it from apple store or from another shop? I just bought an iPhone 4 2nd hand and the WiFi is gubbed since the update to 7.0.6. It’s not greyed out, I can turn it on and off, but no networks can be seen ever. I don’t know if it was working at 7.0.4 because I reset before I checked. could anybody shed some light on this?

    • LOL!!! I don’t believe it for a second… they gave you a new phone??? or they offered you a replacement after paying 200??? the later is what I was offered and what most people out of warranty get. And think about it… if Apple is offering you a phone that is worth maybe 700 for 200 as a replacement… don’t you think the have a guilty conscience? We just need to get a lawyer and start a class action. Any lawyer out there? How many unsatisfied customers would we need? Cheers!

    • Ben….which Apple Store did you go to because I did the same thing and they said it needed to be replaced but that I would have to pay $199!
      I told them that I thought they should replace it for free because even though my warranty had recently expired, the wireless function is a major aspect of the iphone and it is pretty worthless if wireless goes out. It is such a basic and major part of the functioning of the phone that they should replace it at no cost to me. This is my opinion. Either that or Apple sold me a product that lasted less than a year and a half.

      • I am currently in the same situation. Apple say they won’t fix it, 02 ( who i had a 2 year contract with ) won’t do anything, so between Apple and 02 at present. They should be replacing the phones, we all paid for these phones on our contracts over 2 years to have a phone stop working soon as you come off contract is outrageous. As you said, it is a major fault on the phone, and currently costing me a fortune as i can’t link to wifi.

  17. i tried all but nothing happend but iam affried to try the dryer or refegritor thing ?

  18. Have had the same wifi issue since I upgraded the IOS a few months passed, was living off my 3G data allowance and considering an early upgrade. But did the 7.0.6 update last night and wow wifi is back. Been up 8 hours now when previously letting it cool lasted seconds.

    Fingers crossed

  19. Sir please help my iPhone 4S wifi & Bluetooth is not working 3time also cool but Bluetooth not off & now I m also heating but not work by also reset network but not work wifi & Bluetooth please help me

  20. Take the blowdryer and hit up your iphone until you got overheat alert . Then turn off your phone and put your phone in a fridge for 8 – 10 mins . I did this for 2 times and I guess i will have to do it again . Wi fi usually works for like 2-3 weeks .

  21. My wifi just stopped working and wouldn’t let me choose the option of off or on, but after I tried the blow dryer trick it works!!! What is the reason it works now? Before trying the blow dryer trick I tried everything I could like resetting the network, updating, and so on. I’m just glad it works now. I say try it:)

  22. added the i0s7 today and now no wifi (tho that was going in an out yesterday before i added in the ios7, which is why i did it thinking it was related, plus a few other aps i had said it had to be updated or i couldn’t use them); also in middle of a text screen went blank and won’t go back on and i cannot turn my phone off; it won’t let me.
    SCREAM. Help, anybody? Reading about this hairdryer? not sure i comprehend and where is a Youtube on it that is referred to? I use my phone for business and need it up an running asap. Also, I really don’t want to loose my contacts or my photos so I am fearful that if i return it to original settings (I saw that in the feed here) that i could lose all that. anybody?

    • Carol-I have an IPhone 4S and recently my wick stopped working (wasn’t greyed out-just wouldn’t connect or recognize my home network or other networks). Apple said it wasn’t a hardware but a software problem (wanted $150 to repair it-I felt like the phone isn’t worth it to repair it and I’m not eligible for a free upgrade). I had Apple reset it back to factory like a new phone BUT prior to that I had backed it up to ICloud a couple weeks ago. After the reset I came home and hooked it up to ITunes to the computer and used the ICloud backup. I was able to restore all of my contacts. NOW the bad news is thatmy wick worked a couple of weeks and stopped working again. Yesterday I broke down and tried the blowdryer trick-so far so good but I feel it’s a temporary fix. Good luck. Hopefully before your wifi died your phone had backed it up (I must have a setting that backs it up). Good luck-hope it works-this has been very frustrating!!

    • I’ve tried everything resetting the network etc did not lose any contacts or photos but i’ve seen a suggestion to turn off the phone and remove the sim turn it back on turn wifi to see if it’s working and then reinsert the sim, might try that next but i will do a backup to laptop if that’s possible or write down all the things i don’t want to lose and transfer the files and images i want before trying it out. The freezer /hairdryer trick seems to be working for most might try that first like you i’m relyin gon my phone for our fundraising business so i’m really reluctant to do any more damage.

      • Problem with that is 4 and 4s models don’t have the sims card.

        • What do you mean? Literally every phone with a phone number has a SIM card in it. There are Nano SIM and Micro SIM variants to the regular SIM, but every phone has one.

  23. Just tried the blowbdryer trick and wahoo it worked my wifi been off for weeks and I have tried resetting and disconnecting the battery but this does seem to have done the trick
    Thank you

  24. Tried to reset all the settings and some different ways to try to solve it without any success. And we know APPLE doesnt care about it. They dont give a shit for it.

    In Brazil they said I must to buy another one! WHAT???

  25. Trouble shooting option number one worked for me 2014-03-16

  26. I have same wifi connectivity problem in 4s its bullshit phone i am tired of it

  27. Have had the same issue with my wifes 4s. Wifi greyed out straight after updating to iOS7. It did come on for a week about a week after updating but lasted only 3 days. Had the wifi aerial changed and that kept the wifi on for 2 hours

    It came on again just the other day and worked for 2 days. When it went out again the wife told me the top right hand corner was quite hot, this is where the wifi chip/aerial is. I told her to put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Boom wifi working again. This lasted a week and 8 minutes in the freezer and it’s working again. This is madness but at least this seems to fix the issue albeit temporarily. This is no hoax. We had tried everything. I have dubbed the phone the New Apple iPhone 4F … for freezer.

