How to Repair Cracked BlackBerry Z10 Screen

According to the reports from some phone forums and scientific websites, there are a few BlackBerry Z10 problems the users are facing. Lots of users published the threads that “how to repair the device’s internal parts?” These BBZ10 internal parts include BlackBerry Z10 cracked screen, malfunctioning speaker, or damaged charging port. Also, many people asked “where are the professional Z10 repair guides (like Z10 take apart video or article) and excellent OEM parts for BlackBerry Z10”.

Now, you don't need to worry about the above-mentioned BlackBerry Z10 problems. You can repair a cracked, shattered or damaged screen and other internal parts on your phone with this detailed DIY disassemble tutorial, this guide will walk you through each step of taking apart your BlackBerry Z10 and show how to change the damaged components.

All the BlackBerry Z10 replacement parts and tools can be found on our official online store. Welcome to watch our BlackBerry Z10 take part video if you still can't understand this tutorial.


This DIY disassembling tutorial will help you replace the following BlackBerry Z10 part(s):

• BlackBerry Z10 LCD Screen Replacement

• BlackBerry Z10 Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement

• BlackBerry Z10 Rear Housing Replacement

• BlackBerry Z10 Middle Plate Replacement

• BlackBerry Z10 Charging Port Replacement

• BlackBerry Z10 Ear Speaker Replacement

• BlackBerry Z10 Rear Facing Camera Replacement


Tools and part Required:

• PH00  Philips screwdriver

• 0.8×40mm Pentalobe screwdriver

• Case open tool

• Tweezers

New BlackBerry Z10 LCD screen and digitizer assembly with frame


BlackBerry Z10 Repair Instruction:


Take Out the Battery Door

1. Take out the battery door


Remove 9 screws on the rear housing

2. Use Torx 4 screwdriver to remove 9 screws on the rear housing


remove 2 screws at the left edge side

3. Use the 0.8×40mm Pentalobe screwdriver to remove 2 screws at the left edge side


Open the clips on the four corners Remove the rear housing

4. Use a case open tool to open the clips on the four corners then remove the rear housing


Open all connectors on the motherboard Remove the motherboard

5. Open all connectors on the motherboard then remove it


Remove the ear phone

6. Use Tweezers to remove the ear phone


Remove 5 screws at the left edge side

7. Use the 0.8×40mm Pentalobe screwdriver to remove 5 screws at the left edge side


Carefully tear of the tape

8. Carefully tear of the tape on the LCD flex cable


Pick out the microphone

9. Use tweezers carefully pick out the microphone


Release the LCD screen and digitizer assembly from the front housing

10. Use a case open tool to release the LCD screen and digitizer assembly from the front housing


Thread flex cables through the hole on the front housing Remove the digitizer and lcd screen assembly

11. Carefully thread flex cables through the hole on the front housing, remove the digitizer and lcd screen assembly



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  1. I replaced my BBZ10 LCD and digitizer now BBZ10 will turn on. What do I need to do now?

    • i have a big problem with my z10 . when my z10 come on its display shivering . but when i open video than its play normally whats the problem in it pleaz any one guide me

  2. Hi,
    I am confused as to which part to order.
    LCD-46537-002/111 or LCD-46537-001/111.

    Are these different except for the Frame included?
    and why is it 1/2 the price for it with the frame?

    Do I have to open my phone first and see the part # on the existing display?

    Please let me know so I know which one to order.

    • Hi, Louis, you can find the LCD code on your BlackBerry Z10′s LCD display, the LCD-46537-002/111 or LCD-46537-001/111 is the version of the Blackberry’s smartphone. Please check your LCD code carefully to choose the correct version before purchasing. And I’m really very sorry to tell you that the version of LCD-46537-002/111 is out of stock now on our site, you could try Ebay or Amazon as we don’t know when we will have it.

  3. iphone repair service| December 5, 2013 at 5:24 am

    I feel this is one of the most significant info for me. And i am glad studying your article.This is a great article.

  4. Do you ship in Canada or just the US?

  5. Hi, I have blackberry z10. My rear camera was not working. It just showed rainbow lines. I have replaced the camera itself but the problem still persists. Any recommendations

  6. Toneroww nigeria| February 2, 2014 at 2:25 am

    Will you be able to ship my order to nigeria?

  7. Hi,

    i drop my BB Z10 today, and the screen cracked.. i can turn on the phone, however, when i touch the screen, nothing happen. do you have any idea what happening?

  8. Where can I find a replacement motherboard? I’m confused about which part it actually is.

    • Hi Paul,
      Sorry, we don’t have the motherboard for BlackBerry Z10 now. You can go to eBay or Amazon to have a look. Good luck.

  9. How much does Z10 screen and digitizer cost?

    • The Z10 screen assembly with frame is about $27. You can find on our website by searching “OEM BlackBerry Z10 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Frame”

  10. Hi please my Z10 STL100-1 won’t come on anymore not even a single light from d LED..I was told my Z10 is totally dead…can I get a Z10 motherboard from you guys?

  11. Hi
    Where can I buy the tools for the repair the Z10 screen. I brought a set online but they do not fit. I am guessing they are not authentic.

    Can you direct me to a site that sells the both the Torx 4 screwdriver and the 0.8×40mm Pentalobe screwdriver?

    I found the Torx 4 on this site but not the 0.8×40mm Pentalobe screwdriver.


  12. Do you sell the tools to fix the z10 screen?

  13. Hi.
    The instructions show about removal of the screen.
    There is some tape removed with the broken screen. Is there new tape on the new screen or is this something I need to reuse from the old screen?

    Sorry to ask a potentially silly question. I don’t want to start a process I may not be able to finish.


