How to Replace the Nexus 5 Cracked Screen

It’s well known that the Nexus 5 front glass, digitizer and LCD are fused together to the display frame. This means although you only crack one of the three parts, you have to replace the entire Nexus 5 screen. Follow our Nexus 5 disassembly and assembly videos, you can learn how to replace the Nexus 5 cracked screen yourself. You can also learn how to replace other broken parts on your Nexus 5 according to these two videos. ETrade Supply is always your prime choice to get the Nexus 5 replacement parts.  Please note the DIY repair will void the warranty of your device but may save money.

Watch the following video to find how to repair the cracked screen on your Nexus 5.

In fact, if you only need to fix the Nexus 5 cracked screen, you don’t have to disassemble some small parts as this video, like the vibrating motor on the back cover. Therefore, you can follow the step-by-step tutorial below to replace the cracked screen on your Nexus 5.

Preparation before Starting the Replacement


Small Phillips Screwdriver


Plastic Pry Tool

Case Opening Tool


New Nexus 5 Screen Assembly with frame

Nexus 5 Cracked Screen Replacement Steps

Step 1

Power the Nexus 5 off and take out the SIM card tray with eject pin.

remove the SIM card tray

Step 2

Use the case opening tool to release the clips on the back cover to separate it from the rear housing.

release the back cover

Step 3

Remove the back cover.

remove the back cover

Step 4

Once the back cover is removed, use small Phillips screwdriver to undo six screws to remove the rear housing with the plastic pry tool.

undo six screws to remove the rear housing

remove the rear housing

Note: If the new Nexus 5 screen you get includes the small components, like this Nexus 5 screen, then you only have to transfer the motherboard and battery to the new screen. And then install the rear housing and back cover. But if the new Nexus 5 screen display doesn’t include any small components, you have to continue to follow the steps below.

Step 5

Use small Phillips screwdriver to undo four screws to remove the loud speaker module.

undo four screws to remove loud speaker module

Step 6

Release the battery connector and the main flex cable connector of connecting the display, loud speaker, microphone and notification LED carefully with case opening tool.

release the battery connector and the main flex cable connector

Step 7

Lift the battery up with plastic pry tool.

lift up the battery

Step 8

Gently disconnect the the main flex cable connector, and unplug the 4G antenna cable (the white one) and 3G antenna cable (the black one) to remove them.

disconnect the connectors

Step 9

Carefully lift up the charging port flex cable with plastic pry tool. Please note the rest part is glued to the housing. Please peel it off carefully with tweezers.

lift up the charging port flex cable

peel off the rest of the charging port flex cable

Step 10

Disconnect the rear facing camera and front facing camera connectors.

disconnect the rear facing camera and front facing camera connectors

Step 11

Gently use plastic pry tool to lift the motherboard up and remove it.

remove the motherboard

Step 12

Remove the black tape, front camera, headphone jack, ear speaker, rubber gasket and rear camera from right to left carefully.

remove the rear camera, headphone jack, ear speaker, front camera and rubber gasket from the housing carefully

Step 13

Remove the power button and volume button with the help of tweezers.

remove the side buttons

Now the broken Nexus 5 screen assembly with frame is free.

Nexus 5 screen assembly with frame

You can reassemble all the components back to the new Nexus 5 replacement screen as the steps above in reverse order or as the Nexus 5 reassembly video below.

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  1. Step 1 : Power the Nexus 5 off.
    How does one power off the phone when it’s screen is non-responsive?

  2. Will the white frame and black be interchangable?

  3. While replacing the screen, the new screen has a covering in front of the proximity sensor. Be sure to remove the covering otherwise the proximity sensor will remain obstructed.

  4. eTrade has several “models” of screens. If only the screen is broken, can I buy / replace only the screen without front housing ($120) or do I need the front housing ($150 / ~$190)?

    • Hi Frank,
      It depends on your repair skills, because it’s more difficult to separate the front housing from the screen assembly. Hope this can help you.

  5. Two questions:
    What screwdrivers are need?
    & does reassembly require soldering any connections together?

    Thank you for your help & excellent video.

    • Hi Schwing,
      The small Phillips screwdriver is needed. And reassembly does not require soldering connections together. You can see our reassembly video above.

  6. My screen and glass broke. I had to ship the phone into LG; the cost was about $153 with $8.something in tax so about $160 for them to repair and ship back. All in all, with the shipping to LG, it was about $180 and it took 10 days from shipping for them to contact me with a cost and start working on my phone.

  7. Hello,
    My screen is also cracked, but I would like to know how to recognise the versión of my nexus 5 to buy and assemble the correct screen. Thanks.

  8. Hello,

    Today I was standing in the bus and got a message. So when I took my phone out to read it, the bus driver made an emergency stop. As a result, my phone dropped in the pathway (one with a hard anti slip surface) right on the screen and slid face down all the way to the front.

    In short, my screen is now a spiderweb of cracks. Touch still functions normally.

    So my question: Is there any difference between the screens of the D820 and the D821? As I have the D821 and all the screens available are for the D820.

    Thanks in advance,


  9. Hello,

    I too have a shattered screen :( .. I think I will try to change the screen by myself, but since I’m not really handy I will buy the assembly with all the small parts. Nevertheless, I have some doubts:
    * You say that I can avoid the steps from 5 and so on, but to take the motherboard off I should at least do steps number 6 (disconnect main flex and battery), 7 (take off the battery), 10 (disconnect cameras) and 11 (take off the main board). The 6th and 11th are pretty obvious, of course, but please correct me for the other two.
    * Can I do those steps without the other ones??? What about the white cables in step 8?
    And the port flex cables in step 9??

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