  28. Hair dryer trick does work

  29. Option one worked for me. Thanks a lot.

  30. Did everything, reset fone, updated to ios7.1, reset network settings, blow dryer trick, and nothing! then dissassembled wifi antenna and reassembled and now it works fine! Combination of all the above worked for me i guess..

  31. Hi all!
    Apple does not want to recognize this a iOS issue. Knowing them they will eventually fix it, but till then… Can we have a survey of how long the blow dryer trick worked? any other problems after the heating?
    I still think a action class is an option: any lawyers interested?


  32. All I do but still not working even I visit to apple stroe they said all have a same prb in iPhone 4s ofter a ios7 update ! They can’t even fixed I’m to tired !

  33. The hair dryer trick worked for me. Tried it a few days ago and wifi has been working every since. Thanks for the advice everyone.

  34. After upgrading iOS 7 on my iPhone 4S, the wifi is not working. It cannot detect any wifi nor am I able to enable wifi under settings. Is there a way for me to fix this?
    iPhone 4S, iOS 7

  35. Freezer works!!!!! I love it! I was so afride to do it. When happend to me first time I send my iphon back to apple. I recive back after 2 weeks and my wi fi works only for 2 days and happend again :( very disappointed. I try everything. All updates but nothing really help so I decited to trust u people and I did it!!! Freezer works! Thanks very much I’m so happy got my wi fi back!!!! :)

  36. We were just outside our 1 year warranty but Apple gave us 2 new ones anyway – this happened to BOTH of my daughters’ iPhones. The hairdryer/freezer worked for one of them for a few days.

    Question for everyone – have you seen this issue on iPads? I need to upgrade my IOS for some apps I want but I’m afraid to upgrade it…

  37. i think iphone 4s are fish…always in freezer..

  38. What I did?? restore the iphone to 7.1, after that I did a hard reset to my router (TPLINK) for pass the password, then i when to wifi option and connect to my reset network, it work greats, after that i did change the password not my network an set on both mac and iphone and its done. ……. Good Luck!!!!!!!!

  39. WiFi on Apple 4s stopped connecting. Read above fix suggestions. Placed (off) phone in freezer for 6-minutes (no hair dryer used. When restarted it took a little longer than usual; but, it worked. Who knows how long…

  40. Freezer works!!!!! I love it! I was so afride to do it. . I try everything. All updates but nothing really help so i do it and it works . thanksssssssssssssss.

  41. Nice post. I had been checking consistently this web site and i am fascinated! Very useful facts especially the last portion :) My spouse and i cope with similarly info a good deal. I became searching for this type of info for any really extended moment. Thank you and greatest of luck.

  42. Thank you for the hair dryer and Ref. freezer trick advice it works to my iphone 4s. My wifi and bluetooth works again.

  43. I tried the Freezer for 10min. Yuppy Wi fi working don’t know for how long,Only problem i don’t know how many times one can do this as moist in Phone is a No! No! Apple needs to take reckon problem take responsibility and sort all iPhone 4s out. But ja freezer work for me.

  44. The WiFi on my 4S (7.1 OS, 32G) doesn’t work. I’ve tried just about every possible trouble shoot I can find. The hair dryer / freezer trouble shoot works, but only restored my wifi for a few hours…I did this several times with very limited success….I can get the WiFi to work, but it wont connect. Funny thing is that when the Wifi icon is completely greyed my phone runs slower, so at least when I can get the Wifi un-greyed, it wont connect but it runs at normal speed. It’s frustrating.

  45. iPhone 4 or 4s/ iPad .
    1. Set airport mode on
    2. Reset network settings.
    3. Let iPhone / iPad reboots.
    4. Tap messages .
    5. Wait until it prompts with all wifi networks available.
    6. Select the one you prefer.

  46. It looked so funy when I was doing the hair dryer trick but thankGod it worked :)

  47. Muhammad Arifin| April 11, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    I tried it and my wifi is back on my iphone 4s :D

  48. OMG!!! It really worked for me!!! Thanks for this!! After a long time of no wifi,, BOOM!! Magic!!! Thanks to the freezer magic!!!!!!

  49. Gayatri’s recommendation seems working.. At least for the last a few hours.
    Steps I’ve applied :
    1. set airplane mode ON
    2. reset Network Settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings)
    3. Wait iPhone for restart
    4. check Wi-Fi (Settings > Wi-Fi) if available (for enabling..)
    6. after connecting a wifi network unlock SIM for normal GSm operation
    good luck..

  50. Update :
    Unfortunately, when you lost your connection to set wifi network once due to range, same story begins.. At least, we may conclude that this is a software issue in my case, rather than hardware. No surprise, Apple is NOT a software company.. Hope they fix this sometime.

  51. At the Apple store after being told to buy another phone from my carrier or take it into the store….. No help there. You will be out of luck if you don’t have a warranty. The apple folks are explaining that there is a hardware problem with the I4s with the internal antenna. My phone is only one year and four months old which brings it out of warranty. What a waste of money !!!! I was already skeptical about THE BIG APPLE product….. THEY WILL NEVER GET MY MONEY AGAIN…..

  52. appleuser4.3yrs| April 17, 2014 at 12:53 am

    Lets stop whinning! Once and for all lets sue iphone for this messed they gve us.or iphone must address the issue for the sake of its costumers.

  53. upfdate to ios 7.1. have bag, to solve it you need to frozen iphone for 5 min., then restart, after that it will work ok

  54. hello I have a problem in my iphone 4s wifi not available

  55. Just others do not waste their time at Apple Store. Took 4S to Apple store in Barton Creek Mall here in Austin and they ‘had never heard of this problem before’. Their only help was to offer me a refurb unit for $200. All this after waiting over an hour for a ‘genius’ and then 30 minutes of diddling with obvious button poking.

    Don’t waste your time at Apple store and do not buy another Apple product. Design and software malfunction and no help.

    Will now try the hairdryer solution, which none of us should have to resort to if the company were creditable. Poor engineering and production and testing.