  14. My son sucked on my wife z10 (bottom part); speaker sounded horrible for a couple of weeks and now it doesn’t work. Is the speaker a removable piece? Thank you.

    • pressing the speaker at differnt points will help. or a google search of “speaker of z10 not working” will give you correct press points.
      hope this helps

  15. Really part of articles. I merely became aware of your blog as well as in accession funds to say which i acquire in fact treasured accounts your blog discussions. Regardless We’re following as part of your add to and also I actually accomplishment you will get permission to access persistently swiftly.

  16. I need a Blackberry Z10 motherboard new or used…. Can you please help me?

  17. I need a rear camera for Z10 STL 100-1. It uses the special version camera. Can you help me find it?

  18. My z10….keeps going off..once d battery percentage is 48….i just goes completely dead n won’t come on till I recharge…am really confused..

  19. My blackberry z10 had developed a fault. It doesnt startup at all. When i press the power button to turn it on, it only show a red LED light nd it neva comes on. Pls need ur assistance.

  20. My z10 battery goes off at 75%, it just turns off and only connection to a power source brings it back on. Please help. Thanks

    • same problem happning to me .Its a major bug in z 10 it is a software problem .u have to delete ur software and reinstall it .or go to blacberry service center they replace the software . for any other problem contact me my mail id is …………………bb user

  21. please help,is there a place that sells/repairs blackberry Z10 screen in south africa jhb at an affordable price,compared to the min R4500 i heard about from cell c consultant? i dropped my husbands phone and NO am in no position to pay such ridiculous amounts to Cell C!

  22. Quick question, where can I get a 0.8x40mm pentalobe screwdriver?

  23. My brothers phone has a barely visible crack in the screen and the ink and picture still comes up but only half of the screen is touch sensitive. Would you recommend replacing more than just the touch screen? And would the LCD display be found on the inside of the phone?

  24. Good day,
    I need a motherboard for my BB Z10. could you please advise me.
    Thanks in advance.

  25. my bb z10 is switch off @75% of bettry plz help me i’m tired

  26. my BBZ10 may have been dropped a few times. last week I used the headphones for music while jogging, since then when I get an incoming call or make an out going call I can hear the voice on the other end but they cant hear me. Can this problem be fixed?

  27. oh and I should mention when I put them on speaker phone I can hear them fine

  28. i have dropped my z10 and the screen broke so i need a new screen anyone?

  29. my scrren cracked and i’m trying to fix it, where could i find the parts and tools???

  30. I dropped my BB z10 from knee height while standing up from seat. Unfortunately it fell on screen side. Nothing cracked screen seems to be fine, but my phone is not starting up. When i connect to my Mac machine with USB connector with out battery the Red light on the top right shows up for 20 seconds or so and then dissappear. After that i insert the battery and hold the start button on top, red light shows up again for few minutes and disappears. But nothing happens after that. The screen stays black.

  31. i dropped my bbz10 and it landed screen down and broke, it comes on but the sensitive of the screen don’t work, if i get it fixed will i loose anything on my phone

  32. My phone doesnt play songs via usb cable and even my headset doesn’t play

  33. I want to purchase BB Z10 any one suggest display quality good or not, earlier i was used Lumia-720 and screen is damaged after dropped very less hight, please suggest.

  34. my z10 charging jeck is broken….what is the market price for it….

  35. My blackberry z10 had developed a fault. It doesnt startup at all. When i press the power button to turn it on, it only show a red LED light nd it neva comes on. Pls need ur assistance.

  36. nice work here…my bb z10 gets stuck when loading the ring like 4 percent..i have tried installing the os several times still doing the same thing..took it to some technicians,i was told it is not a software is hardware problem..can you pls tell me what can be done to it…tanx in anticipation

  37. Hi, please somebody help me. My bbz10 screen was cracked though part of the screen still works. I bought a complete replacement screen and was fixed.
    1.. A screw is missing.
    2. My z10 comes on and I could hear my pings, messages etc coming in but the screen is black and I could see some sort of lightning slightly underneath..
    Any ideas please… On what could be wrong?

    • Hello Mary, please check the LCD display connector first, see if it’s exactly connected to the logic board.

      • Hi, thank you for your help. I have checked and all the connectors are well connected…. Any more ideas please..thank you!

        • It starts with illuminated black screen, can hear all the sounds for email, pings, whatsapp etc.. But its just a black screen and I’ve checked all connectors…please help..

          • Hi Mary, I’m afraid the new LCD display you installed is a damaged one.

          • Hi, do you now have 46537- 002/111 LCD digitizer assembly in stock now? As I have bought another but still has the same problem. I observed that the two new LCD I purchased have the same code so maybe they both are the wrong ones. I googled up the model ( RFH121LW) of my z10 and it gave me the 46537-002/111 code. So if you have it in stock, maybe I could purchase and try one more time before I give up.
            P.s. I didn’t know the code of the one that came with the phone originally since I wasn’t the one that changed it. Any more ideas will be appreciated.
            Thank you!

          • Hi Mary, sorry, we don’t have the 46537-002/111 LCD and digitizer assembly in stock. I’m afraid you’ll have to buy it from eBay or Amazon, be careful not to buy the fraud one. Good luck!

  38. Is it possible to clean front camera without detaching the entire phone. Suggest me a way to clean the dust in it.

  39. Add a comment…Please help out…..there is one orange color IC next to the battery connector….the four(4) long which is positive and negative…that very orange IC next it….what’s is it called….that’s my major problem…it has blown off..I can’t quite get the IC name….is on the left side of the connector positive n negative orange color IC….

  40. There’s a crake on my Z10 rear housing leading to no connection on my Z10. Where to buy it.

  41. my z10 always take heat from behind close to the battry

  42. my z10 always take heat from behind close to the battry and do blackberry have any store or deport in kano

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