  56. Well i too have a problem with no wifi,+unbeknown to me hiked price in monthly payment plan & apple store employee telling me as phone is a year & 3months old out of warranty & have to pay for them to look at it! Tried resetting etc is the hair dryer trick genuine? im not very technical & dont want to totally loose contacts photos etc. if goes wrong. PLEASE ADVICE. Fee

  57. Do not expect apple to help out with this. I just went through the help desk and was told I needed to go to the apple store. When I got there I was told that this is not a “known” issue, an that I would have to pay 199.00 to replace the phone. Totally dissatisfied and now want to throw out this phone and get an android or someone else’s product

  58. Hi my friends at Apple – Fix this already -

  59. Been to apple store, opened phone showed greyed out wifi & they want me to buy new handset. My carrier has proof it been since upgrade but apple wont accept this as their upgrade problem! HELP

  60. My issue just started today, been away on vacation for a week, no phone signal at all (pretty awesome actually), so had my phone on FlightMode all week to conserve battery (amazing how long it lasts without all the cr@p turned on!), just today, i noticed that it wasn’t connecting to the Wi-Fi, been restarting it all afternoon, but no to no avail. Just tried the freezer thing, can’t believe it works!! Managed to get hooked up to Wi-Fi long enough to download the update to 7.1.1, hopefully that’ll resolve the issue.

    I know people above have said that it’s not a hardware issue, but surely there’s some hardware issue in there, software doesn’t change its behaviour when subjected to heat/cold?? And before anyone accuses me of it, I’m not trying to make any money out of repairs!!

  61. Spoke too soon! Restarted after the update, and no Wi-Fi again!

  62. Version 7.1.1 has nothing but problems with WiFi and Bluetooth. Read the net comments and decided after many restores that did not hold and work that as my phone 4s is out of contract I would do the hair dyer pill the heat warning appeared and then turn off the phone and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then Allowed it to come to room temperature and WOOO HOOOO. It works and 12 hours later still working and from other posts I expect the problem is solved!!!!!

  63. F*** Apple. Why can’t they see these problems coming? My theory is that it prompts some people to buy new products. Commercial genius from a company that was once run by a ‘man for the people’.

  64. window air conditioning| April 28, 2014 at 5:24 am

    Were a bunch involving volunteers plus starting a new scheme in our area. Your website provided us helpful information to function for. You’ve done some sort of strong practice as well as your complete community might be pleased back.

  65. Hi,
    i too same problem with ios 7.1.1 . i tried the hair dryer way. thank god its working hope it won’t give problem.
    1) i make use hairdryer at the headphone jack for 3-4 minutes i didn’t get any indication it is over temperator or something. i stop it and switch off the iphone
    2) keep in freezer by keep it in one plastic cover for 10min then i switch now its working fine

  66. Ios 7.0
    my i phone 4s was fall in the water some days flowing application is not working \net working camera WiFi torch side batten volume on off and LCD in center Poisson touch not working but after some days it is working one by one
    I do all resetting many time still WIFI side volume batten and LCD in center position not working

    please tell me some ideas


  67. Hair dryer worked, Apple, you suck

  68. iPhone 4s, no wifi connection (button was green and could be turned on/off but could not see any networks.) I tried all the software options – airplane mode, network resets, etc. and they did not work. Apple store said its a hardware problem, $200 for replacement. Did the blow dryer freezer thing and got wifi back, had to redo 4 days later. Suppose I will keep doing until I can get free replacement.

  69. Have iPhone 4s running iOS 7.1.1, used the hair dryer trick and it worked as stated. I have studied this problem in more detail and I think it is a combination software/hardware problem unique to the 4s. That said, I don’t think the phone is broken (too many people are having the exact same problem), at least the hardware, such as it is in the 4s. I starting having the problem with the 7.1.1 upgrade, I remember Apple saying they played with battery issues could have changed the power parameters? Anyway, for me I can reproduce the WiFi problem if I use Google Maps as a GPS. When I do, the phone gets very HOT to the touch in the back but not to the point where I get the high temperature message. Later, when the phone cools down it acts very strange, screens lock up, WiFi shows none are available when I know they are, and then I get the famous grayed out WIFi! After that, I use the hair dryer trick, that seems to fix the problem until next time I use Google maps and then I have to use the hair dryer trick all over again. For me this problem is very reproducible, I think any app that gets the phone too hot causes problem. I will not use Google maps for a while and see if the problem goes away. My Verizon contract just ended, so I think now is the time to trade in the phone on the 5S given that Apple is doing the special promotion starting May 8 for a new phone.

  70. I updated to iOS 7.1.1 and lost my wifi and bluetooth. I tried the hairdryer and freezer trick and the wifi came back on but wouldnt connect. The next day i tried again this time heating the phone for longer – almost 20 minutes but still didnt get the overheating message, was worried as the phone was very hot to touch. I then put the iPhone 4S into the fridge to cool down for 5 mins and then freezer for 15 mins. I have had wifi and bluetooth now with no problems for 5 days. Apple told me that it was a hardware issue and to replace or fix at a cost.

  71. I think i bought Iphone 4s for my freezer…it’s always there….I think i better move to north pole, where is always cold… >(

  72. I tried the overheat then freeze and it worked. I’m an electronics technician and I can explain why this worked. What most likely happened to most people with this problem is that your phone has probably overheated on a few occasions, which can cause the solder that binds the wifi chip to the board, to come loose and cause a bad connection and send the signal to ground. By heating up the phone you are actually puting the solder in to a semi-liquid form which then re-binds the chip to the board. By puting it in the freezer after overheating, you cause the solder to rapidly cool and making a solid connection again. Surface mount electronics use a low temp solder unlike the older and bulkier electronics that use a high temp solder in a slotted circuit board. So it doesn’t take much heat to losen the solder on modern electronics. If you find that your phone or any modern electronic device has this problem, you can point the finger at the protective case you use on it for not allowing proper ventilation.

  73. Wow I can’t believe this worked! I did the ISO 7 update because my apps had quit working, call apple they had me to reinstall the update still didn’t work, so I have been madd as he__ been reading all of these comments and tried it myself and made a believer out of me.I have been without wifi for over a month now, and now its working.

  74. hello every body ..
    thank’s for the admin to give us such a while to express our you know “dispointed” what can i say is i tried every process here all that work temporarly just the time to sell it to another dispointed owner ..or another heatman..or freezerman;)..
    I hate apple stuff:(
    apple can fix this issue but they will not do that downgrading our stuff i remember this problem begin with the update of the ios 6.1.3 …..blablabla with no result so try this
    1. OFF Auto brightness and brightness full. Never auto lock and reset network settings after restarting go to setting>cellular>cellular data:OFF> bellow Enable 3G:OFF>finally Go to wifi it should work.. cose it works for me I hope that helps even if to recieve some hopefull email.
    thanks every reader mowah

  75. iPhone 4s WIFI issue is a hardware issue and the chip needs to be replaced/repaired. so far, the only one that does this worldwide and permanten is

  76. I HOPE they fcking FIX the problem of iPhone 4s concerning with the firmware!! I went to the APPLE service center and told me they would replace my BRAND NEW phone, but I have to pay $273!!?! Seriously!!? So I decided to do that “trick” I saw on youtube and tried to fix it at my own risk. I used the HAIR DRYER for heating up my iPhone then put it in a FREEZER. It may sound silly, but it worked for me!! –> I regret updating my ios to 7.1.1 version

  77. My daughter’s wifi stopped working after the OS7 upgrade. Took me 4 months to notice after numerous texts from AT&T from excessive data usage. After trying everything (updating iTunes, iMac OS, iPhone ) still no luck. As a last resort and very skeptical, I tried the hair dryer trick. I did it as follows:
    1. Heat up the phone with a blow dryer until the warning message comes on (about 5 min.) Keep checking your phone by pressing the home screen button. I mostly blew the hot air into the earphone jack hole.
    2. Once waring come on, do a hard shut off (the off button was hot!) by pressing the off and home screen button at the same time.
    3. Put in a ziplock bag abd in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.
    4. Remove from freezer and start the phone
    5. go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
    6. After step 5 is done, turn on wifi in Settings. You all need to reenter your password if your wifi is secured.
    I was absolutely floored when it worked. Shame on you Apple for not getting out in fron t of this and instead using it to sell more phones!

    • Thanks John, was facing going to Apple to argue the toss with them – tried your fix yesterday on 4s which had been updated to 8.0.2 and so far so good. SHAME ON YOU APPLE will be checking out Samsung for the future!!

    I have this problem, I have tried EVERY SINGLE option and it’s not working! Please help
    I am getting very stressed because it is costing me alot of money to use 3G

  79. it is a hardware issue, apple will maybe help one day, but then the iphone 4s will be obsolete. went to, they fixed it for 30 bucks. works now and it is apple fault.

  80. I first tried just freezer, and that brought back wifi for 15 min or so. Then I did the full hairdryer/warning/freezer cycle, and it’s been working great for 18 hours. I’m believing it is the GPS/G-maps that causes occasional overheating that conspired with 7.1 upgrade to get me the grayed-out wifi button, but could easily be something deeper in the plumbing.

  81. i have the same problem , after i do this procedure “h d & f” everything come back to normal , the annoying thing is: i do this twice , but every time work (for 3-4 weeks) this time i try OFF Auto brightness and brightness full to see what will happen, i will come back

  82. I lived for 4 months with no wifi condition, and high data usage, every month, hmmmm. Finally, I played around and solved it this way. Put iphone 4s in airplane mode. Reset phone using top and bottom hard buttons, restart phone, let sit for 10 minutes, while software reboots. Then go to settings and turn airplane mode off, go to wifi setting window, and slide the soft button to the right, should show green. It worked for me. Must be a software glitch, right apple?

  83. I also spoke too soon. Today I have no wifi and no bluetooth for my car hands free mode. What’s going on? Guess I’ll try the heater/freezer trick. UUuugggghhhh!!!!

  84. first you download itunes and red snow then install them. then insert your usb cable on your pc and your iphone. and follow this step:
    Run the red snow and press the power button for 10 second after 10 second hold the home button for 5 seconds and release the power button. and the red snow will detect your apple software and install a new version of your software and will fix your wireless problem Thankyou:)

  85. My mom’s iPhone 4s just got its wifi not available late afternoon today. I already turned it off, tried to reset network settings and even all settings, yet nothing happened. Even the auto brightness thing. I’m afraid to try the blower & freezer because I’m afraid it won’t work. Is there anything I could do aside from these (I don’t want to ask a new handphone)? Thanks.

  86. Same problem here, same solution and it worked!!! Just 2 minutes in the dryer (maybe it wasn’t necessary), turned off, then 10 minutes in the freezer, and wi-fi is back!!! I’m now upgrading to 7.1.1 and hope it will solve permanently….I went to Apple store today and they charged me 200 freaking bucks to replace for a new…no way!!! I’d rather buy a HTC, LG, anything, but pay a dime to a problem APPLE CREATED!! So, hopefully now the problem will be fixed BUT I can’t rely on Apple anymore, they lost a customer…way to go dickheads!

  87. same wifi on problem, on my i phone 4s also. pls help to me fix that.
    thank you

  88. why doesn’t Apple help to solve this problem but leave Apple customers to use hair dryer and freezer
    to fix up the “fancy” iphone? Enough is enough! Bye bye iphone! You are so annoying.

  89. I got the dreaded Wifi greyed out issue and this worked perfectly for me:

  90. The hairdryer worked for me. I had been out in the sun all day before the wifi became greyed out so it may have been overheated that way. Wifi was gone all the next day, heated it up with the hairdryer, got the warning message, powered it off, put in a plastic bag, into the freezer, took it out, powered up and wifi worked. Still working 3 days later so fingers crossed.

  91. Just to add to that, I was already on 7.1.1 when I had the problem.

  92. Hi, wifi has no been working since upgraded to new ios, today’s date is 21 june 2014.
    very sceptic about hair-dryer solution, tried it anyway, and as soon as i turned my phone off and then on, wifi is saying its not connected which means it just needed wifi password, went in the settings put in the password and wifi is on. Thanks everyone for their posts which makes it so more convincing, thanks once again.

  93. Andrews jayholy| June 22, 2014 at 11:10 pm

    This is my problem
    Hotspot . © 2007 – 2011 All Rights Reserved
    Best view with Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome in 1024×768 resolution.
    I used to use this wifi until I updated to iOS 7 with this same wifi

    Please someone help me

    • aditaya chauhan| August 25, 2014 at 6:27 am

      i had the same problem on my i phone 5s n ipad 1.but i got i RESOLVED.
      CHANGE ur DNS settings to for the wifi ur connected.
      it worked for me ,i hope it works for u tooo.

  94. whoever thought of this was a genius..worked perfectly :) ))

  95. problem remains unsolved.
    running 7.1.1 on iPhone 4S
    tried everything, even the dryer/freezer trick, but NO WIFI!!!
    I don’t know what to do anymore, any suggestions left???

  96. is the freezer trick also work for iphone 4s iOS 6.1.3??

  97. Have tried everything, even the dryer trick, still no wifi.
    Iphone 4s, ios 7.1.1
    any suggestions left?

  98. I don’t believe it ! IT WORKED !!! Thank-you so much. Wifi greyed out on 4S on update to 7.1.1, heat with hairdryer and then 10 mins in freezer, do a restore and BINGO. It is so obviously an Apple fault. Who on earth discovered this I wonder !!!

  99. I had the same wifi switch gray out problem.
    Earlire i kept my i phone in refregerator.
    Wifi came back to normal,but withing an hour
    Again grayed out.after that i tried hair drayer
    Untill the worning massage come that phone
    Is hot.wifi came back to normal, but only about
    A week.
    Now i am using i phone without wifi, fed up lot
    Coz i phone 4s is still good enogh.and can be used
    Unless this wifi problem did not come.

  100. I was having to same problems wifi was greyed out. Every now an again it would try to connect an fail, so I not having a hair dryer handy put my iphone on top of the wood heater until it over heated, when it cooled down enough. I reset the network setting, wifi is now alive an working well. I don’t recommend the freezer, I just left mine in a cool room for ten minutes. It’s been three days so far. :)

  101. OMG!!! the freezer trick just worked.. its bizarre… But it works.. the one who discovered this (dont know how/when/why he/she did it) is laudable!! Just hoping that my iphone works well till i shift to another good phone (of course, no more Apples in my basket).

  102. I am on an iphone 4s running ios 7.1.1 i have encountered the fabled greyed out wifi and also my bluetooth was not responding, when i would open it in the settings i would just get an infinite loading spinning thing. I tried resetting network settings, hard restarting the phone (by holding both home and power button), turning airplane mode on then resetting, putting it in the freezer, ect. in every order possible. By just putting it in the freezer the wifi and bluetooth would temporarily work for around 10 min i tried this twice producing the same effect. I was very reluctant to try using the blow dryer so i read up and found 2 main explanations as to why it will work that were convincing enough, 1 being on this forum explaining that the iphone 4 is prone to overheating causing the low melting point solder to melt then the wifi chip’s connection goes bad and by heating it up with the blow dryer it brings the solder to melting point allowing it to gain a proper connection again when the solder hardens in the freezer. the 2nd explanation was on a different forum i believe, saying that it is a software problem where the phone thinks the temperature of the wifi chip is to high so it turns it off to preserve it, this could explain why the phone temporarily regains its ability to use wifi (and/or bluetooth) when put in the freezer. this explanation said that bringing the chip to high temperatures using the blow dryer resets its temperature settings so it no longer thinks its overheating when its really not. aaaaaanyway i tried the dryer twice. the first time i got no result but the second time i focused the dryer towards the top right of the phone (screen up) because this is where the chip is located. I did not get a overheat warning the second time but i had kept the screen turned on while heating it up and the screen began to go black so i stopped and the screen returned to normal quickly then i put it in the freezer for around 5 min. i took it out nothing was different but i reset the phone by holding the power and home button right away after taking it out and when it turned back on the wifi and bluetooth were working perfectly. after about 10 min i had left the phone on the wifi screen in settings and it froze completely and i had to reset the phone again. after that its been 2.5 hours and i have had no problems at all. i have been using bluetooth to play some music for the whole 2.5 hours with no problems as well. So strangely enough the blow dryer technique for whichever of the two reasons. i would advise not to buy anything from apple, everything they do is a money grab and they make horrible quality products. if looking to get a new phone your best bet is to go android. sorry for all my typos and bad grammar this was a bit rushed and maybe overexplained but just trying to get more info out to people who need it :]

  103. Tried the hair dryer and refrigerator cool down. Wi-Fi still out. Can you redo this process more than once? I also would like to know if they have filed a class action suit against Apple? If so how do you join

  104. OMG!!! Cant believe this, but the blow dryer and deep freezer method worked, as sceptical as I was.

    I haven had wifi for almost a year, I’ve exhausted myself going from istore to istore and none of them could help me. (sad state of tech ability Apple)

  105. I also had the same problem. Finally bought a new
    I phone. Tried the blow dryer freezer fix to get wifi going
    To sell my old phone and it worked!!! I’m going to
    Wait and make sure it stays working before I sell it.
    Thanks for the info!!!
    It’s unreal that Apple Is getting away with charging so much
    For phones that last just over a year before wifi issues.
    We should start a class action suit!!!

  106. trying heat followed by cold now… Ive used this on faulty laptops in the past….

    Ill report back on success or failure in a bit….

  107. That just worked perfectly…. how long it remains to work is another story but for know its 100%

  108. heres a thought….apple should support their shoddy OS and fix it…..this is why I will never buy anything apple again….

    thank you that is all

  109. When I first heard the hairdryer thing I thought someone was joking and trying to get people to break their phones… until I read all the comments saying it worked. And I must say it actually DID WORK! I now have wifi thanks to the crazy person who thought “hey maybe I should overheat and then cool down my phone!”

  110. kumara- srilanka| July 14, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    that is the WIFI I.C problem. remove old one and replaced a new I.C.
    i did that. everything is ok now.

  111. Cannot thank the brilliant person who came up with the hair dryer/freezer trick. Worked PERFECTLY!
    Fix the probleM, ,APPLE! Could it also be a problem with the protective covers overheating the phone?

  112. OMG! This is unbelievable! I’ve been using mobile data since the iOS 7 upgrade and it was such a big waste. I use an iron instead of hairdryer. Heated a cloth and covered my iPhone with it and straightaway put my phone in a freezer. Went out from shower and turned it on, and the WiFi is alive!!! :3

  113. Wifi not working. Tried everything under the sun, then gave up and stuck the phone in the freezer for ten minutes. Bam, works. Crazy, but true. Just try it. I think the phone gets hot and turns the wifi off and gets stuck or something and the cooling flips the switch back.

  114. What if i will not use a hair dryer to over heat my phone. All i do is to put in a freezer is it gonna work? Or i have to over heat my phone first?

  115. anyone can help me ? i have tried with hair dryer and freezer but its working just for 10 min after stay same problems, i dont know what can i do….

  116. I phone is connecting to wifi but when I open any app then it is unable to connect :(
    What should I do to solve this problem

    • aditaya chauhan| August 25, 2014 at 6:26 am

      i had the same problem on my i phone 5s n ipad 1.but i got i RESOLVED.
      CHANGE ur DNS settings to for the wifi ur connected.
      it worked for me ,i hope it works for u tooo.

  117. i update my iphone 4s ios 7.1.2 it have wiifi problem what should i do plz told me

  118. Heated the phone with hair dryer, temperature symbol came up to say phone needed to cool down put it in the freezer and hey presto it worked!!!! Can’t believe it! I was quoted £140 from Apple to fix this problem! I went without my wifi for 7 months and then fixed it in 15 mons with a hair dryer and freezer!! Amazing!! Thanks for the tip! Think I’ll go back to apple store and tell them ha ha ha x

  119. Just done the hair dyer / freezer thing and it’s worked! Been with out my wifi off for 2-3 months now off and on. I have got it on by resetting method but it didn’t hold, Vodafone don’t want to know nor do apple. My problem started loading on ISO 7 just like most of you. I watch a programme called ” The Men Who Make us Spend” , it’s an amazing watch and basically shows that these companies deliberately make things to break down so that you have to buy new! Disgusting! It mentioned Apple and how they created special screws so you can’t get into the phone to repair or change battery, and that the batteries on average only last 18 months, shame on you. Due an upgrade on my phone soon, don’t think I will be staying with apple they have really let themselves down and don’t deserve any of our money and custom with this greedy, care less attitude to their customers. We should all be compensated and apologised to for this.

  120. I’m using iPhone 4S and currently my Wi Fi is not available. Wi Fi button is grated and I cannot operate it through the settings also. Currently having 7.1.2 software. I have tried all the solution of reset and all. What should I do to solve this. Pls tell me the solution.

  121. I have tried to put it in freezer for 10 minutes. Wifi worked for a while but could not search for networks and now the wifi has grayed out again. Anyone help please

  122. I just have the problem as other speakers. I am with 7.1.2 also. Does Apple know about this?

  123. tried everything and then the freezer trick and that worked :) yay

    • Hi Nikki, do you still have your wifi working after the freezer trick? I was thinking that it is not a definitive solution due to other comments here. (It just turned to grey again after a short time). What do you say? Thanks.

  124. My WIFI would not come on, so i put it in the frezer for about 5min, and as crazy as it sounds, the WIFI apears, very cool. Now my question is for how long will this last and how many times can i put it in the frezer before it realy gets damaged. Thanks

    • the answer is it lasts for few minutes. Same issue here. So sad, gonna give up on Apple, got iPad mini retina and couldn’t connect wifi, luckily solved it. Now comes the iPhone wifi greyed out. Damn Apple!

  125. I just tried the hair dryer method and it worked. I can’t believe it worked! I used the hair dryer over the top front and back of the phone. When the overheating warning came on I turned the phone off and put it in the fringe. After 10 minutes I turned it on and now it connects to wifi. I have an iPhone 4s btw. Thank you for the advice.

  126. The-Cruickshank's| August 12, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    The freezer trick !!!
    Unbelievable – It worked !!!
    Thank you to the person who found this out, and thank you to everyone before me who has tried it…
    It took a while for me to have the balls to do it, as I really didn’t want to lose my phone if something went wrong.
    But it worked….
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

  127. will resetting my iphone like it says, erase any of my pictures or co

  128. Very frustrated with not having my Wifi.Tried a lot of the fixes but finally the remove sim card, turn phone off,turn on, check for wifi, reinsert sim worked.

    Yahoo and

  129. Browdrying to freezer trick…its completely magic! Amazing

  130. i m having the same issue since long, i went to the apple custommer service they said its due the hardware problem and it cannot be fixed only the option is i have to pay them around 95% of the iphone 4s and they wil replace me with the new one…fucking apple its deir problem so they need to solve it, why r dey hurting their loyal consumers, i can’t understand..

    • aditaya chauhan| August 25, 2014 at 6:24 am

      i had the same problem on my i phone 5s n ipad 1.but i got i RESOLVED.
      CHANGE ur DNS settings to for the wifi ur connected.
      it worked for me ,i hope it works for u tooo.

  131. aditaya chauhan| August 25, 2014 at 6:23 am

    i had the same problem on my i phone 5s n ipad 1.but i got i RESOLVED.
    CHANGE ur DNS settings to for the wifi ur connected.
    it worked for me ,i hope it works for u tooo.

  132. In addition to the wifi graying out and not being allowed to turn it back on, I noticed another symptom: when powering down the iPhone 4s the phone goes through the usual shutdown routine but even when sitting unattended on a countertop. The phone turns itself back on by itself and goes through the stArtup cycle all by itself. Result: you can’t turn the phone off completely anymore and as a result it quickly loses battery charge and runs down quickly. The freezer trick works, but is only a temporary fix and has to be repeated almost daily. I also received no help from AT&T AND Apple and was told I had no warranty rights. I had to resort to “adding a line” and procuring a new handset that way. I replaced with an iPhone 5c (which I am enjoying despite the extra expense). I see from all the responses that virtually everyone with a 4s is experiencing the same problem. I believe Apple is dead wrong for not standing in back of their product when so many of their customers are experiencing the same symptom.. Obviously Apple’s fault. I want to stay with Apple products but they are making it extremely difficult and expensive to remain loyal. Can we somehow make sure this issue and these comments get wide exposure and are forwarded to the right people so a satisfactory solution can he worked out for everybody? If Apple will replace faulty batteries in iPhone 5 as they have agreed to do, can they not do the right thing and fix this 4s issue??? Please, Apple, listen to your loyal customer base. Help us!!!

  133. Well I’ll be darned… I turned my phone off, put it in a waterproof case (aquapac) and froze it… and forgot it for about an hour!

    I let it warm up very slowly and have just turned it on and WiFi is working. I’d previously done a ‘Network Reset” to no avail so it had forgotten my home network but it’s all good so far. Fingers crossed it’ll stay that way. I’ll post back here if it changes.

    • It didn’t last more than a few hours. Now trying the over-temperature trick (by playing Angry Bird in the sun) before freezing.

      • It worked but it only lasted a few hours again. I’ve seen another fix but it involves completely disassembling the phone and doing a reflow soldering job on the wifi chip.

  134. freezer worked only for a few minutes.

  135. What is blow dryer trick????

  136. hi….my iphone 4 wifi not searching any network…what i do….its 7.1.2 i0s….plz guyz help me

  137. same problem as so many commented:

    Iphone 4s cannot be connected to wifi. Does not show off any net work provider to connect. it gives a short message thus below wifi settings LOCATION ACCURACY IS IMPROVED WHEN WI FI IS TURNED ON , But cannot be turned on

  138. tried overheat and instant freezer method. connected to wifi and also bluetooth is on now.

  139. ok ! worked for me !!! hairdryer until heat sign on and then 10 mins freezer…dont know how long it will last…BUT … W O R K E D !!! THNX!

  140. Hair dryer and freezer trick does work. I’ve done it… Weird I know, but keep checking your phone after you do it because the wifi will go out again. I’ve had to do this on my sons phone 3 times. I’m not sure why it works and them goes out, I’m sure it has something to do with ios7 but Apple refused to do anything… I’m sure I’ll probably get a letter to join a class action law suit against them in the future, because apparently everyone with a 4s has had this same issue… Guess Apple wanted to make sure the lines were extra long for the new 6!!!

  141. This method worked once for me for about 3 weeks then WiFi greyed out again. Redid it and once again it worked I wonder how many times I can do this though.

  142. 4s no wifi after install os7 read put in frezzer for 10 min then I got wifi back then would stop did it again then down loaded os8 after down loading it wifi worked no more problems works like a champ .up grade to os8

  143. I’ve been doing the hair dryer/freezer trick for the past couple months and it’s getting to the point where i have to do it almost every day… i love having an iphone but this is pretty annoying. Guess it’s time to go back to android.

  144. I am sitting here trying to resolve the issue on my daughters phone and I am astounded by what I am reading here!
    Apple screws up the software, and you are seriously attempting to solve the issue by way of hair dryer and deep freezer! If I ever witnessed a scam in my life, then this is it! Loss of WiFi is a serious issue and the supplier of the recent Software Upgrade is trying to sell you the spin that it is a Hardware problem! Unbelievable! Anyway, I managed to solve the issue by resetting the connection settings.

  145. Hairdryer trick worked for me too. I was very cynical but tried everything else suggested and this was the last resort. I bought a second hand 4s for my daughter against my better judgement (im a closet apple hater!) and putting a hairdryer on it for 3 mins and putting it into the freezer solved the problem!!! OMG apple you need to get a grip!

  146. The hairdryer is only a temporary fix. The only way to fix grayed out wifi is to go in ifile and change the wifi property list file. Go to var_preferences_SystemConfiguration and find the wifi plist. Open it up with the plist viewer and turn AllowEnable on. I hope I have saved some people from a trip to the apple store.

  147. Tried the freezer trick and could turn wifi on but it could not locate anything.
    Used blow dryer then refigerator and all came back!!

  148. I have same problem I phone 4s wont connect to wifi apple should own up to faulty products and do a recall and repair with no cost to customer

  149. tried the freezer fix.

    I actually worked!


  150. Oh my.. I thought Apple’s iPhone was so great. I recently got a 4S without wifi & bluetooth. I thought there’s nothing I can do except send it for repair. I’m lucky I found this topic, tried the freezer trick and it works for a minute or two. Then I tried the hairdryer trick (it took about 5 minutes with mine) now I’m waiting it to cool down. Will report the results.

    • Well, it worked. I hope it will stay that way. Don’t want to repeat the step. For those who face the same problem, I suggest to try from software side first like resetting. If it doesn’t solve the problem, try the cooling trick. Try the hairdrying & rapid cooling as last resort. Good luck!

      For those who still don’t know how;

      You’ll need a hairdryer, a zip bag or a plastic box with cover.
      Put your phone on a table, upper side towards you.
      Do the heating from the top side of the phone until overheating warning pop-up. (turn off auto lock to make it easier to check)
      Turn off your phone immediately (don’t use your bare finger, it’ll be very hot) and put it inside the zip bag/plastic box.
      Let it cool rapidly by placing it inside a freezer.
      Wait 10-15minutes and take it out. Let it cool at room temperature before turning it on.

  151. How can i fix my iphone4s it wont move, it wont power off also lock. At first the problem is the wifi so i tried to power off it but it didint went off so i tried the hair dryer without unlocking my phone minutes after the warning thingy still didnt appear then when i checked my phone ir was stucked. I cant power off it or lock it even scroll it. It wont move. Solution pleeeaaasseee :( my mom will kill me

    • Hi, I have a solution. I was once listening to music and my phone all of a sudden switched off, it was weird. I switched it back on, and the annoying voice over was enabled and my screen was so dim. I couldn’t disable the voice over. So I connected my phone to iTunes and you know the part where it says restore iPhone etc,

    • Sorry, I accidentally submitted my last request. I was saying, so I can’t restore my iPhone as I have a greyed out phone and cannot connect to internet. So I pressed the on/off button and the home button , and iTunes recognised my phone it said something about repair mode, it basically resets ur phone from scratch, you don’t have to off find my iPhone. I suggest u do a back up. I know this issue that I have experienced is not to related to ur issue, Allyche, but I thought that the solution that I have figured out may work.

  152. I was going crazy,I bought this I phone 4s on e-bay,it is immaculate, but locked to Orange and I can’t contact the seller to get her to call Orange to unlock it for me,they won’t do it for me.
    Now I find out that the WiFi won’t work,it’s remains Grayed,SO,last resort I tried Hair dryer and Freezer,I don’t believe it,it worked,I don’t know yet how long for,but it worked,WOW!
    Any cheap suggestions for unlocking Orange phone please?

  153. The freezer thing worked to get my wifi back on.

  154. I want someone to explain to me how in the heck the brightness trick would ever work to fix wifi?

  155. Would you believe heating and freezing worked!! Thank you – how did anyone ever work that out! xx

  156. Tried the hair dryer fix first time and put in in fridge and didn’t work.Tried a second time yet put it in the freezer for 15 minutes and it worked!Also reset whole phone and updated to ios 8 and the phone phone seems to be running cooler in general.Been a few days with heavy use now and still working!

  157. How annoying…the Wi-Fi on my Iphone disappeared all of the sudden.
    Then I was thinking ”Ahh I should put it in the freezer and come back after 10-15 min” (I did that the first time it happened long time ago and it worked!)

    But this time is different. After I took it out, wait it for to cool down, Wi-Fi didn’t show up or anything.
    I’ve putting it back in the freezer two times without any success.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? The Wi-Fi button is not greyed out or anything, just the connection.

  158. I tried freezer trick. Works for not use cell phone while charging. Wifi chip is heating due to some apps.
    From Pakistan

  159. restoring the iPhone goes not work! apple just wants you to get the iPhone 6 so they can be 300-700dollars richer. but i have no choice but to get the iPhone 6!

  160. if i downgrade my phone ios6. it will fix the problem?

  161. My phone can’t sense any wifi connection even it is already on. How can i fix it? Thank you!

  162. fucking fed up still not working 4s

  163. Michaela Maguigad| March 11, 2015 at 10:02 am

    i tried all the things that are written above but still it won’t work. i don’t want to spend money just for this.

  164. really works .the freezer thing.

    • I have tried this process 3-4 times. The only problem is, in reality the wifi chip is damaged. U may think it works but it really doesn’t, trust me. I switched my phone on and the wifi icon was enabled, I was able to on and off the wifi, but the phone only recognised my ee box , I put my password and you’ll never guess what happened, it connected the wifi icon was coming on and off, so it’s basically not catching the connection properly. I tried going on safari, but it never worked, Apple should do something, this is a problem with the phone, I have noticed that my phone overheats quick. It may of worked for some, but it never worked for me, unfortunately

  165. when I update my Iphone 4 ………. Icon appear Itunes cant open anything

  166. the hair dryer work for me but it donsnt last long , even i went to repair it but the man said no grantee but it works for some days , how can i prevent the problem , i bought the phone second hand , i dont know is like that , just that i love to use the phone

  167. Nope hair dryer didnt work for me. Neither other solutions.
    wifi is still dead. it is time to buy a new iphone.

  168. First determine if iphone or router issue. After 18 months without problems my iphone stopped connecting to my home wifi. Two desktops, two iPads and one laptop continued to connect just fine. So I assumed iphone problem. Went to apple store, iphone connected to apple wifi. Genius bar said problem with router or internet provider. After returning home, iphone still did not connect to home wifi. Called Applecare-iphone rep. Problem with internet provider. Contacted Att–problem with iphone. Contacted Extended warranty on iphone-problem with iphone. Replacement being sent. Then went to next door neighbor’s home, iphone connected to their wifi. Called applecare again–after talking to iphone rep, was transferred to WIRELESS CONNECTION REP. In 10 minutes, my iphone was reconnected to wifi in my home. Problem with my Apple Time capsule router was not randomly giving out a new ip address for my iphone. No one knows why it stopped doing this. But resetting my Time Capsule by:
    Click spotlight on right corner of iMac
    Type Airport (hit return)
    Click on picture of time capsule
    Hit Edit
    Hit Network
    Should say DHCP or Nat
    Mine said Off (Bridge Mode)
    This limited random ip addresses from being authorized, therefore my iphone had no ip address to connect to router. Not sure why this is the first time problem occurred, but problem fixed with help of Applecare Wireless Connection rep. Note I spent 5 days dealing with Apple Genius Bar, Applecare, ATT and Warranty rep all convinced it was an iphone problem Did all the normal, reset network, power off, renew lease, Was able to get check mark on network, but no wifi signal in left corner. Got closer to router and got wifi signal but no access to internet. Was ready to scream. Applecare wireless solved my problem in 10 minutes. Confusions was other devices continued to access wifi in my home. Love my apple again.

  169. After updating my 4S to the latest OS 7, the wifi still didn’t work. kindly help me for solution.

  170. My wifi for iphone 4s is not working, the wifi button is unclickable and greyed out. i’ve resetted my phone.

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